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mamoworld Editing Essentials Bundle

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mamoworld  Editing Essentials Bundle


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mamoworld Editing Essentials Bundle

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mamoworld  Editing Essentials Bundle

The mamoworld Editing Essentials Bundle is a collection of three tools designed to simplify and improve your Adobe Premiere Pro editing workflow: BeatEdit 2, QuickImporter and Still Exporter.  Easily edit to the beat with BeatEdit, quickly search, find and import the files you need with QuickImporter, and speedily export still images from your timeline with Still Exporter.


$169.99 when purchased separately, save 20%!

mamoworld beat edit uiBeatEdit 2

A great edit is one that has a great rhythmic flow with the music. BeatEdit automatically detects beats in the music and represents them as markers in the Adobe Premiere Pro CC timeline. This can be the basis of a new edit, or be used to automate cuts that are synced to the music.

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mamoworl quickexporter uiQuickImporter

  1. super-fast, fuzzy search instantly searches through thousands of files to find what you want – even with typos in your search term.
  2. thumbnail images for most file types (Mac only)
  3. audioplayer just hover over the file icon to start playback
  4. mediaplayer open video files in the media player for preview
  5. image sequences are shown as a single search result – no need to navigate through hundreds of individual image files
  6. Premiere Pro After Effects & Audition just one license allows you to use QuickImporter in all host apps
  7. Multitrack Support If you’re working on a multitrack session in Audition, QuickImporter inserts the files directly into the active track of the session. If not, QuickImporter opens the file in the waveform editor.

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mamoworld still exporter workflow

Still Exporter

Super-fast exporter of still images from your Premiere Pro timeline – exports frames at markers as jpg, png, tiff or dpx images.

  1. Set markers at the frames you want to export.
  2. Choose a naming pattern that describes how the images should be named.
  3. Choose a file type from jpg, png, tiff or dpx.
  4. Choose a destination folder and click Export.

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