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v2024 Boris FX Continuum Particle Illusion

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Boris FX Continuum Particle Illusion


Download demos and trial versions, product documentation, free presets and more.

Boris Continuum 2024

Particle Illusion Free Standalone 2023.5

You may download a free Demo after logging in.

Easy-to-use AI Enhanced Particles Generator

Create stunning 3D particle effects with ease using Boris Continuum Particle Illusion. Generate sprites with AI, true 3D objects with line emitters, inherited velocity, and more. Impress viewers with realistic motion graphics, visual effects, titles, and lower thirds in a fraction of the time!

Caution: If you already own Boris Continuum, purchasing and installing a new unit or filter will overwrite the whole product and you will only be able to use the filter or unit you purchased.

What’s New in Particle Illusion 2024

AI Enhanced Particles And More

Particle Illusion adds more creative features perfect for motion graphics workflows.

  • Generate any sprite you want to use in an emitter with a simple text prompt
  • 3D Particle Lines
  • Improvements with the new Inherited Velocity
  • More properties can be controlled within your host and respond with Beat Reactor

What’s new in 2023?

3D Models as Emitters

Your 3D emitter options have just been infinitely expanded, using 3D models.

Use either C4D or OBJ files as particle emitters with various emission options, including the ability to draw the model wireframe for fresh new looks. Several immediately useful models are included, along with exciting presets that utilize them.

3D Widgets

Working with emitters and other objects in 3D has just become easier with 3D widgets.

Position, rotate, and scale objects directly in the stage in a more intuitive process, resulting in a more streamlined workflow.

Particle Illusion Advanced Features

  • New! 3D Objects as emitters
  • New! 3D Widgets
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Forces and Deflectors
  • Lines and Turbulence
  • Extensive preset library, including new multi-object “Scenes”
  • Motion blur, depth of field
  • Direct rendering to ProRes and H.264
  • Native Apple M1 support and more!

Particle Illusion Features

Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics allows you to transform any existing emitter into a complex animation that flows and swirls just like in the real world — or create your own custom animation. Includes 20+ new presets designed by the pros

Work in 3D

Work with emitters, forces, and deflectors in 3D using the integrated camera to navigate through generated particle fields using position, pan, and orbit camera modes. Includes depth of field and motion blur.

Forces and Deflectors

Force objects make it easy to add force fields that create complex movement or can attract or repel particles. The result? Even more interesting, realistic particles — from swirling chaos to controlled flows. Force objects also provide Fluid Dynamics.

Need particles to bounce off a logo? Simulate interaction with your footage or graphics using easy-to-use Deflector objects.

Lines and Turbulence

Connect your particles together with lines! Join particles to parent emitters, birth position, or even to other particles to create fresh new geometric mograph looks.

Turbulence varies the position and size of particles through auto-evolving, organic noise fields. Think subtle wave-like motion, wild particle scatters, or anything in between.

Easy Preset-Driven Workflow

Particle Illusion comes with thousands of preset emitters (via a separate free installer). An integrated search makes it easy to zero in on the effect you’re looking for, and the live preview lets you click and drag to see how it will move.

Use as-is or adjust the position, shape, life, number size, etc. by scrubbing values in the control panel. Create new presets too by saving any adjusted emitter back into your custom emitter library.

Node-based Navigation

Particle Illusion lets you create extremely complex effects, but the Node View makes it easier than ever to work with and customize them. Simply select an emitter or particle node and see the corresponding parameters display in the Controls View.

Direct Rendering

Render quickly and easily to ProRes or H.264. Include alpha channel, resize the output, force motion blur, and more.

Features only available in the Plug-in version

Mocha Motion Tracking

The integration of Mocha’s Academy Award-winning planar tracking and masking tools inside the Particle Illusion plugin means no keyframing! Both the particle emitter position and the position of the world (camera) can be driven independently or together using Mocha’s tracking data. Let Mocha do the work to lock your particle effects into your shot.

Also, use Mocha or the integrated PixelChooser to mask where the particles appear.

Compositing Options

Besides being able to view your source footage inside Particle Illusion, back in the host you’ll have a variety of compositing options including blending modes and basic color correction — the tools you need to better integrate your particles into your shot or motion graphics project.

Particle Parameters

Although jumping into Particle Illusion lets you modify any aspect of your particle effects, sometimes you just need to tweak the number of particles, their size, or other basic properties. The host-level particle parameters allow you to do this at the host level. Plus your host’s own parameter tools are available: keyframing, expressions, etc., whatever your host supports.

There’s also a built-in Glow because particles with glow are almost always better!

After Effects Integration

Use After Effects paths and text as animation paths for emitters or emission sources, link emitters to 3D layers and lights, or use the AE camera inside Particle Illusion.

Beat Reactor

Drive particle properties from audio using the integrated Beat Reactor. Set up frequency ranges and configure them to modify any of the host-level particle parameters: velocity, number of particles, size, etc., resulting in particle effects perfectly in-sync with the music!

