News: Digital Production BuZZ talks with Michele Terpstra at NAB 2018

News: Digital Production BuZZ talks with Michele Terpstra at NAB 2018
News, Events Apr 12, 2018 at 11:46 AM

Larry Jordan, with Digital Production BuZZ, chatted with Toolfarm’s own Pulginologist, Michele Terpstra, at NAB to discuss what’s new at NAB, and all things plug-in related.

NAB Show BuZZ LIVE 2018 – Show 7 (April 11, 4pm)

Listen in as Larry Jordan talks with:

  • Matthew Bennion, Senior Product Marketing Manager, G-Technology
    • Matthew Bennion introduces G-Technology’s three new SSDs, including a new portable SSD, a new desktop product called G-Drive Pro SSD, and lastly, a new RAID called G-SPEED Shuttle.
  • Michele Yamazaki,VP Marketing, Toolfarm
    • Professional pluginologist Michele Yamazaki talks about her new-found discoveries during the NAB Show, along with her experience at Toolfarm recommending plugins to users with different needs.
  • Eric Larsen, Director of Marketing, TASCAM
    • Eric Larsen talks about TASCAM’s latest products, including a firmware update for their DSLR recorder, which now supports ambisonic audio recording. He also talks about their new Dante converter that uses Cat5 and Cat6 cables to deliver audio over IP.
  • Rod Aaron Gammons, Managing Director, Rotolight
    • Rod Aaron Gammons shares Rotolight’s cutting-edge new lighting instrument – Anova Pro 2, which is perfect for interviews, small-scale news studios, and professional photographers. He also describes the special effects that can be easily created by Rotolight instruments.

Listen to the full show here

If you want to hear only Michele's interview, listen to it here.


Posted by Kim Sternisha