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v5.10 NewBlue Captivate Broadcast

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NewBlue Captivate Broadcast


Download demos and trial versions, product documentation, free presets and more.

NewBlue Captivate

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Top-of-the-line, high value broadcast graphics.

The Captivate family of products delivers cost-effective broadcast-quality graphics, live camera switching, and streaming for television stations, sporting events, businesses, classrooms, event production studios, religious gatherings, town halls, virtual/hybrid meetings, and many more.

Live graphics for every market.

Captivate Broadcast is our most powerful video graphics solution yet, with 16 channels of visually appealing data, live graphics, and custom API integration.

Captivate Broadcast delivers affordable, broadcast-quality graphics and video overlays for television stations, sporting events, businesses, classrooms, event production studios, religious gatherings, town halls, virtual meetings, and more.

+ Broadcast

Engage your audiences by visualizing data and information in professional, creative, eye-catching ways with Captivate. Used worldwide by broadcasters big and small, Captivate offers powerful, creative tools that deliver beautifully produced productions for live broadcasts without all the ‘building’ that often bogs down less-flexible packages.

+ Sports

Deliver dynamic graphics that sports fans demand with Captivate. Produce network-quality stats, scoreboards, lower thirds, and more in minutes—not hours. Quickly connect to scoreboard data from Daktronics, Fair-Play, OES, Stat Crew, Scorebird, or Sportzcast to drive scores for any sporting event. Create a buzz with Captivate.

+ Education

Capture your students’ attention with Captivate, the budget friendly live solution for the classroom, on-campus studio, or athletic department. Whether you’re teaching live graphics creation or producing an educational or athletic live stream for your school, Captivate meets all your presentation needs.

+ Worship

Inspire and invigorate your congregation with polished video graphics. With Captivate, you can easily integrate into ProPresenter or Easy Worship and deliver lyrics, scripture, announcements, and sermon notes as animated graphics right on the screen. Captivate allows you to be creative and engaging without a steep learning curve—all at an affordable price.

+ Corporate Communities

Improve your communication and engage your audience with a broadcast-quality live production. With Captivate, you won’t have to be a TV network to broadcast high-end, professional graphics to your employees, clients, or advisory board. Now anyone, in any organization, can create beautiful, compelling graphics with the Captivate family of products. learning curve—all at an affordable price.

+ Government

Engage and inform your constituents with live video outreach, essential for today’s government. With Captivate, government agencies at all levels—federal, state, county, and municipal—can produce professional live broadcasts with a minimum of expense or effort. Captivate fits into all government budgets and provides an easy way to accomplish your live broadcast needs quickly and affordably.

+ Live Events

Enthrall the crowd with a high-end network feel—without breaking the bank. With Captivate, you’ll elevate your production value with live graphics, dynamic data inputs, and social media integration. Whether your event is in-person or virtual, Captivate brings broadcast graphics to every live production suite.

Captivate Broadcast

Experience our most powerful video overlay software yet. With 16 channels of visually appealing data, live graphics, and custom API integration, Captivate Broadcast shines.

Take Control with Stream Deck and Bitfocus Companion

Tactile, Customizable Command of Your Live Productions

Simplicity of push-button panel control for users who want to perform multiple actions. Get up and running quickly with a host of presets that provide custom-built action stacks.

  • Adaptability to customize your layer playout, navigate multiple channels, toggle layer exclusivity and more, all from outside Titler Live 5.
  • Layer navigation and playout.
  • Navigate and operate layers from your Titler Live project with remote controls.
  • Data controller support.
  • Select and playout spreadsheet data with customizable button controls.
  • Build a control surface.
  • Wield Titler Live from a control surface emulator or Stream Deck.

NEW Adobe After Effects Importer

With version 5.4, open After Effects projects directly in Captivate Broadcast! Connect live data controllers, from scoreboards to spreadsheets. Watch the fields in your graphics animate individually as they change in real time, just the way you designed them to. You can update a graphic’s variables live and have After Effects render them, or cache your graphics for use on a production machine without After Effects. Captivate Adobe After Effects integration gives you a new powerful way to create new high-end graphics, make use of existing AE projects, or just design graphics in a tool that you are more familiar with!