Spicing up your Premiere Pro Timeline with Particle Illusion

Learn top tricks and tips for incorporating stunning particle looks into your editing workflow. Guest artist, Benjamin Eshagpoor of beMOTION.DESIGN, dives into how to best use Boris FX’s powerful new Particle Illusion real-time generator inside an Adobe Premiere Pro project.

Particle Illusion and VEGAS Pro: GOT-Inspired Flaming Effect

Vin Morreale, Boris FX Product Specialist, teaches VEGAS Pro 16 users how easy it to to create a Game Of Thrones-inspired flaming sword effect using the new Particle Illusion plug-in. (Part 1 of 3-part series dedicated to Particle Illusion and VEGAS Pro)

Particle Illusion and VEGAS Pro: Driving Emitters with Mocha Tracking

Learn how to quickly drive Particle Illusion’s effects using integrated Mocha planar tracking inside a VEGAS Pro workflow. Get top tips and learn the difference between world and emitter options. (Part 2 of 3)


Particle Illusion and VEGAS Pro: Effect Isolation with Mocha Masking

Product Specialist, Vin Morreale, shows VEGAS Pro 16 editors how to quickly isolate Particle Illusion effects using built-in Mocha tracking and masking.(3 of 3)

Particle Illusion 2024

OS Requirements:

  • Mac OSX: 10.15.6 or higher
  • Windows: Windows 10 and 11


Recommended Hardware:

  • Processor: Apple M1, M1 Pro, M1 Ultra system, Intel or AMD CPU with four or more cores
  • Memory: 8 GB or more
  • Disk: High-speed disk array or SSD storage
  • Graphics Card: Most modern graphics cards from ATI, Nvidia and Intel are supported. click here for a full listing


Supported Host Applications:

  • ADOBE :
    • After Effects and Premiere Pro
  • AVID :
    • Media Composer
  • OFX :
    • Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve
    • Vegas Pro
    • Foundry Nuke

Host & OS Support

For compatibility with specific versions and operating systems, please see the Host Compatibility Page.

Graphics Cards: Guidelines for Graphics Card Support

  • We recommend that you run the latest graphics card driver version supported by your host application.
  • Graphics Cards must support OpenGL 2.1 or higher.
  • Editing in HD? A graphics card with a minimum of 1GB of RAM is recommended for best performance.
  • Editing in 2K or Higher? A graphics card with a minimum of 2GB of RAM is recommended for the best performance.

New for Continuum 2023.5

  • BCC+ Super LED Effect: Easily pixelate the look of shots, text, or particles.
  • Improved Mocha: Parameter and corner pin tracking now available in BCC+ Lens Flare, BCC+ Super LED, and BCC+ Light effects.
  • Particle Illusion: Adds masking, trails, gradient presets, 3D deflectors, force turbulence, and more.
  • Beat Reactor: Now included in 40 BCC+ effects. Make your effects dance to music.
  • Effects and Transitions: BCC+ Smoke and Fog, BCC+ Light Flicker, BCC+ Orbs, and BCC+ Flutter Cut.
  • More Presets: 150+ new professionally designed and curated presets.

New in Continuum 2023

Work up to 50% faster depending on OS, hardware, and project specifics — and create animations with ease thanks to a simplified interface and revamped controls

New in Continuum 2022

Fluid dynamics

Quickly add organic 3D particle motion to existing emitters or create complex liquid animations that flow and swirl like in the real world. Includes over 20 professionally designed presets. Save multiple emitters and parameters as a single preset in the massive preset library and work faster than ever before with up to 5x speed increases across all supported host applications

New in Continuum 2021

Particle Illusion Enhancements:

  • 3D
    • Emit particles in a 3D environment including host camera integration
  • Turbulence
    • Add organically evolving randomized variation to particle Size and Position based on a noise map field.
  • Lines
    • Add Lines connecting particles to each other, to their emitter location, or to their birth position for a wide range of new looks.
  • Deflector – Randomization
    • Particles can now pick up variable randomization in their bounce pattern after colliding with a deflector to give a much more natural scattering effect.
  • Deflector – Particle Break
    • Particles can now break into separate sub-particles after hitting a deflector.
  • Updated Library View
    • The Library View in the emitter browsing pane (as opposed to the Grid and Thumbnail views) has been refactored to be cleaner and easier to use.
  • New “Emitters_2021” Emitter Library and Presets
  • Other PI Enhancements
    • Expose random seed parameters for particle types and free emitter types
    • Add motion blur frames indicator to particle count display
    • Added Pref for disabling the Render Finished chime
    • Added Pref for default keyframe type
    • Default to Grid view for new installs
    • Added Menu command for File->Render
    • Stage / Playback UI – updated layout and look
    • When a stage emitter is selected in the Controls View, the “Return/Enter” key initiates “Rename”
    • Add pref to show or hide stage/project info
    • Force and Deflector buttons now act as auto-toggles which instantly add an element to the timeline to avoid confusion
    • Alt-click on stage position keys toggles linear/bezier like in graph view

