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2.9.x LetsMotion Subtitle Pro

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LetsMotion Subtitle Pro


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Letsmotion Subtitler Pro

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Create professional high-quality subtitles directly in After Effects and Premiere Pro

Create professional-quality subtitles directly in Premiere Pro and After Effects with Subtitle Pro.

LetsMotion Subtitle Pro

Subtitle Pro is a professional plugin that lets you create subtitles for your videos directly in After Effects and Premiere Pro. This subtitle plugin for Premiere Pro and After Effects can make automated subtitles for you. you can import SRT file or write your text. translating words by one click. sync times by one click. not just a simple text for subtitles, make animation for that.

Important: Please note that animation templates and markers are not available in Premiere Pro for now. LetsMotion is working to add these features in Premiere Pro as well.

LetsMotion Subtitle Pro Features

  • Import SRT files or write your text
  • Sync between Plugin and aftereffects(only for After Effects)
  • Shift all or some rows with handy and useful UI
  • Translate sentences right inside subtitle pro
  • Control subtitles with markers (available on After Effects)
  • Quick Search and Find
  • Export the subtitles in all popular formats.
  • Table View & AutoSave Workflow
  • Different Subtitle Templates to choose (available on After Effects)
  • All encoding supported (utf-8, utf-8 with bom, ansii, utf-16)
  • Fast and easy
  • Works on any resolution
  • Subtitle pro is multi-purpose, beyond subtitles you can create call outs and lower third animations, and more! (available on After Effects)
  • Added selection delete feature ( V.2.0.1)
  • New Animation templates ( V.2.0.1)

LetsMotion Subtitle Pro

LetsMotion Subtitle Pro Simple animations

Template Categories

  • Classic Subtitle
  • Simple Animation
  • Fading Animation
  • Abstract Animation
  • Lower thirds Animation
  • Line Call-out Animation

Please note that animation templates and markers are available only in After Effects 2019 and above. In Premiere Pro 2019 and above you can style the subtitle with captions and effects.

classic animations

LetsMotion Subtitle Pro package

LetsMotion Subtitle Pro

  • After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019
  • Premiere 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019

2.9.95   –  Oct 14, 2023

fixed license bug

2.9.94  –  Jun 7, 2023

Minor Bug Fix
Improved Templates

2.9.93 –  Jan 17, 2023

2023 bug fix

2.9.92  –  Oct 31, 2022

fixed apply bug

2.9.91 –  Aug 12, 2022

Minor Bug fixed

2.9.9  –  Jul 6, 2022

Fixed 2022 compatibility issue

2.9.8 –  Jun 4, 2021

Minor Bug Fixed

2.9.7  –  Jun 4, 2021

Now works on After Effects 2021

2.9.6  –  Jan 17, 2021

Fixed youtube importer bug and getting all available languages.

2.9.5  –  Dec 15, 2020

fixed time indicator bug in premiere

2.9.4  –  Nov 29, 2020

1- Auto Line Break Option.
2- Indicator Time Reader
3- Improve UI

2.9.3 –  Sep 29, 2020

Fixed Multiline text bug

2.9.2 – Sep 20, 2020

  • 10X faster in rendering.
  • Suitable for all educational films, short films or even, long movies.
  • Pixel perfect and accurate subtitles with high standards.
  • New settings to customize your subtitles.

2.9.1 – Aug 31, 2020

  • Fixed reported bugs including Positioning bug in 25, 30 FPS
  • Fixed license activation bug

2.9.0 – Aug 28, 2020

  • Fixed reported bugs including Positioning bug in 25, 30 FPS

2.8.0 – Jul 1, 2020

  • Fixed known bugs in templates
  • Improved templates custom settings

2.7.0 – Jun 16, 2020

  • Added Advanced Export Options
  • Added Draggable rows

2.6.0 (Current version) – Jun 8, 2020

  • Added template selector (Animation templates preview for After Effects)

2.5.0 – Jun 3, 2020

  • Added Ability to import All Available subtitle formats
  • Added Overlap finder feature

2.4.0  –  May 17, 2020

Youtube Captions importer!

2.3.0 – April 27, 2020

  • Wait is over. Start translating subtitle right inside subtitle pro. All you need to do is select some sentences, choose the language, then click on the translate button.
  • Added Sync Feature (Sync between Subtitle Pro and After Effects) (only for After Effects)
  • Added Time Shift Buttons
  • UI Improvement
  • Added Selection one row Delete Feature
  • New Animation Template (2 Left to Right Animations and 3 new Classic Subtitle Animations)
In Depth: Subtitles and Captions

In Depth: Create Subtitles and Captions for Your Videos (Updated!)

Create subtitles and closed-captioning to help your video gain reach and appeal to a wider audience on broadcast and streaming videos.

Subtitle Pro Auto Translator

Subtitle Pro - How it Works, plus Auto Translator #gettingstarted

Learn how to create professional, high-quality subtitles directly in After Effects and Premiere Pro with Subtitle Pro. Try Subtitle Pro for free!


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