Now, a Better Way to Use After Effects Designs in a Live Production

The Captivate After Effects importer is a new, powerful way to bring motion graphics from AE into your live production. This has never been done before by any broadcast graphics tool.

  • Plug-and-play After Effects Project/MOGRT layers in Captivate or configure sophisticated interactions with minimal setup.
  • Play After Effects graphics on-air exactly how they look and feel in After Effects.
  • Update animated text and other After Effects graphic properties while the layer is on-air and via Captivate’s data controllers.


titler live broadcast graphicsElectrify your broadcast with dynamic visuals.

Captivate Broadcast delivers unlimited layers of dynamic 3D animated graphics, including broadcast lower thirds, crawls, bugs, transitions, and scoreboards. Streamline your workflows and instantly elevate your production value with a more powerful, intuitive and affordable live broadcast graphics solution for sports, live media, corporate events, and more.

+ Deliver unlimited graphics.

Display unlimited layers of 3D animated graphics – per channel – on up to 16 channels of 4K-NDI® or 4K-SDI key/fill. Experience real-time playout and gain more control over your graphics with TriCaster® macro controls, automated graphic sequencing, data search tools, hotkey functions and more.

+ Integrate with leading solutions.

Seamlessly work with leading NDI and SDI-based streaming solutions including Wirecast®, NewTek™, Broadcast Pix™, EVS®, Lumantek, vMix®, Blackmagic Design®, Roland®, Panasonic® and more.

+ Leverage any design.

Import existing graphics from any design source, including Adobe® Photoshop® and After Effects® or customize ready-to-use designs in the Title Designer. Deliver 3D animated main titles, tables, lower thirds, crawls, bugs, scoreboards, statistics, social content and more.

+ Control with a Stream Deck.

Connects directly with the Elgato Stream Deck and displays your title graphics directly on the keys for fast visual graphics control.

+ Create multiple graphics from just one.

Build numerous custom iterations of the same graphic with a built-in spreadsheet interface. Customize unlimited sets of text, images, and colors for a single graphic with a simplified workflow that rids the need to duplicate and re-edit your existing graphics.

+ Automated graphic scaling.

Create flexible graphics that resize intelligently to text length. Additionally, design accents and other visual elements can be set to reposition automatically so that the style of your graphic is never compromised.

+ Deliver slideshows through your broadcast.

Incorporate slide deck presentations into your broadcast using NewBlue’s Google Drive integration. Operate your presentation as a live graphic with access to playback controls for all your slides.

Streamline your workflows.

Titler Live 5 Broadcast introduces new workflows to help you get started quickly and easily make changes on the fly. Empowering you to design, set up, and playout your graphics in one complete broadcast solution.

  • Design. – Drag and drop included design templates onto your playlist or import your own designs from Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. Flexibly edit text, color, and images right in the Edit/Preview window.
  • Connect. – Easily connect data to your graphics to streamline your set up. Drag and drop data inputs or variables onto any part of a design to repurpose it as you need. Even connect multiple inputs to a design.
  • Go live. – Quickly make animated updates to your live graphics on the fly. Deliver unlimited simultaneous graphics on up to 16 channels.

Plug in your data for real-time results.

With Titler Live 5 Broadcast, you can seamlessly connect to your data to prepare dynamic graphics for any stream or broadcast. Control your graphics with our powerful API to customize your workflows, too.

titler live sport spreadsheetsBring in spreadsheets, XML, RSS and more.

  • Connect to Google Slides and Sheets, Excel spreadsheets and tables, XML files, RSS feeds, clocks, and more.
  • Use the data search and select tool to quickly bring spreadsheet data into a design.
  • Leverage spreadsheet autoplay mode to run-through your lower thirds, tables, and crawls.

Integrate wititler live social mediath social media.