Particle Illusion Fixes

  • Particle Illusion – Fix jump in selection when marking an emitter as favorite (when not actually filtering on favorites-only)
  • Particle Illusion – Particle order does not appear to do anything for super emitters
  • Particle Illusion – Blue render progress stops just short of 100% when exporting (even though it has actually succeeded in fully completing the export).
  • Particle Illusion – Layers are drawing in reverse order
  • Particle Illusion – Mac – improved retention of UI layout when closing + reopening the UI (Still a work in progress)
  • Particle Illusion – Preview Background composite popup menu options are chopped off in PI UI
  • Particle Illusion – Shaped emitters stop creating any particles when Number value is too high
  • Particle Illusion – Erratic window placement/sizing when closing and reopening the PI GUI
  • Particle Illusion – Duplicating a particle type does not result in the same particle pattern in both
  • Particle Illusion – Fix Search behavior with multiple search terms and when Favorites enabled
  • Particle Illusion – When moving the 2nd deflector point, it will get joined together with the first deflector
  • Particle Illusion – Keyframe interpolation pop-up menu – interpolation icons are offset to the right making the text unreadable
  • Particle Illusion – When preload is not 0 the Start frame is not working correctly
  • Particle Illusion – Shape import dialog layout issue
  • Particle Illusion – Change the default emitter radX and radY from 10 to 100 when an emitter is first initialized
  • Particle Illusion – Undo twice is required if entering param values by keyboard and pressing enter
  • Particle Illusion – double particles drawn (after start bar is moved)
  • Particle Illusion – double-clicking Start Frame Bar doesn’t move keys
  • Particle Illusion – smaller font size on HighDPI Windows monitors
  • Particle Illusion – Alt clicking on motion path keyframe doesn’t work when CTI is parked on the keyframe
  • Particle Illusion – line emitters get corrupted when angle is not 0 and other emitters are changed
  • Particle Illusion – Single Particle Emitters like La Luna have separation between primary and secondary particles when position transforms are used
  • Particle Illusion – custom GUI does not remember user selected monitor in multi-monitor setups

New in Continuum 2020.5

Released May 4th 2020

  • New! Particle Illusion: Forces feature, retro cartoon emitters & presets, save your faves
  • New! Improved Effects: Remover, Cast Shadow, Particle Illusion Dissolve
Ghostly Text reveal Sapphire

Ghostly Text Reveal, Sapphire in AE, incl Project File #Halloween

John Dickinson breaks down a ghostly text reveal that he created using Sapphire and Particle Illusion in After Effects.

Mary Poplin at Boris FX shows you how to create transparent ghostly effects using Mocha Pro and Particle Illusion to transform an actress into a ghost.

Create Transparent Ghostly Effects with Mocha & Particle Illusion #Halloween

Ceate transparent ghostly effects using Mocha Pro and Particle Illusion to transform an actress into a ghost.

Modifying Particle Illusion Presets

Modifying Particle Illusion Presets

Boris FX Design Director John Dickinson dives into how to enhance existing Particle Illusion presets during Office Hours from Boris FX.

Blow Away Text with Continuum

Blow Text Away with Continuum Particle Illusion

John Dickinson shows you how to create the effect of text blowing away with Continuum Particle Illusion inside After Effects.

Particle Illusion 2022 Deep Dive - Fluid Dynamics

Particle Illusion 2022 Deep Dive - Fluid Dynamics

Check out some of the new features in Boris FX Particle Illusion 2022, available soon as the free application and in the plugin. Amazing!

Create a Sound Blast Driven By Music with Boris FX Suite, 4 Part Series

Create a Sound Blast Driven By Music, a 4 Part Series from Boris FX

In this tutorial series, Ben Brownlee takes you through how to create a sound blast by using music data, using Boris FX plugins.

Cinemagraph Particle Illusion

Create a Cinemagraph with After Effects & Particle Illusion

Create a cinemagraph by adding bubbles to a photo of a glass of bubbly using Particle Illusion + After Effects. Download Particle Illusion.

In Depth: Particle Plugins for After Effects within your Budget

In Depth: Particle Plugins for After Effects within your Budget

Learn about creating particles in After Effects with plugins including Particle Illusion, Trapcode Particular, Rowbyte Plexus, and more!

particle illusion standalone

Introduction to Particle Illusion + Free Standalone Particle Illusion

John Dickinson shows how to create a slick mograph look using the new free Particle Illusion Standalone application, together with the plugin version.

Particle Illusion for Colorists

Webinar Replay: Particle Illusion for Colorists

UK-based colorist, Dan Harvey, leads Resolve users through an introduction to Particle Illusion — and why colorists will want to use it.

particle illusion premium filter 4 part tutorial

Boris FX Particle Illusion - 4 Part Training Series

Boris FX has just made Particle Illusion a standalone Premium Filter.  If you're new to Particle Illusion you'll want to check out this 4 part training series from Ben Brownlee, VFX artist and Curious Turtle trainer, that will get you up and running in After Effects with this powerful particle generator in no time.

Boris Continuum Particle Illusion Magix Vegas Pro Flaming Sword GOT

GOT-Inspired Flaming Sword with Boris FX Particle Illusion & VEGAS Pro

This is part 1 of 3 tutorials from Boris FX about creating a flaming sword with Particle Illusion. Particle Illusion was re-introduced recently...


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