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1.3.x Motion Boutique MOBO_Utils

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Motion Boutique MOBO_Utils
Motion Boutique MOBO_Utils

An evolving set of simple native tools for Adobe After Effects.

Motion Boutique MOBO_Utils is an evolutionary set of simple native tools for Adobe After Effects. They do what’s described in their description and nothing else.  These tools may be simple, but they are very handy.  You can easily add Path vertices, do a color transfer or copy color, easily bake all expressions of selected layers and much more.

Sliding Price

Buy now and get future tools for free but as more tools get added the new purchase price will increase so buy now to lock in the best price!

MOBO_Utils Tools


Render Animated PNG file directly from AE

Gifs are great. APNGs are better.
APNG files support 24-bit colors and 8-bit transparency.
Now you can render APNG directly from your render queue. Boom.


Bake all expressions of selected layers

Discouraged by baking hundreds of expressions?
Here is your one click solution.
Simply select the layers and BakeAllExpressions will bake all expressions at once!
You can choose to bake the current frame only, or the whole work area.


CopyColor is an hex color picker.

Set your own shortcut
to call this command.
When invoked, it will copy the currently pointed color to the clipboard.
Ready to be pasted in any color parameter!


Collect all fonts used in your project

Need to collect the fonts used in your project?
CollectFonts is the command you need.
It will collect the fonts and copy them to the chosen folder.
Limitation: only fonts on text layer are supported, multiple fonts on text layers is not supported


Generate the representative colors of an image

This plugin displays a palette with the dominant colors in a layer.
Colors are also added to color pickers so you can link them using expressions.


Duplicate a layer multiple times

When creating setups for our tools like Pastiche or Newton, we often duplicate things (“I want 800 circular shapes right now!”). The Select All – Copy – Paste sequence has come to an end.
This command in the Layer menu allows you to duplicate the selected layer X number of times.
Lightning fast.


Paste an image from your clipboard directly to your composition

Sometimes you just want to copy/paste an image in your timeline without importing it.
This will make your dream comes true.
This command in the Edit menu enables you to paste an image from your clipboard directly to your composition.
You can also set the location where images will be saved.


Remove all expressions of selected layers.

Similar to the built-in Remove Expression command except that you don’t need to select individual properties.
Here, all expressions found in the selected layers will be removed.
Even if you have a lot.
Specially if you have a lot.


Select the same property in every layer of your composition

It is the missing feature of the Search box in the timeline of After Effects.
You select a property (for instance the Fill Color of a shape layer), and this command placed in the Layer menu will search and select every similar property found in the composition.



After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC

1.5  –  Jan 11, 2024

List of changes:
– added Arrow: an effect that draws a controllable and customizable arrow
– added GIF_Export: an output module to export gif file directly from After Effects
– fixed a bug in APNG_Export that was sometimes producing glitches in the output file
– fixed a bug in SelectSameProperties that was occurring with specific properties of shape layers

1.4  –  Apr 3, 2023

Fixed a bug that was occurring on M1 mac with the latest AE 2023 with: AddPathVertices, BakeAllExpressions, CollectFonts, MultiDuplicate.

1.3  –  Jun 2, 2022

Changes: – added a new plug-in “AddPathVertices” that allows you add vertices to the selected paths (masks or shapes).

1.2.3 –  May 3, 2022

Copy Color: fixed M1 compatibility issue (Mac)

1.2.2  –  Feb 3, 2022

List of changes
– Select Same Properties: added the ability to act on the selected layers only (otherwise every layer is considered)

1.2.1  –  Jan 31, 2022

List of changes
– Color Transfer: fixed a bug with 16 and 32 bpc projects

1.2  –  Jan 28, 2022

– AE 2022 compatibility
– Apple Silicon architecture (M1) support for macOS versions
– added new plug-in Color Transfer that allows you to recolor a layer to match the color characteristics of another layer
– Paste Image: changed destination folder options

1.1.2  –  Nov 5, 2021

List of changes:

. Fixed a bug in Color Palette that was occurring when multiple instances of the effect were used.
. Changed behavior of Color Palette: the color bar drawn over the layer is now dynamic and updates automatically according to the layer content.
. CC 2022 compatibility for every plug-in.

1.1.1  –  Sep 10, 2021

List of changes:

– APNG Export: added a parameter in the Options dialog to specify the number of loops (by default this value is 0 which means infinite looping).
– Copy Color: fixed a bug that was occurring with machines with multiple screens/monitors.

1.1  –  Apr 2, 2021

List of changes:

– added BakeAllExpressions (bake all expressions found in the selected layers)
– added CollectFonts (collect all fonts used in the project)
– added CopyColor (pick a color and save it in hex format to the clipboard)
– added RemoveAllExpressions (remove all expressions from the selected layers)

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