  • Engage your audience with comments, tweets, and Facebook comment and reaction polling.
  • Combine your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube feeds into one to easily manage your show.
  • Quickly queue your most relevant comments and posts into a custom social playlist.

titler live statsShow scoreboards and statistics.

  • Bring in scoreboard data from DataLink, Stat Crew, Scorebird or Sportzcast.
  • Stat Crew statistics inputs support football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and hockey.
  • Direct Serial Data Support allows you to control your graphics’ data with Daktronics, Fair-play, and OES hardware consoles (serial port to USB adaptor required).
  • Leaderboards allow you to import sports event leaderboard and roster spreadsheet (csv) files and connect them to real-time table graphics.
  • Scoreboard Tools 2.0 offers streamlined workflows, intelligent game logic, new in-game events, and an expanded palette of sports.

Integrate with ProPresenter and EasyWorship

Transpose your ProPresenter playlists to fully animated and beautifully designed slides and lower thirds. Captivate reads all your scripture, lyrics, and sermon data to provides an easy-to-use workflow that displays all your data as real-time on-air graphics

  • Quickly select different slides from your ProPresenter project to be paired with graphics from Captivate.
  • Combine the ProPresenter integration with live video Picture-in-Picture graphics to display live video along with any scripture readings lyrics, and more.
  • Leverage a volunteer friendly interface that requires little setup and easy to use playout controls for all your graphics.


WeatherCast offers real-time, location-specific weather forecast graphics.
Ideal for live broadcasts, WeatherCast seamlessly integrates into Captivate, offering customizable hourly or daily weather updates from around the world in over 50 languages.

It’s included with any Captivate Broadcast Subscription or Perpetual License with an active Maintenance Plan, or as an add on for Present or Sport.

Powerful, Affordable Weather Reporting

  • Compatible with any version of Captivate: Present & Sport.
  • Part of the latest update release of Captivate Broadcast.
  • Includes Customizable Graphic Templates

newblue captivate weatherWeatherCast Key Features

  • Quick Intelligent Setup: WeatherCast integrates smoothly with Captivate, eliminating the need for complex import workflows.
  • Comprehensive Forecasting: Offering daily, hourly, current, and 10-day forecasts, WeatherCast delivers a detailed view of weather patterns, providing the information needed to present effectively.
  • User-Friendly Location Input: Simply input a city name or postal code to access localized weather data.
  • Multilingual: WeatherCast data is localized in over 50 selectable languages, ensuring appropriate display anywhere in the world.
  • Dynamic Data Display: Experience real-time data updates across multiple cities with up-to-date, relevant information.

Customizable Power

  • Metric and Non-Metric Measurement Options: Catering to different regional preferences, WeatherCast allows the choice between metric and non-metric units, making the data universally comprehensible.
  • Interactive Graphics: Select different cities, and watch the data dynamically update your graphics.
  • Location Sequencing: Set locations and interval for a seamless, automated experience.
  • Data Customization: Access Over 80 different Weather Variables for Customized Reporting. Feature multiple cities simultaneously or in sequence for flexible weather coverage.

Beautiful Graphics out of the Box

  • Core Weather Palette: Includes standard graphics for common use cases, from current day to weekly forecast, in two design styles.
  • Comprehensive: Adds useful options, from a crawl to a subtle weather bug.
  • Infinitely Configurable: Designed to be easily reconfigured and resized to fit your style. Or, used as templates to create new styles in the Designer.

Instant Replay

Effortlessly capture and replay key moments in real-time, ensuring you never miss a beat. Whether it’s highlighting a crucial play in a sports broadcast or revisiting a pivotal moment in a live event, Captivate Instant Replay offers seamless integration, superior control, and exceptional playback quality.

  • Requires any current version of Captivate: Present, Sport, or Broadcast.
  • Included in the current update release of Captivate Broadcast.
  • Use with Captivate to add instant replay plus sports graphics to your switcher of choice.
  • Or, use it directly with Captivate’s own streamlined switching and streaming capabilities.


