32 Cinema 4D Quick Tips For Any C4D User Level

32 Cinema 4D Quick Tips For Any C4D User Level

These tips were originally found on MographCandy's Facebook page.  Click here to view Mograph's original blog post.

Here is the table of contents so you can find the tip you need:

:07 Adding Points To Splines

:50 Animated Noise Shader Previews

1:35 Weld and Dissolve Tools

3:30 Volumetric Light Sample Distance

4:56 Knife Tool Visible Only Option

6:22 View Clipping

8:20 Simple User Data and Xpresso Setup

11:15 Thinking Particles, Cloner objects, and Shapes

12:52 Slide Tool Basics

14:55 Single Hair Guides

15:40 Knife Tool Offset For Perfect Cuts

17:27 Restrict To Selection

18:25 Protection Tag Limiter

19:17 Viewport Point Size

20:42 Vary Symmetry With Brush Tool

22:50 Measure and Construction Tool

25:09 Enlarged Material Preview

26:17 Moving Points with Move and Live Selection Tools

28:25 Hot Key “7”

29:23 Hidden Extrude and Inner Extrudes

30:12 Generate UVW Coordinates With Projected Materials

31:30 Full Animation Redraw

32:30 Focus Distance

33:54 Dynamics Random Seed

35:04 Deformed Editing

35:53 Create Outline Spline

37:09 Cloner Spline Morphs

39:00 Camera Lock Pivot

40:13 Replace Command

41:45 Matrix Extrude Modifier Keys

42.38 Brush vs. Magnet Tools

50:27 Backface Culling

53:48 ASE Swatches In C4D


A great big thank you goes out to Lesterbanks for bringing this C4D training resource to our attention.


Posted by Kim Sternisha

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