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eyedesyn Text Edge Pro

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eyedesyn Text Edge Pro
eyedesyn Text Edge Pro

Create beautiful bevels in CINEMA 4D and& Cineware with infinite options.

Text Edge FX Pro is an all-in-one bevel toolkit for creating 3D type or logos inside of CINEMA 4D. Take your texts to the next level!

Note: Compatible only with Cinema 4D R20 or below

Text Edge FX Pro (TEFX) is a preset that creates brilliant-looking text and logos super fast. With it you can add custom outer, inner bevels, and edges to any text that goes above and beyond the stock bevel options in C4D. The best part? It’s non-destructive!  What does that mean? Develop your text bevel look and you easily edit it, change the font or text just like you would with the MoText object while keeping the bevel intact making iteration a breeze! Along with applying bevels on your type, you can also put bevels on any spline shape you bring in, whether it be a logo made in Adobe Illustrator or a spline shape made directly in CINEMA 4D.

TEFX Pro takes your custom bevels to a whole new level. It’s faster, includes over 10 new features, and now has Mograph and Dynamics support built-in. With its extremely intuitive controls, endless customizable options, and over 30 text bevel preset scene files, 15 custom inner bevels, plus the ability to make and use your own custom bevel shapes, it’s essential for anyone who needs to make amazing looking text or logos inside of CINEMA 4D or Cineware.

What’s new in TEFX Pro?
This update is jam-packed with new features and content. A couple of the new features include R15 kerning support as well as a material manager that helps you apply and change materials on all of your text elements! Not only that, but I’ve added a bunch of new text bevel presets that now total over 50 presets! To help make your 3D text super sexy, I’ve also included over 130 materials and over 50 HDRI files!

Version Compatibility & CINEMA 4D Lite – Does NOT work in R21-S26, 2023

Text Edge FX Pro requires CINEMA 4D R12-R20. TEFX Pro is fully compatible with R13 and above including CINEMA 4D Lite meaning you can create gorgeous text for use in Adobe After Effects CC.  Also compatible with CINEMA R12 and below. NOTE: Preset scene files require Broadcast or Studio version.

Feature List 

  • Built-in Mograph & dynamics
  • CINEMA 4D Lite compatible
  • Over 30 new TEFX preset scene files
  • Non-destructive, easily change the letters or font while keeping your custom bevel look intact making iteration a breeze
  • Text field input automatically updates TEFX layer name
  • Low rez proxy option to speed up viewport scene when working with mograph & dynamics
  • Full-text alignment options for use with Mograph Effectors
  • Option to have back bevel mirror front bevel
  • Editable capping & fillet edges
  • Over 60 custom inner bevel splines included
  • Ability to use your own custom bevels
  • Simple & intuitive interface & controls
  • Rebuilt from the bottom up for improved speed

The updated version, which was released in November 2014, includes:

  • Now over 60 Text Edge preset scene files
  • Double the amount of materials & HDRI files including:
    • Now over 50 HDRI files for super sexy reflections
    • Now over 130 materials to texture all your bevels
  • New center bevel allows you to add up to 4 bevels to your text, including an inner bevel
  • New bevel inner offset option allows for even more control over your bevels
  • Updated material manager helps you make texturing all of your text’s bevels in a jiffy
  • MAXON CINEMA 4D R12 – R20, C4D Lite. Does not work in R21, or higher
eyedesyn Text Edge Pro

Use the Cinema 4D Hatch Shader to Create Patterns

EJ from eyedesyn has a fun Cinema 4D tutorial using the Sketch & Toon Hatch Shader, included with Cinema 4D Studio and Visualize, to create some cool image textures procedurally. eyedesyn products are still on sale for Cyber Monday too! Save 25% through tonight, November 27, 2018.

eyedesyn Text Edge Pro

Melting Effect with x-particles by EJ Hassenfratz

Who says tutorials can only be shared on Tutorial Tuesday?! EJ Hassenfratz has kind enough to provide us with this great tutorial on creating a melting effect with x-particles!


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