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Deflicker Time Lapse, Slow Motion, and Old Video

Flicker Free is a powerful, new way to deflicker video. It fixes flicker that’s common in video footage and can be caused by many things, be it from lights and cameras being out of sync, time lapse or slow motion video. It’s easy to use and works with many video editing applications, like AE, Premiere Pro, FCP, Avid, Resolve or Vegas.


Solves Many Types of Flicker

Originally designed for deflickering Time Lapse, it works amazingly well on many other types of flicker. The most common problem is cameras and lights being out of sync resulting in rolling bands. However, it works on flicker from LED or Fluorescent lights, Slow Motion (high speed) footage, Drone footage, and much more. Check out our tutorials for removing the different types of flicker.

Simple and Powerful Workflow

We strive to create intuitive software that produces exceptional results while remaining dead simple to use. There are presets for most types of flicker and only a few parameters that need to be tweaked if the presets aren’t perfect. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can solve this problem that often requires a re-shoot.

Try it Yourself!

You can download the demo version to see how easy it’ll fix your footage. Take a look at the Details page for more information on how Flicker Free does it’s magic! It currently works as a plugin for Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Avid, Davinci Resolve, and other OpenFX apps on Macintosh or Windows.

Great benefits of the Flicker Free Video Plugin

Presets for an Easy De-Flicker Workflow

They make it easy to get the right settings very quickly, without reading a huge manual. Plugins should just work. There are several presets for different types of video footage. These are settings we've found to work well in our tests and often work as is to fix flicker. If not, usually they just require minor tweaking.


Easy to Understand

Video plugins should make your life easier. The software should be doing the hard work behind the scenes so you can get work done quickly without watching hours of training videos. Flicker Free is not a plugin you need to use all the time, but when you do have flicker on video footage there's no need to re-learn it every time you use it.


Analyzes on the Fly

Flicker Free doesn't require any 'pre-analysis' to work. Just apply it to your footage, render a couple seconds as a test and you're ready to render your entire project.


Deflicker Time Lapse Footage

A time lapse video requires taking a photo at intervals (1 sec., 1 min., etc) and combining them to make the video. This can result in beautiful videos, but the exposure tends to change between frames. When played back this shows up as flicker.

Flicker Free was designed to deal with Time Lapse flicker and works beautifully on it. If you, like us, are a connoisseur of shooting Time Lapse we suggest taking a look at just how powerful Flicker can be creating these types of videos. And take a look at this video series on creating time lapse!

Slow Motion Footage

Many lights will cause flicker in slow motion footage. Normal lights running on AC can fluctuate in brightness as the electricity fluctuates (the 'alternating' in AC). These fluctuations in brightness can affect your footage if the camera is shooting 120fps or faster. The higher the frame rate of the footage the more apparent it is. This can happen regardless of whether you're shooing with a Phantom Flex, Sony FS700, GoPro or iPhone 6 (shoots 240fps).

Flicker Free will smooth out the fluctuations and make the brightness consistent throughout the video clip. Take a look at how Flicker Free makes this possible. Since slow motion often requires a lot of light, this makes it possible to use inexpensive lights. Even Home Depot shop lights!

LED Lights

LEDs are one of the more common flicker problems we've seen. Cheap LEDs or ones that have been dimmed can cause severe strobing or rolling bands. Many places have switched to LED lights but it's not obvious to production people when shooting. You don't discover they're LED lights until you get the footage into post and see all the flickering. Luckily Flicker Free is there to help! It saved some of the shots on this music video by the Bloody Beetroots and Tommy Lee. Check out our examples here for a glimpse at what Flicker Free can do.

Archival Footage

If you're restoring older footage, flicker comes from a few sources. 1) The film may have degraded over time, 2) The camera was hand cranked making it difficult to maintain a consistent exposure over the course of the shot, and 3) older lights were more prone to flickering.

Most of these problems are easy for Flicker Free to fix. Your footage may look better than it looked when it was originally shot!

Aerial Drone Flicker

Drone footage can have flicker caused by a couple problems. Shadows from the propellers can get cast on the lens causing flickering bands. Secondly, you can get compression artifacts in areas with a lot of detail (e.g. a grass field), which creates a very regular (e.g. every 8 frames) shift in pixels which causes flicker. Unfortunately, these can make otherwise beautiful birds-eye-view shots of expansive landscapes unusable.

Luckily, Flicker Free can be used to lessen or eliminate prop flicker or the GOP compression problems to make your aerial footage fit for client delivery or personal use. Using a two pass method our plugin is able to get excellent results and gets you out of having to commit to reshoots!



"Rolling Bands" Deflicker

Deflicker Old or Archival Footage

Daily Telegraph Video With & Without Flicker


What's new in Flicker Free 1.1?

Bug fixes, support for Adobe CC 2015, improved support for 4K+ in FCPX

What's new in Flicker Free for FCPX v1.0.3?

This solves a big issue with using 4K and above files in FCP. There’s a bug in FCP when dealing with these types of files and we finally found a workaround. This vastly improves the speed of FCP when trying to de-flicker 4K (or larger) footage. This was a problem in particular with time lapse sequences as those are typically comprised of 6 - 8K images. 

Operating Systems

  • Mac OS X 10.6 and up
  • Windows XP 64-bit, Vista 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10


  • Adobe After Effects CS3-CS6, CC+
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS4-CS6, CC+
  • Final Cut Pro 6, 7, X
  • Avid Media Composer 6.5+
  • Assimilate Scratch
  • Resolve
  • NUKE
  • other OpenFX host apps.*

This may not be fully compatible with all OpenFX hosts apps at this time. It's been tested in and should work with Scratch and Resolve. Please try the demo in other host apps before purchasing.

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Removing Flicker from Drone Video Footage Caused by Prop Shadows

One common problem when shooting video with a drone is flicker caused by prop shadows. The Flicker Free plugin is commonly used to deal with this problem and this tutorial goes over how to do it. It discusses the correct settings within the plugin and the two step process usually necessary to deal with drone prop flicker.


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