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1.x Motion Boutique Autostereogram

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Motion Boutique Autostereogram


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Motion Boutique Autostereogram

Create animated autostereogram inside Adobe After Effects with Motion Boutique Autostereogram.

What is an Autostereogram?

“An autostereogram is a single-image stereogram, designed to create the visual illusion of a 3D scene from a two-dimensional image.”Source wikipedia

(Note: you have to blur your vision to see the image)

Now you can create them directly inside Adobe After Effects thanks to this plugin.

All you need is a depth map and potentially a texture. Both can be generated using After Effects built-in tools.

First time experiencing Stereograms? Take a look at this article to understand how to make the magic happen





You can generate Autostereograms based on noise

3D rabbit

or colored noise

Yep, that’s a dragon

or you can add your own (fixed or animated) texture!

Can you spot the squirrel?

Simple interface!


Add blur/sharpen with the Post-Processing options



You can freely test the plugin. The trial version is fully functional but a red cross is drawn over the image. Registration will remove it.

After Effects 2024, 2023 2022, 2021

1.0.2 –  May 2, 2022

– Updated licensing framework (v4.0.4)
autostereogram tutorial

Motion Boutique Autostereogram Quick Start Tutorial #gettingstarted

This quick start video guides you through the making of an autostereogram using Motion Boutique's Autostereogram plug-in for After Effects.


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