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v6.0.x mamoworld MochaImport+

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mamoworld MochaImport+


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MamoWorld MochaImport+

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mamoworld MochaImport+

Easy mocha and After Effects Workflow. Developed by mamoworld.

mamoworld MochaImport simplifies your workflow between mocha and After Effects. Create stabilized precomps, move masks, effect point and layers and distort the in perspective.


Now After Effects 2023 compatible!  The Mocha tracker is an award-winning planar tracking software that comes bundled with After Effects. MochaImport+ helps you to get the most out of it – no matter whether you use the Mocha Plugin that is bundled with AE or any other full or plugin version of Mocha.

mamoworld MochaImport+ Key Features

Stabilized Precomps

If you don’t know about stabilized precomps, you’ll be surprised at how powerful they are. A stabilized precomp is a composition in which the tracked region no longer moves. Inside this precomp, you can make any modification – as if it were a still image – and all your changes are also automatically applied to the original perspective.

Whether you just want to re-light parts of your clip, remove elements with the clone brush, insert an object, or do any other kind of retouching work – with stabilized precomps, it becomes much easier.

mamoworld MochaImport+ tracking dataExpression-driven tracking data

Have you ever done a corner pin, then after a while noticed that one corner needs to be moved a few pixels to the side? Normally, this is very tedious: To change the tracking data, you either have to manually adjust hundreds of keyframes or go back into Mocha, export the tracking data again and start from scratch. But with expression-driven tracking data, you only have a single keyframe and all the movement is represented by an expression. Simply change this one keyframe, and the position of all other frames changes automatically. If you want to add more keyframes, MochaImport+ will automatically tween between your keyframes. Fixing inaccurate tracks has never been so easy.

mamoworld mochaimport move maskMove masks and 2d properties

Move your After Effects masks and 2D point properties with a Mocha track. Since this function is based on corner pin data, it not only considers position, scale and rotation, but also shear and perspective movement, to achieve maximum accuracy.

Need your screen insert to cast some light on the surrounding background? Just add some color correction with masks around the right areas and move them with the track. Want a lens flare to move with your track? No problem!

Masks and properties also support expression-driven tracking data and hence can be keyframed on top of the track. So if your track is not 100% accurate, you can refine your masks easily.

Stabilize Rig

MochaImport+ can stabilize your clip or smooth the motion with advanced controls – perfect for projects like hyperlapse videos where you need full control over the stabilization process.

mamoworld mochaimport bezier warp Bezier Warp Corner Pin

The Bezier Warp is a corner pin effect with bezier handles on all corners, which allows you to create corner pins on curved surfaces.

Support for all major 3rd party corner pin plugins

  • Corner Pin (included in Ae)
  • CC Power Pin (included in Ae)
  • Bezier Warp (included in Ae)
  • Card Dance (included in Ae)
  • Red Giant Warp Corner Pin
  • BCC Corner Pin
  • RE:Map Planar
  • Sapphire Warp Corner Pin

KBar Support

If you are using KBar, you can execute any MochaImport+ function directly from a KBar button.

Scripting Support

You can also execute MochaImport+ functions directly from your own Ae scripts. Use MochaImport+ in automated pipelines and your own custom workflow tools!

New Features in V6

Full CC2019 compatibility

Since CC2019, After Effects includes a plugin version of mocha that cannot export tracking data to a file or the clipboard anymore. Therefore, it is not compatible with the old MochaImport+ V5. MochaImport+ V6 can read tracking data directly from the mocha Plugin effect and hence is fully compatible with CC2019 and the Mocha version that is bundled with it.

Keyframing Tracked Masks

MochaImport+ V6 can move masks with expressions instead of keyframes. This allows you to fix any inaccuracies by adding manual keyframes on top of the track. MochaImport+ will tween between your keyframes based on the tracking data for maximum accuracy.

Send Masks From/To Stabilized Precomp

Stabilized Precomps are one of the most powerful workflows of MochaImport+. In V6 you can send masks or 2d properties (position of layers or effect control points) from the main comp to a stabilized precomp or vice versa.

This allows you, for example, to do rotoscoping inside the stabilized precomp and then send the final result to the main comp. Or you can take a mask you rotoscoped in mocha and send it from the main comp into the precomp.

Performance Improvements

Usually, stabilized precomps have the same resolution as your main comp. But when you do beauty retouch, for example, and want to create a small stabilized precomp around each individual blemish, then it makes sense to create stabilized precomps with a lower resolution. With MochaImport+ V6 you can now create such low-res stabilized precomps to keep your render speeds at a maximum!

Also, when reading tracking data, MochaImport+ V6 filters redundant keyframes to minimiz the size of your Ae project and speed up the processing.

Compact UI, KBar and Scripting

MochaImport+ comes with a new, more compact UI to save your screen real estate. If you need a few features of MochaImport+ frequently, you can now link them to KBar buttons very easily. And also using MochaImport+ in your own After Effects scripts has never been easier.

Automatic Tracking Data Conversion

Mocha tracking data comes in many different flavors (corner pin/corner pin with motion blur/transform data). MochaImport+ can convert corner pin data to any of the other formats, so you can always export the same format and MochaImport+ converts it as needed.

If you work with a plugin version of Mocha, you don’t even need to specify the kind of data anymore, since MochaImport+ ready any data it needs directly from the plugin.

  AE’s built-in features  MochaImport+
  send clips from Ae to Mocha
  send masks from Ae to Mocha
  expression-driven tracking data
(keyframe on top of track)
  stabilized precomps
  send masks from/to stabilized precomps
  send points from/to stabilized precomps
  corner pin
  “keep current frame” corner pin
  corner pin for curved surfaces
  card dance corner pin
  support for 3rd party corner pin effects
  move layers
  move masks & properties
  stabilize & smooth
  intelligent import
  KBar support
  scripting API

Supported After Effects versions:
2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4

Supported Mocha versions:
All version of Mocha for After Effects, Mocha, and Mocha Pro (learn more)

Support for all major 3rd party corner pin plugins

  • Corner Pin (included in Ae)
  • CC Power Pin (included in Ae)
  • Bezier Warp (included in Ae)
  • Card Dance (included in Ae)
  • Red Giant Warp Corner Pin
  • BCC Corner Pin
  • RE:Map Planar
  • Sapphire Warp Corner Pin

6.0.013 –  Aug 14, 2023

– fixed issues with comps created in Premiere Pro (and other projects with unusual symbols like backslashes in comp and layer names).

6.0.012  –  Mar 28, 2023

– fixed ‘Folder is null’ issue that affected a few number of users

6.0.011 –  May 2, 2022

– fixed compatibility with newer OS versions and added support for time-limited licenses

6.0.010 – Nov 13, 2019

  • added compatibility with CC 2020

6.0.009  –  Dec 6, 2018

  • fixed issues with MochaImport+ not starting when being behind a firewall
  • added a “Check for updates now” button to the settings

6.0.00 – Nov 28, 2018

  • fixed issues with loading corner pin data from the clipboard or a file

6.0.007  –  Nov 19, 2018

New Features:

  • Full CC2019 compatibility including support for Mocha Pro 2019
  • Keyframing Tracked Masks
  • Send Masks From/To Stabilized Precomp
  • Many Performance Improvements
  • Compact UI, KBar integration and Scripting
  • Automatic Tracking Data Conversion
burning question: What is Reverse Stabilization

Burning Question: What is Reverse Stabilization?

Reverse Stabilization is a compositing workflow where you stabilize the shot, then composite, and finally, you bring the motion back into your shot.


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