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Chaos Scans

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Chaos Scans


Download demos and trial versions, product documentation, free presets and more.

Chaos Free Trials

Chaos Scans

Ready-to-use materials for your V-Ray 3D projects. Try it for free.

Make your creations embody reality with Chaos Scans. With over 2,500 photoreal pre-made scanned materials, you can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary – all at a simple drag and drop, right into V-Ray! Save yourself hours of tedious work. Let Chaos Scans make simplicity out of complexity for richly detailed visuals to bring any project to life.

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Free 30-Day Trial

Try V-Ray, Phoenix, Vantage, Cosmos, Player, and Scans for free with a 30-day trial.

Tech support included.

Chaos Scans Library

The Library contains a variety of pre-scanned materials ready to be applied to 3D visualizations in 3ds Max, Maya, Rhino, SketchUp, Revit, Cinema 4D, Modo, and Houdini. The growing collection includes samples of car paint, fabric, leather, wood, plastic, metal, and more. Our extended trial gives you the Chaos Scans plugin and unlimited access to the library free for 90 days.

Chaos Scans

Chaos Scans service

If you are working with tight deadlines and need to create many complex 3D materials for automotive, product design, or fashion projects then the Chaos Scans service is the perfect match for you. We scan your physical material samples to create a highly accurate, ultra-photorealistic digital material for use in 3D projects.

More than textures

A photorealistic level of quality and real-world responses to lighting conditions.

Stock or custom

Use them as perfect copies of real materials, or as accurate references to build your own.

Faster workflow

Photorealism with a simple drag-and-drop. Shaders that took hours to perfect are now ready in a couple of clicks.

V-Ray native

Engineered by the same team that created V-Ray. The two products work together seamlessly.

Wide choice

Choose from а wide variety of ready-to-use materials. Or send us your own samples and we can scan them for you.

Part of V-Ray Collection

A great asset to help you with your V-Ray visualizations, included in the ultimate Chaos V-Ray Collection.

Chaos V-Ray Collection

Chaos V-Ray Collection

One license. Infinite possibilities.

Get V-Ray, Phoenix FD, Project Lavina, Chaos Cloud & VRscans in a single collection.

Artists and designers looking for total creative freedom and flexibility, get instant access to 15 Chaos products all with one license. With V-Ray Collection you can work freely between 3D applications, applying your own mix of photorealistic rendering, fluid simulation and real-time scene exploration to any project.

Learn MoreTry Chaos V-Ray Collection for free!

Chaos Scans Key Features

GPU support

Now compatible with V-Ray GPU for increased performance and flexibility.

Volumetric translucency

Materials can now capture translucency in volumetric materials with varying thicknesses.

Incredibly photoreal

Uses high-quality hardware to capture the material’s texture in exceptional quality. No loss of detail, fidelity, or color.

Physically accurate

Created from thousands of images, capturing a material’s bidirectional texture function (BTF), recreating a material’s true surface appearance and response to light.

Render Elements

Now support separation into several render elements: clear coat reflections, direct light, indirect lighting by spawned rays, opacity, and received caustics stored.

Triplannar mapping

Materials can now be applied by proprietary triplannar mapping, which removes the need for explicit UV mapping.

Easy to use

Require no prior material-building knowledge or use of reference materials.

Seamlessly tileable

Materials repeat without joins.


Fine-tune the appearance of materials directly in Max or Maya.

Built for V-Ray

Render with V-Ray directly from your preferred content creation platform. Now available in 3ds Max, Maya, SketchUp, Rhino, Revit, Modo, and Houdini.

Physical materials

Render a wide variety of physical materials including plastic, leather, stone, metal, wood, and fabric.

Car paints

Simulate the look of highly detailed car paint, complete with orange peel and clear coat.

Reflective & holographic materials

Render complex reflective and holographic surfaces.

Translucent materials

The industry’s first technology capable of scanning & rendering translucent materials.


Winter & Company Luxury Materials

Read more about the Winter & Company Materials: Update: Chaos Scans adds 1,300 Cover Materials from Winter & Company.

Winter & Company luxury Materials

VRscans Platforms

VRscans is currently installed with V-Ray on the following platforms:

  • V-Ray for 3ds Max
  • V-Ray for Maya
  • V-Ray for Sketchup
  • V-Ray for Cinema 4D
  • V-Ray for Rhino
  • V-Ray for Revit (partial support; please contact

Installing VRscans

VRscans do not need to be installed and are already installed with the typical V-Ray for 3ds Max or V-Ray for Maya installation. However, to use VRscans material in a scene, a separate license for the VRscans plugin must be available through your USB dongle or Online account for rendering.

License Setup

VRscans is licensed the same way V-Ray and uses either the hardware dongle-based license or the new Online Licensing System. Those who already have a dongle for V-Ray will have their VRscans license added to their existing dongle which can be updated easily, as shown in the next section of this page. Those with existing Online Licenses will have the VRscans license added to their accounts. For more information on Installation and Licensing, click here.

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