v1.0 KingLuma CamCutter


KingLuma CamCutter

A simple, direct, and flexible way to cut between 3D cameras in your 3D After Effects composition.

CamCutter is much more efficient and flexible to work with than splitting (duplicating) and trimming multiple After Effects camera layers in order to edit between 3D perspectives.


Kingluma CamCutter can be used in any situation where After Effects 3D cameras are used, including other 3rd party 3D products for After Effects such as Video Copilot Element 3D and Trapcode Particular and Form.

  • the Cut Graph makes it easy to see at a glance where each camera is used throughout the composition timeline
  • the Camera Label feature can show onscreen the name of the camera layer currently chosen as the Active Camera – useful for preview when cutting between several cameras
  • the Cut Effects can provide a variety of auto-animating effects occurring on cuts between cameras – these effects automatically update to follow camera cuts when the edit timing is changed

CamCutter carefully organizes any files it adds to the project window, avoiding clutter and confusion. It also includes a “remover” script to allow for quick, clean, and simple removal of a CamCutter instance from a comp/project.

While CamCutter is necessary to set up new instances, an AE composition that uses CamCutter is portable in that it can be easily read and edited on AE systems without CamCutter installed – it uses only native AE features expressions and built-in AE effects to output camera edits.

KingLuma CamCutter Screenshot

Adobe After Effects CC 2017 & 2018

KingLuma CamCutter for After Effects Tutorial

This tutorial runs through the basics of using CamCutter as well as a few other features and fine details.


KingLuma CamCutter

Learn how to use Kingluma CamCutter for Adobe After Effects, a tool which offers a simple, direct, and flexible way to cut between 3D cameras in your 3D After Effects composition.