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renderTom Guides

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RenderTom Guides lets you quickly and easily create and manipulate guides inside Adobe After Effects.

Guides is a script for After Effects that adds more power and options when working with guides inside the app.  Users can copy/paste guides around multiple compositions, move, rotate, save, quickly add guides around layers, and more.


Guides Features

  • Set the state of the Lock Guides, Snap to Guides, Show Guides for multiple compositions.
  • Copy/paste guides across multiple compositions or layers.
  • Save/apply guides for later use or to share with a team.
  • Clear guides across multiple compositions.
  • Rotate and move guides horizontally or vertically.
  • Add guides at the edge, or the center of the composition or a layer.
  • Griddify compositions or layers by adding guides every X pixels.
  • Add guides by dividing compositions or layers into X peaces.
  • Wrap guides around the edges of compositions or layers.


  • Guides is compatible with After Effects CC2019 and later.
  • The trial version of Guides is fully functional for 7 days. Please test the script prior to purchasing a full license.



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