Tutorial: Cinema 4D Parent/Child Relationships

Tutorial: Cinema 4D Parent/Child Relationships
Oct 10, 2017 at 09:44 AM

Let’s talk about parent/child relationships in Cinema 4D and how they impact each other. Here are a couple of other tutorials on Parent Child relationships in Cinema 4D.

New in Cinema 4D R19: Insert Objects as Parent, Child, or Sibling of Selected Object with Modifiers

This first video is from Cineversity, which there's a link to below in Products Mentioned. In Cinema 4D R19, Maxon introduced the Object Insertion Modifier with control, shift, or option-click to make Hierarchy-based Modeling easier. This has made some operations that used to take several commands as easy as a click or two.

Watch the video on YouTube

Move, Scale, Or Rotate Parent Without Children

Sam from Digital Meat has a quick tip about how to move a parent without moving the children. (Via Lester Banks)

Cinema 4D: The Parent Constraint Tag

Another from Digital Meat, in this one he takes a look at the Parent Constraint Tag.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki