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1.9 Audio Design Desk – Academic

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Audio Design Desk – Academic


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Audio Design Desk

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Sound Design Reimagined - Comes with 45,000 Sounds and Music Cues!

With Audio Design Desk, you can create music for your videos at the speed of thought using trigger pads and our Music Construction Kits. Whether you’re scoring a scene or writing a hip hop masterpiece, Audio Design Desk has the goods to get you started—and the ease of use to keep you in the flow.

Streamline Your Professional Workflow with Audio Design Desk

When budgets are tight and deadlines even tighter, don’t let technology frustrate you from being the best. Audio Design Desk was created to get the technology out of the way of your craft.

This is the tool I’ve been looking for my entire career. Audio Design Desk lets me focus on creating sounds and makes the pain and chore of sound editing disappear.

What can Audio Design Desk Do?


Audio Design Desk turns your computer keyboard into an instrument so you can perform sound design elements like hits, rises, footsteps, punches, and gunshots in real-time while watching your video.

  • Press keys to place sounds in real-time
  • Over 30,000 sounds included

Audio Design Desk


Once you’ve placed your sounds, tell Audio Design Desk what genre, mood, or feel you’d like, and it will offer smart alternates without ever losing sync.

  • Change genre, mood, feel, intensity and complexity with one click
  • Create infinite alternates without losing sync

Audio Design Desk


Search for your sound effects right from the timeline. This saves you hours of digging through complex libraries and because each sound understands sync, there’s no need to trim or nudge them into place.

  • Find and place from the timeline
  • Zero trimming and nudging
  • No more hunting through libraries

Audio Design Desk


Export as an .xml or an .aaf to bring your work into Pro Tools, Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro, or the DAW or NLE of your choice, or upload to and get sync-accurate notes without ever leaving the timeline.

  • .xml and .aaf export
  • Upload to
  • Works with Pro Tools, Premiere, Final Cut Pro

Audio Design Desk

There isn’t another piece of software that allows you to instantly create at this level of professionalism.

Audio Design Desk Features

Intelligent Import

Import your own sounds and add our Sonic Intelligence by dragging files into the importer and then pressing the “Guess Metadata” button. Less time tagging means more time sculpting your sound design.

70,000 Sounds

For those of you who don’t have your own libraries, Audio Design Desk comes with thousands of cinema-quality sounds to fully cover your animation, advertisement, independent film, or television show.

ADD importer

Annual Subscription

Perpetual License





Number of Tracks


Number of Regions


Weekly Sound Packs

Stereo & Movie Export

Royalty Free on Socials

Royalty Free for Business

Royalty Free Online

Royalty Free Digital Ads

35,000+ Sounds and Music Cues (AAC) 23gb

35,000+ Sounds and Music Cues (WAV) 168gb

AAF, XML, Multichannel WAV, Cue Sheet Export

Royalty Free TV Shows and TV Ads

Commercial, Streaming, VOD

Customer Success Manager

Cancel Any Time

License Type

Subscription onlySubscription onlyOne Time PurchaseOne Time Purchase


Collaboration has a new sound.

Import, create, upload, get comments, refine, receive approval and deliver without ever leaving your Audio Design Desk timeline. Now you can share your work with collaborators anywhere in the world through’s unmatched collaboration tools.

Go from the first draft to delivery in no time, using the seamless integration of two platforms that have changed post-production workflows forever.

Audio Design Desk’s integration with enables a seamless, roundtrip workflow .

  • Connect to import video directly from and quickly add sound effects, audio design, and music to your video.
  • Pull from our library of 25,000 sounds or import your own to build a complete audio soundscape using our AI-assisted creative tools.
  • Upload your designed video to for review.
  • Receive frame=accurate comments from directly inside of Audio Design Desk.

With our rapid workflow and replacement tools, you can quickly and easily create multiple versions of your audio in less time than it would take to create a single one, so collaborators can A/B test different sonic approaches uploaded to comparable “version stacks” inside of right from the timeline.

