Update: Greyscalgorilla HDRI Studio Rig v2.148 Free Update + Tutorial

Update: Greyscalgorilla HDRI Studio Rig v2.148 Free Update + Tutorial
News May 10, 2018 at 10:11 AM

This free update to HDRI Studio Rig makes the plugin faster and easier. Quickly test out different lighting, backgrounds, and reflections.

HDRI Studio Rig is a plugin GSG developed to help speed up your Physical and Standard Render workflow. With this tool, you can preview different lighting setups, seamless backgrounds, and reflections on your 3D models.

Nick from GSG shows you what's new and how it works with C4D R19 and more:


What is new in HDRI Studio Rig?

You’ve likely experienced times where you would hit render in Cinema 4D, and your scene wouldn’t have any lighting, reflections, background, or even the proper render settings.

Adding HDRI Studio Rig to your scene will let you immediately start making changes. The latest version (2.148) gives you real-time control over HDRI rotation.

Preview HDRIs in the Viewport

The latest update of HDRI Studio Rig now allows you to rotate the HDRI within the scene, and will give you are real-time look in the Viewport without having to render again.

This is a great update for optimizing the plugin, no longer will you have to render after every minor rotation.

HDRI Studio Rig includes Studio Basics HDRIs, that’s over 70 HDRIs ready for you to use. You can also use other HDRIs from the many GSG HDRI packs available separately.

gsg hdri studio rig seamless floorSeamless Floor Backgrounds

The background settings in Seamless Floor Controls allow you to control the gradient of your backdrop.

You can also adjust the floor’s reflection, by adding reflection, blur, fresnel, and even reflect the selected HDRI.

Insert Render Settings

To avoid having to constantly go back into our render settings, we have the Insert Render Settings button that will populate your render setting with presets we frequently needed for Global Illumination and Ambient Occlusions.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha