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Boris FX Particle Illusion Pro

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Boris FX Particle Illusion Pro


Download demos and trial versions, product documentation, free presets and more.

Boris FX Particle Illusion Pro

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Fast and Easy 3D Particle Application

Particle Illusion Pro is a powerful particle generator that gives users instant access to 3D particles. Quickly create photorealistic particle effects to use for motion graphics, visual effects, titles, and lower thirds. Available as a fully functional standalone application and as a plugin part of the Continuum suite of effects.


Bring your animations to life with Particle Illusion

Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics allows you to transform any existing emitter into a complex animation that flows and swirls just like in the real world — or create your own custom animation. Includes 20+ new presets designed by the pros.


Work in 3D

Work with emitters, forces, and deflectors in 3D using the integrated camera to navigate through generated particle fields using position, pan, and orbit camera modes. Includes depth of field and motion blur.


Forces and Deflectors

Force objects enable the addition of force fields for complex, realistic particle movement, ranging from chaotic swirls to controlled flows, and even fluid dynamics. Deflector objects simplify the simulation of particles interacting with logos or other graphics, making them bounce or interact seamlessly.


Lines and Turbulence

Connect your particles together with lines! Join particles to parent emitters, birth position, or even to other particles to create fresh new geometric mograph looks.
Turbulence varies the position and size of particles through auto-evolving, organic noise fields. Think subtle wave-like motion, wild particle scatters, or anything in between.


Easy Preset-Driven Workflow

Particle Illusion comes with thousands of preset emitters (via a separate free installer). An integrated search makes it easy to zero in on the effect you’re looking for, and the live preview lets you click and drag to see how it will move. Use as-is or adjust the position, shape, life, number size, etc. by scrubbing values in the control panel. Create new presets too by saving any adjusted emitter back into your custom emitter library.


Node-based Navigation

Particle Illusion lets you create extremely complex effects, but the Node View makes it easier than ever to work with and customize them. Simply select an emitter or particle node and see the corresponding parameters display in the Controls View.


What’s New In Particle Illusion Pro?

Particle Trails and Lines Enhancements

Draw particle trails as a new “lines” option, adding new life to almost any particle simulation! Other new line features allow you to fade the ends, vary thickness with particle size, and more.

Updated Gradient Editor and Presets

The gradient editor has been greatly improved, with new “flip” and “space” actions, full undo/redo, even a random gradient generator! Add to that new color and alpha gradient presets, and your particle color workflow just got a whole lot more fun!

Deflector and Force Improvements

Deflectors and Forces are important particle “influencers”

  • Deflectors are now 3D – rotate them, set their depth, and animate in 3D space!
  • Improved reliability of Deflectors: no more “leaking” at the corners, or unexpectedly wild bounces!
  • Forces now include “Direction Turbulence”, which allows you to add organic motion to your particles even without fluid dynamics!

Easier to Use

The Controls View (parameter list) has been redesigned, with related parameters grouped together in labeled sections. Plus version 2023 introduces parameter “de-emphasis”, which causes parameters that have no effect on the output to dim, helping you to focus on what’s important!

3D Models as Emitters

Working with emitters and other objects in 3D has just become easier with 3D widgets.

3D Widgets

Use either C4D or OBJ files as particle emitters with various emission options, including the ability to draw the model wireframe for fresh new looks. Several immediately useful models are included, along with exciting presets that utilize them.
Position, rotate, and scale objects directly in the stage in a more intuitive process, resulting in a more streamlined workflow.

Particle Illusion Pro Standalone vs Plugin

Standalone ApplicaitonPlugin inside Continuum
Work in 3D
Fluid Dynamics
Forces and Deflectors
Lines and Turbulence
Easy Preset-Driven Workflow
Node-based Navigation
Export w/Alpha
Import data from Mocha / SynthEyes*
Render on Source Video*
Track with Integrated Mocha
Animate with Beat Reactor
AE Camera Integration
Host Particle Parameters
Intergrated Glow
Advanced Compositing Options
*Disabled in Trial Mode

Mac OS

OS Requirements

  • Catalina 10.15 or higher

Processor (CPU)

  • Intel, AMD, or Apple M1/M2/M3

System Memory (RAM)

  • 8 GB minimum, 16+ GB preferred

Graphics Processor (GPU)

  • Most modern graphics cards from AMD, NVIDIA and Intel are supported.


OS Requirements

  • Windows 10 & 11

Processor (CPU)

  • Intel or AMD CPU with four or more cores

System Memory (RAM)

  • 8 GB minimum, 16+ GB preferred

Graphics Processor (GPU)

  • Most modern graphics cards from AMD, NVIDIA and Intel are supported.



Particle Illusion Pro (Standalone) 2024 (v17.0.4):

  • Incorrect watermarking when rendering without a license

Particle Illusion Pro (Standalone) 2024 (v17.0.3)

(Summary of major changes since Particle Illusion Standalone 2023.5):

Particle Illusion Features

  • PI Pro Tracker Data Import – Import of Mocha or Synth Eyes 2D tracker data files for Emitter or Camera tracking – only in licensed version.
  • PI Pro Video Import – Import background video in standard formats directly into the PI UI – only in licensed version.
  • Generative AI sprite creation via Stability AI
  • Particle lines can be true 3D objects
  • Inherited Velocity control
  • Extensive improvements to the sprite image import UI/controls (Alpha from Luma, Highlight Black, Remove Background, Scale Darks options, etc.)
  • Preview pane now renders with 3D perspective for more accurate preview of library emitters
  • Scale Project feature – upscale everything uniformly
  • Turbulence Field Zoom parameter
  • UI Scale Factor – allow easy sizing of all UI elements
  • Faster rendering when using Particle Masking to drive emission
  • Parameter Emphasis – double click to highlight a param for recommended use in projects and emitter libraries.
  • Improve UX with “Single” particles. Hide any parameters that do not apply when “Single Particle” is checked.
  • Force Node graph icon shows when fluid dynamics is enabled
  • Particles node graph icon shows when “Single” particle is enabled
  • Improved dialog support for standard accelerator keys such as Esc/Enter
  • Improved support for accelerator key shortcuts in menus
  • Numerous UI enhancements
  • Particle Illusion 2024 Emitter Library

Full Release Notes


particle illusion blow away dust tutorial

Blow Away Your Layer with Particle Illusion

In this tutorial, John Dickinson shows you how to use Particle Illusion to blow away your logo, text, or any layer with an alpha channel, as if it were dust or sand.


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