Audio Design Desk uses two key concepts to deliver their experience: precise, frame-accurate, keyboard shortcuts for adding sound effects, and a robust AI backend. A user can search for their desired feel, come back with entire sound sets, test, and review in, set their markers, and then swap entire soundscapes on the fly. It’s incredibly cool.

Pro Tools

Audio Design Desk offers a simple and seamless transition between creating your audio and then mixing/mastering in ProTools.

  1. Once you’ve finished your sound pass, you can export the project as an .AAF or .XML.
  2. Make sure that the settings are set to ProTools AAF. You can change other settings such as Rendering Regions with Effects, as well as choosing to Organize Timeline to prevent overlapping. Once the settings are to your liking, click Export.
  3. To open the ProTools AAF project, find the AAF you exported from Audio Design Desk, double click it, make sure your project settings are correct, and click Create.

Now your Audio Design Desk sound pass is open in ProTools, and you can get to polishing your masterpiece

Final Cut Pro

Audio Design Desk offers a simple and seamless transition between cutting in Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere and creating audio in Audio Design Desk.

  1. When you’d like to add sound to your edit, export your video using the share menu and then drag your video into Audio Design Desk and start creating.
  2. Once you’ve finished your sound pass, you can export your work as an .AAF or .XML.
  3. Make sure that the settings are set to Final Cut Pro XML. You can change other settings such as Rendering Regions with Effects or Including the Video, as well as choosing to Organize Timeline to keep similar sounds organized and to prevent audio from overlapping. Once the settings are to your liking, click Export.
  4. Now go to the File Menu in Final Cut Pro and select Import XML. Locate and select the XML project you just created and click Open.
  5. Final Cut Pro will immediately bring in all of the audio you created in Audio Design Desk so you can continue editing.

Premiere Pro

  1. When you’d like to add sound to your edit, export your video in the file menu by selecting Export Media.
  2. Simply drag your video into Audio Design Desk and start creating.
  3. Once you’ve finished your sound pass, you can export your work as an .AAF or .XML.
  4. Make sure that the settings are set to Premiere XML. You can change other settings such as Rendering Regions with Effects or Including the Video, as well as choosing to Organize Timeline to prevent overlapping. Once the settings are to your liking, click Export.
  5. Now go to the File Menu in Premiere Pro and select Open Project. Locate and select the XML project you just created and click Open.
  6. Premiere Pro will immediately bring in all of the audio you created in Audio Design Desk so you can continue editing.

Minimum System Requirements – Mac Only

Operating System: macOS Mojave Version 10.13 or later
Processor: Intel 1.3 GHz Core M or higher
Memory: 8GB RAM
Storage: A minimum of 10GB of disk space must be available before downloading our free sound library.

One license is issued per subscription, which allows users to operate on one computer. If you would like your license to extend to more than one computer, please contact us.

Version 1.10.21

Fixes in 1.10.21

  • 1.10.21: Fix for triggers load menu not working in 1.10.20
  • ADD Tags, importing of addAudio to Library
  • ADD Tags, large conversions of files to wave or aiff could result in corrupted audio files
  • ADD Tags, Some key commands were being duplicated in both the ADD Tags window and the main one (such as bounce)
  • ADD Tags, sort by loudness
  • Dragging a selection of regions could also include locked regions
  • Dragging selection from editor to timeline wasn’t working
  • Expired trials are more gracefully handled
  • Export fcpxml to Final Cut Pro, wave files with embedded start timecode might not load in FCP
  • Improved reading frame rate from imported videos
  • Issues with auto scroll and clicking in the timeline while playing
  • Key commands in Save dialogs not always working
  • Magnetic snapping wasn’t working in the timeline
  • Option clicking with the time stretch tool might have strange side effects. It should just reset the region tempo.
  • Reverse region consistency via the editor and timeline
  • Timeline region selection groups will be maintained after dividing regions
  • Track Automation UI and range
  • Triggers area selection status label no longer truncates text

