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AlexLaur Feedback Pro

Managing feedback and versions in Premiere Pro has never been easier! FeedbackPro is an extension for Adobe Premiere Pro. It allows editors to manage feedback more quickly.

Feedback Pro Features

  • Start by creating a new version with one click.
  • Copy the feedback from any text source.
  • The new sequence name will have a “V+1” at the end and the current date at the begining (Theses features are customizable)
  • All feedbacks are saved in order to keep your progression.
  • Sort in any order.
  • Automatically switch sequences or projects.
  • Times are automatically detected.
  • Easily jump to each feedback in the timeline.
  • Export and consolidate your current sequence as a project.

Customization process

You can edit the preferences of your extension by modifying the JSON file in :

  • /Library/Application Support/FeedbackPro/config.json for OSX
  • C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Application Data\FeedbackPro\config.json for Windows
In the config file you fill find 5 settings:
  • feedbacksFolderName : The name of the directory to save feedback.
  • moveToEditBin : True or False, move the previous sequence to a specific bin when your make a v+1.
  • versionsBinName : The name of the bin for the feature above.
  • usePrefixDate : True or False, it places the current date as prefix of your sequence.
  • datetimeFormat: The format of the date for the feature above. By defaut you will have YY-MM-DD (%y%m%d). For more information about the date format, you can follow this page : https://thdoan.github.io/strftime/

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