How to Read and Use Histograms

HistogramBeing able to properly read and use histograms is a skill that all people working with digital imagery and video should know. Read: How to Read and Use Histograms over at Digital-Photography-School.com.

Histograms are used in a number of different plug-ins, including Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse, Synthetic Aperture Test Gear (Toolfarm Price: $91, MSRP: $95), Boris Continuum Videoscope (MSRP: $995 for the full perpetual Continuum license), and Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks (MSRP: $399). Product demos can be found at on the Toolfarm Downloads page.

About six months ago I wrote an In-Depth Look at Software Waveform Monitor & Vectorscope Plug-ins for After Effects, and review the products mentioned above, so if this topic interests you, check out that link too.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki