Update: Digital Anarchy Transcriptive 1.0.3 – Improved UI, Import YouTube captions

Update: Digital Anarchy Transcriptive 1.0.3 – Improved UI, Import YouTube captions

This small update to Transcriptive offers a few cool new features and some important bug fixes, focused mostly on Premiere 2018.

Transcriptive is an A.I. based solution to transcripts. It's fast, accurate and inexpensive. It turns all the speech in your video into text. You can use this for transcriptions, captions, subtitles and for searching your video. It's never been easier to find where something was spoken in your hours of footage.

What's new in Transcriptive 1.0.3?

You can now import VTT files from YouTube! YouTube has an extremely good Speech-to-Text algorithm and will automatically generate captions. For free. Just upload the video (you can keep it Private), wait for it to generate the captions (this takes a while), and then download the VTT file. You can import that into Transcriptive for editing and searching your video.

Improved UI:

  • Visual indicator when you're in Edit mode. A blue line will appear around the paragraph you're editing. If you get distracted this will make it much easier to see what mode you're in.
  • Buttons for Split/Merge Paragraph. Very handy if you forget the keyboard shortcuts for this very critical feature.
  • Improved the messages in the Status Window.
  • Added Delete Speech Analysis to the Main Menu. This is helpful if you've made edits to the transcript and want to save those into the Metadata. Occasionally in batch a clip will get the wrong transcript and this will help solve that issue.

Plus several bug fixes.

If you own Transcriptive you can download 1.0.3 here:

https://digitalanarchy.com/downloads/transcriptive_103_Pr.zip (Windows)
https://www.digitalanarchy.com/downloads/transcriptive_103_Pr.dmg (Mac)

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Posted by Kim Sternisha