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Flex for After Effects

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Flex for After Effects


Download demos and trial versions, product documentation, free presets and more.

Flex for After Effects

You may download a free Demo after logging in.

Flex for After Effects

Flexible Layouts for your Layers

Flex is a tool for creating dynamically realigning layouts for your layers in After Effects.   Flex Line Rigs focus on single rows or columns, while Flex Grid Rigs handle more complex scenarios comprising several rows or columns working as a cohesive system.

Flex is a collaboration between Vincent Raineri & Zack Lovatt


Flex Lines

A Line Rig will connect all of your selected layers together into a straight line.

Then you can quickly & easily have the size of one layer affect the scale and position of its neighbours, creating a nice flexible line.

lovatt flex line

Flex Grids

If a Line Rig is too 1-dimensional for you, try a Grid Rig!

Flex Grid Rigs will take your existing layouts and create horizontal and vertical controllers for them, letting you dynamically flex groups of layers as rows and columns.

lovatt flex grid

Flex Methods

Once rigged, Flex gives six different ways to handle scaling within your layers.


Flex Mattes

Don’t want to mess with your layer scaling? Try Flex Mattes.

Instead of modifying your layers, Flex can create rigged mattes, preserving your art & still getting all perks.

lovatt flex matteflex mattes 2


Flex Trial Limitations

The following restrictions apply in Trial Mode:

  • Matte Mode is disabled.
  • Stroke Options (setting inner/outer shape layer strokes) are disabled.


After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3

1.1.3  –  Jun 16, 2022

• Expression error on layers without sources
• Grid Mode expression errors with legacy engine

1.1.2  –  Jun 13, 2022

• Update licensing & libraries

• Grid Matte Roundness breaking in non-EN installs
• Unreliable results when working with layers with non-Square Pixel Aspect Ratio sources

1.1.1  –  Aug 27, 2021

• Error message when making matted Grid Rigs with duplicate layer names

• Incorrect description on Line Row & Column buttons
• Error when trying to add layers to Line rigs

1.1.0  –  Aug 19, 2021

• ‘Toggle Grid Controls’ button
• ‘Corner Radius’ control for Mattes

• Grid: setting left or top layer bound without right or bottom no longer snaps to edge of comp
• Line: Replaced ‘Vertical Mode’ toggle with ‘Row & Column’ buttons
• Increased minimum AE version to CC 2015.3 (13.8)

• ‘Add Grid Controls’ not applying expressions
• Crash when working with layers that have separated dimensions

flex tutorial

Zack Lovat Flex for After Effects: Basic & Advanced Tutorials

Check out these 2 tutorials to learn Flex for After Effects quickly.  The basic tutorial shows the basic steps of how to get up and running with Flex.  The Advanced tutorial shows specific features from Flex, including Flex Methods & Mattes, further controls on Line and Grid rigs, and the Flex Creator tab.


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