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v4 Mt. Mograph Motion

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Mt. Mograph Motion

Your Animation Wingman

Motion is the most helpful Extension for motion designers using Adobe After Effects. This powerhouse of tools and controls allow you to take control of animation projects like a pro — customize and modify settings that are essential for professional animators to get their projects in motion quickly & efficiently.

Put your projects in motion with your animation wingman!

Mt. Mograph new UI

Tools and controls to master your animation

Meet Motion 4 — everything you loved from v2 and v3. Redesigned and rebuilt, with brand new tool sets and a slick modern UI.

mt mograph motion

Help from Motion to ease, anchor, and everything in-between

Finally, a new way to handle your keyframes and motion. Use the Curve Graph, Easing Sliders, or your own custom User Library to make working with keyframes easy.

Best in class Toolbox and custom controls

Use more than 50+ tools and custom Effect Controls to amplify how you animate, and what your keyframes can do.

Mt. Motion Mograph run texture
mt mograph motion color in 360 degrees

Color in 360 degrees

Work with the whole color spectrum like never before. Use powerful built-in tools like the Eyedropper, Palette Library and HSB sliders, or import your own .ASE

Color in 360 degrees

Work with the whole color spectrum like never before. Use powerful built-in tools like the Eyedropper, Palette Library, and HSB sliders, or import your own .ASE

mt mograph motion solo color

Solo out the noise with Focus

Create custom Groups to visually isolate your Layers. Select, Shy, Lock, Grab and Hide groups for a futuristic upgrade in how you work and what you see.

Lifetime License – No Subscriptions – Yours Forever

In a world ruled by Subscriptions and Paid Upgrades, you don’t have to worry about Mt. Mograph. When you buy a Mt. Mograph tool, you own your License and get all future updates and improvements, period.

All Future Updates with Auto Update

Mt. Mograph is committed to bringing you the best and most innovative tools. And they listen to you! Submit an in-panel User Request or Bug Report to watch the tool improve with you.

No more digging through websites. Use a built-in Auto-Update system to automatically update to the latest version of your tool.

Motion 4

  • For After Effects CC 2021, 2022, 2023 or later

  • Mac/Windows

Lifetime License

Included with every purchase is a Lifetime License to access all future updates.

New in v4.04 – November 2022

New Tool: Canvas

For live particle animation rendering and interaction-based motion design.



New in v4

– Color screen
– Focus screen
– Home screen
– Mac OS eyedropper selection speed
– Toolbox organization
– Toolbox screen
– UI and UX
– color swatch aliases
– error handling
– panel responsiveness
– tooltip descriptions

– Clone tool – mirror and invert modes
– Copy and Paste tools for Color
– ENTER keyboard shortcut to run tools
– Flip tool GUI
– Shapes tool
– Workflows (Timeline, Anchor+ and Composition)
– custom Texture import
– default .ASE palettes
– tool default options
– unique tool Overlays
– universal Search

– Eyedropper on scaled Windows OS
– Null crash issue
– Remote Login
– Sorting missing content bug

mt. mograph motion shortcuts tutorial

Mt. Mograph Motion Shortcuts Overview #gettingstarted

Learn how to set up and re-arrange your most used shortcuts in Motion to make your workflow more efficient with this short tutorial.

mt. mograph motion 3

Mt. Mograph Motion Shortcuts Tutorial #gettingstarted

Here's a tutorial that shows you how to set up shortcuts for your favorite tools in Motion, so they are easy to find and are only a few pixels away.


Create a Particle Morph Between Pixelated LED Type in Cinema 4D

Here’s a fun pixel Morph effect tutorial from Mt. Mograph.


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