Version 1.10.18

Changes in 1.10.18

  • New: LUFS, EBU R 128 standard loudness analysis for metadata.
  • New: Plug-in Manager for Audio Units
  • New: preferences for max gain adjustment for regions and tracks
  • Final Cut Pro extension update
  • Key commands for assigning energy in ADD Tags
  • Metadata guessing updates
  • Performance improvements when parsing large amounts of files for indexing sound packs, adding to playlists, triggers, ADD Tags, importer etc
  • Sound Pack images in the library trees
  • Sound Pack Manager: Added search
  • Sound Pack Manager: Filter by sound pack type in install all and uninstall all
  • Sound Pack icons and locations shown in library
  • Updated Replace region popover dialog in Timeline

Fixes in 1.10.18

  • Audio channel state (L-R, R-L, Mono) in regions not loading correctly when duplicating or loading regions from a project
  • Blacklist functionality, search and replace
  • Replace presets weren’t saving Key information
  • Replace via region history menu now has undo
  • Right click on video or video track was potentially crashing
  • Selection in and out points might not be saved into project
  • Set Master Tempo From Region now has undo
  • Sound pack indexing and error detection
  • Timeline mov files weren’t exporting correctly to other formats
  • Timeline region dragging and copy placement is more stable
  • Timeline updated track names weren’t saved in projects
  • Track lock via the SHIFT L key command now can toggle
  • Track offset UI issue with swap replacing with addClip files.
  • Various memory leaks and stability fixes for file management
  • Video regions in the timeline were being duplicated on organize timeline
  • A number of issues with Paste Attributes
  • Click in timeline track while playing (if preference is selected) will now scrub to new location
  • Creating sound pack elements during the export process was disabled
  • Stacks and Freeze regions weren’t duplicating with properties correctly in the timeline.

Version 1.10.17

Updates in 1.10.17

  • Audio Unit validation is much improved. Previously failed AUs will likely load.
  • Dropbox Replay marker xml import
  • Preset format is supported again
  • Relink in the Timeline and Playlists is much much better
  • Updates to the Consolidate Project to allow creating a new folder in a different location
  • Various preference items have been consolidated to the ADD->Settings menu

Fixes in 1.10.17

  • Audio Unit state in projects wasn’t being saved correctly
  • Edge case situation where the playhead positioned at the very end of a region might play it from the start
  • FCPXML and Premiere XML won’t set the master volume to max on import
  • FCPXML import warnings (rounding errors) for frame boundaries
  • Fixes general undo not working if the certain child windows were focused
  • Potential crash when playback via Final Cut Pro extension
  • Preferences could cause a reset of the audio system when it didn’t need to
  • ß: Stacks indexed in sound packs will now get their paths updated.
  • Stability fixes
  • Stacks timeline number display wasn’t updating correctly
  • Stacks waveforms weren’t immediately loading when opened in the Stacks editor
  • Timecode greater than 24 hours will now wrap back to 00:00:00
  • Track level meters and record waveforms are more accurate
  • Track mono/stereo/flipped state wasn’t being restored on project load
  • UI color fixes
  • Unsaved projects are now auto saved
  • Various fixes specific to macOS 10.13 support

Version 1.10.11

Released on: Sept 15, 2022


  • Compatibility with 10.13 High Sierra is restored
  • Improves initial start up time to launch ADD
  • Metadata guessing improvements
  • MP3 export support added. Also fixes crash where ‘same as source’ MP3 source files would crash on import
  • Main timeline bounce selection intelligence improved
  • New: Selectable (right click on header) columns in the audio tables to choose what columns you want.
  • Video export’s audio is MP4 AAC now. PCM audio in videos was causing some issues on some sites that woudn’t play PCM in MP4.


