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1.x Depth Scanner

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Depth Scanner


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Depth Scanner

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Depth Scanner

Depth Scanner is an Artificial Intelligence-based plug-in for automatic depth estimation. It creates depth maps from still images and even videos.  Note: Depth Scanner is a Windows only plug-in at the moment. It runs on AE 2022 and above

Depth Scanner lets you create depth maps from images and videos. The resulting depth map can be used for a variety of post-processing tasks, like adding fog, converting footage to stereo-3d, and many more image effects.

Automatic depth estimation from images and videos

depth scanner


depth scanner


Depth Scanner Depth Scanner


Use depth maps for…

Parallax mapping


Post processed DoF

depth scanner dof


Depth based grading

dpeth scanner grading


Slicing effects


GPU support

NVIDIA cards supporting CUDA 10.2 and above can be used to greatly improve performance. Please note that the cpu version of the plugin will behave very slow with bigger resolutions.

Additional Info


Depth Scanner is a windows only plugin at the moment. It runs on AE 2022 and above. Please test your configuration using the free trial before purchasing.


GPU mode may be not as stable as cpu mode.

After Effects 2023, 2022


1.7.2 –  Feb 3, 2023

– fix bug which lead to crash for some preview resolutions

1.7.1  –  Jan 30, 2023

– add new depth model “Accurate 2023”

1.7.0  –  Jan 25, 2023

– enable multi-frame rendering
– more options for temporal stability
– improve details enhancing algorithm

1.2.1  –  Feb 11, 2022

– improved detail enhancing algorithm

1.2.0 –  Feb 9, 2022

– several improvements to depth map quality and temporal stability
– new sharpening filter
– some bugfixes
– more intuitive options
– installer doesn’t download large files if they are already present
– attention: breaks backwards compatibility. old projects opened with 1.2.0 will produce different results

1.1.4 –  Dec 8, 2021

– fixed out-of-memory error on cuda

1.1.3  –  Dec 7, 2021

– add support for arbitrary (uneven) resolutions
– improve stability in gpu mode
– improve multi-frame rendering performance
– better error handling

Create Depth Maps using Depth Scanner for After Effects

In this video tutorial, Charles Yeager explains how to create depth passes on footage using the After Effects plugin Depth Scanner.


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