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Extrude, shatter & deform!

Easily create 3D titles, logos & shapes. Extrude, shatter & deform! Import .EPS files. Includes 5 filters & 100+ presets. Cross-host license.


Highlights include:

  • New! Title Studio is a next generation 2D/3D titling plug-in with a custom user interface. Create professional broadcast titles and high quality motion graphics at any resolution.
  • Extrude .EPS with support for Adobe Illustrator .AI files
  • Extruded Spline 3D shape generator
  • Extruded Text with host native user interface

The Continuum 3D Objects Unit offers multi-host support with a single license.


  • 2D and 3D resolution-independent vector title generation
  • RTF import
  • Automated title roll, crawl, fade, zoom
  • Automated type-on type-off
  • Timecode generator
  • Text scramble
  • Top-down / Left-right option
  • Cast and drop shadows
  • 3D lights
  • Text on a path
  • Jitter
  • Custom Interface option with multiple 3D views
  • .EPS import and extrusion
  • 3D model import
  • 3D vector shape generation
  • Auto-animating 3D deformers
  • Vertex and pixel shaders
  • Hardware acceleration (OpenGL/OpenCL)
  • Multi-processor (SMP) and multi-core (CMP) support
  • Custom or host native user interface
  • Support for Adobe host native mask shapes
  • Support for Adobe host native 3D camera system
  • Support for Adobe host native 3D light system


BCC Extruded Text

The BCC Extruded Text filter generates true 3D text objects with separate control options for each of the 4 sides of the extruded object.


BCC Extruded EPS

The BCC Extruded EPS filter enables you to import, extrude and animate 2D vector artwork using either the native Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps format.


BCC Type-On Text

The BCC Type-On Text filter enables you to generate true 3D type-on text animations, with full automation for the type-on / type-off effect and manual override controls for the animation timing.


BCC Extruded Spline

The BCC Extruded Spline filter generates true 3D primitive shape objects with separate control options for each of the 4 sides of the extruded object.


BCC Layer Deformer

The BCC Layer Deformer allows you to transform, warp and deform any image clip or layer into 3D primitive shapes, which can be animated in 3D space with full automation and manual override over the 3D animation.


Title Studio

BCC Title Studio is our next generation 3D Titling and Animation plugin allowing quick and easy creation of 2D/3D titling and motion graphics (including C4D model import) directly inside the host of your choice.

Title Studio supports a custom UI to enable a vastly richer motion graphics toolset than can be achieved with just native host parameters.  Yet, in addition to that flexibility and power, it offers very simple browsing, applying, and customizing pre-made animation presets/templates using the FX Browser.

Title Studio is located in the 3D Objects category and is 100% GPU accelerated using an advanced OpenGL graphics engine for fast, accurate rendering.


Host Compatibility

  • Adobe After Effects & Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5-CC 2017
  • Apple FCP X & Motion 5
  • Avid Media Composer 6-8
  • Avid Symphony 6-8
  • Avid Newscutter 9-10
  • Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 11-12
  • Magix VEGAS Pro 13-14
  • The Foundry’s NUKE

Platform Compatibility

Windows & Mac

Graphics Cards

We recommend that you run the latest graphics card driver version supported by your host application. A graphics card with a minimum of 512MB of RAM is required; 1GB of RAM is recommended.

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