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AEJuice Basic Premiere Pro

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AEJuice Basic Premiere Pro
AEJuice Basic Premiere Pro

Learn the basics of Premiere Pro

Learn the basics of Premiere Pro in this approximately 2 hours long introductory course taught by Chris from Brooker Films. In this course, you’ll learn the basics of shooting, editing, rendering, green screening, and more inside Premiere Pro. You’ll also learn how to edit motion graphics templates (MOGRT) in the Essential Graphics panel.

What you can expect to learn in this course:

  • How to shoot and import video in Premiere Pro
  • Basic editing techniques
  • How to use masks
  • How to use Essential Graphics panel and motion graphics templates (MOGRT)
  • How to create dynamic text animations
  • How to import and edit time-lapse footage
  • How to import and edit slow-motion footage
  • How to edit green screen footage
  • How to edit multi-camera footage
  • Dynamic linking with After Effects and Audition
  • The sound design in your videos
  • How to color correct and color grade your footage
  • How to export your videos from Premiere Pro and the best settings to do it
  • Get tips on how to improve your professional workflow

This course was created by Chris Brooker. You’ll get all the course materials and will be able to follow your instructor step by step. This class is aimed at anyone who wants to get started working in Premiere Pro. Little or no experience is not a problem in this class as Chris will take you through the tools and workflow. The software used in this class is Adobe Premiere Pro 2020. The course is hosted on a Teachable platform, you’ll get an email invite after purchase. You can track your progress and conveniently watch from any device.

Basic Premiere Pro is also available as part of the I Want To Learn It All Bundle.


What software do I need?

The main software is Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 or higher.

What is the difficulty?


Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 or higher.

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