  • Fix: (Timeline) Slice on a region will now update the cut regions edit points if cut during playback
  • Fix: Conversion error that could happen with incorrect bit depths for PCM files
  • Fix: CSV export from ADD Tags wasn’t exporting Mood value.
  • Fix: Devices with incompatible sample rates such as air pods could cause a crash
  • Fix: Invalid images in sound pack manager items will be removed.
  • Fix: Stock media URL validation was failing for some URLs. Validation is temporarily disabled to allow them

Stacks Changes

  • Stacks Editor is moved into the main timeline.
  • Stacks editor will use the timeline preference “Click in track moves playhead”.
  • Fix: Dragging folder of stacks to timeline or audio tables
  • Fix: Improved loading stacks that could have invalid paths in them
  • Fix: Improved replacing stacks in the main timeline with other stacks or other files
  • Fix: Stacks Editor was removed from UI if engine audio was reset due to a device or sample rate change in preferences
  • Improved automatic metadata tagging for Stacks when saving
  • Improved finding mis-pathed URLs in timeline stacks for unpack

Version: 1.9

Released On: 6 Jan 2022

Check out version 1.9 of Audio Design Desk. This update introduces auto-compose, MIDI triggers, instant variations, and a dozen other new exciting features. We are also introducing the first-ever lite version Audio Design Desk.

Spot Mode

Spotting sessions are already a snap inside of Audio Design Desk. But for those users who don’t want to leave their editing applications, ADD’s 40,000+ sounds and music cues can now be used in any application. Audio Design Desk is thrilled to be exhibiting at CES this year from January 4th-8Th. Stay tuned for behind the scenes of “The Most Influential Tech Event in the World” and some exciting things we have to share!


Auto Compose

Imagine dragging your video into an audio application and having it do a sound pass for you. Markers from Final Cut Pro and Premiere transfer seamlessly to Audio Design Desk and can be converted into sound instantly.


Create any number of variations of combined sounds with the click of a button. Whether it is a beat, a bass line and a chord, a footstep and a cloth movement, or all of the impacts and debris sounds that combine to create an explosion, Audio Design Desk can take your creation and offer you endless variations in an instant.


Users of popular sound libraries like Splice, LoopCloud, Pro Sound Effects, Boom Library, and others love our import tool! Audio Design Desk imports sounds from a variety of sources and applies its award-winning AI logic to those sounds for quick and easy placement.

DAW Integrations

Now ADD has an even stronger integration with Pro Tools, Logic, Live, Cubase, etc.

MIDI Triggers

Apply sound sets to Midi triggers for an entirely new creative experience. Through the power of randomization and replacement, Audio Design Desk is a new kind of instrument.

All New Art

We have had a major update to every sound pack, including new art.



Version: 1.7
Released On: Thu, 15 July 2021

New Features:

  • Spot Mode: 30,000 royalty-free SFX, loops, and music cues in any application.
  • Trigger Pad: Real-time sound design, music, and user-programmable triggers.
  • Transient Detection: Generate elements from stems for real-time sound design in seconds.
  • DAWSync: Control your DAW from Audio Design Desk.

Version: 1.6.0 (Build 480)
Released on: Thu, 01 Apr 2021

New Features:

  • DAWSync via MTC: Effortlessly sync Audio Design Desk to any DAW including Pro Tools, Nuendo, Studio One, and Logic to add sound design, sound effects, and music 10x faster.
  • Audio Recording and Editing Tools: Now musicians and podcasters can record directly into Audio Design Desk without the need for an additional DAW. New features include advanced snap settings to duplicate, trim, and place music to the beat, the ability to automatically quantize sounds as you’re placing them, and a metronome you will actually like.
  • LoopDNA: Audio Design Desk knows your loops from Splice or LoopCloud—so replacing, time stretching, and mixing and matching is immediate. LoopDNA brings the full power of Audio Design Desk to every sample you import, offering users a real-time creative experience that keeps them in their flow.

Enhancements and Fixes:

  • Adding Ruler display options such as Minute : Second, Timecode and Bars.
  • Improved device and sample rate handling
  • Improved Sound Pack Manager and Sound Pack handling
  • Improved canceling various operations that refused to cancel before
  • Added support to remember if Library or Video is hidden in both preferences and projects
  • Added ability to type directly into the timecode display and use shorthand, such as 1 for 1 frame, or 0:02 for 2 frames
  • Better metadata guessing in the Importer
  • Added a remove all metadata menu item in Importer
  • Loop button in preview player
  • Many other bug fixes…

Universal Build: Intel + Native Apple Silicon M1. macOS 10.13 → 11+ Big Sur.
This is a free update for all users.

Full release history is at

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