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mamoworld Easy Bounce Pro

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mamoworld Easy Bounce Pro
mamoworld Easy Bounce Pro

Create bouncing animations the easy way! Just roughly keyframe the motion path you’d like, and let Mamoworld Easy Bounce take care of the rest.  You can also squash your layers when they hit the ground and other gravity control options.


  • Step 1: Roughly keyframe the motion path you want. Make sure to add a keyframe at each point where the layer will bounce, and one at every peak. No need to worry about the timing, or the exact path from keyframe to keyframe.
  • Step 2: Click the Easy Bounce button. It will then calculate all the physics parameters needed to create a realistic bouncing movement along the path you’ve chosen, and change your animation accordingly.

Yes – it’s really that easy!


Scripting and KBar support

Easy Bounce Pro includes a scripting and KBar API. Execute Easy Bounce directly from KBar buttons or remote-execute it inside your own After Effects scripts.

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