Engage in the Power of Instant Replay

Where Every Moment Gets Its Spotlight. Capture every angle with multi-camera selections, and bring your audience closer to the action with slow-mo analyses and dramatic recaps. It’s more than a tool—it’s your gateway to unforgettable broadcasts.

newblue captivate instant replayHigh-Performance Replay

Experience unparalleled clarity and seamless multi-angle coverage in every replay, enhanced by integrated live graphics.

  • Multi-Channel Recording: Captures multiple camera feeds in sync, with seamless switching during replays.
  • Crisp Visuals: Delivers up to 60 fps and 1080p resolution for detailed replays.
  • Direct Switching: Enables on-the-fly camera changes during replays, showcasing the best angles.

Streamlined Control

Navigate replays with ease with intuitive controls, instant playback, and an all-in-one solution that simplifies your workflow.

  • User-Friendly: Offers intuitive point-and-click camera switching and scrubbing for fast replay setup.
  • Multi-Channel Scrubbing: Syncs cameras for quick replay starts, simplifying selection.
  • “Instant” Replay: Enters replay without delay, enabling quick response during live coverage.

Scalable and Versatile

Grow with flexible capacity and broad options, ensuring your production system evolves with your needs.

  • Extended Playback: Stores up to 90 seconds per camera for immediate access to crucial moments.
  • Expandable: Easily adds more cameras and audio, limited only by your system’s capabilities.
  • Open Platform: Supports USB, SDI, NDI, HDMI, and even Zoom camera.

Integrated Replay Experience

Enhance your sports video production setup with integrated Sports Graphics and Instant Replay.

  • Dynamic Graphics: Uses Captivate to customize stingers with live data, enriching replays.
  • Seamless Operation: Merges replay tightly with Captivate’s graphics, ensuring smooth visual synchronicity.
  • Switcher Options: Works with all hardware and software switchers through SDI, NDI, HDMI and even OBS, or switch and stream directly in Captivate.

Instant Replay Stinger Graphics

Instant Replay includes a suite of stinger graphics. These include dynamic text, color, and image fields that can be changed on the fly for live transitions that accurately represent the state of the game.

  • Instant Replay
  • Ivory
  • Roll
  • Logo Fly In
  • Shred
  • Blinds
  • Summit
  • Rotating Boxes
  • Score Update
  • Side Flag

Captivate Features


  • Real-time playout
  • Live animated updates per layer
  • Automated sequencing & looping
  • Spreadsheet and crawl autoplay mode
  • Hotkey functionality
  • Data search & select tool
  • TriCaster macro control


  • 16 channels
  • Unlimited layers per channel
  • Unlimited simultaneous live layers
  • 4K-NDI
  • 4K-SDI key/fill (Blackmagic and AJA)
  • PNG sequence support
  • HDMI
  • OBS
  • Watch Folder
  • NewTek Airsend


  • API support
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Spreadsheet table support
  • Google Slides and SheetsNEW
  • Stat Crew statistics – football, soccer, volleyball, basketball and hockey
  • Stat Crew scoreboards
  • Daktronics scoreboards
  • Sportzcast scoreboards
  • Facebook Live comments
  • Facebook Live comment polling
  • Facebook Live reaction polling
  • Twitter tweets
  • YouTube Live chats
  • GameWisp
  • Stream Labels
  • Streamlabs
  • Tiltify
  • Twitch
  • Clocks
  • Text files
  • RSS feeds
  • CSV spreadsheets


  • 3D animated graphics
  • Animations, effects & transitions
  • Native 4K resolution
  • Adobe After Effects import
  • Adobe Photoshop import
  • Title Designer interface
  • Sports & scoreboard packages
  • Social media & polling packages
  • Tables
  • Lower thirds
  • Crawls
  • Main titles
  • Motion bugs



Which version of Captivate is right for you?

Captivate Present
Captivate Sport
Captivate Broadcast
Simultaneous on-screen graphics.
NEW Camera switching.
NEW Transitions.
NEW Shot layouts.
NEW Zoom & Microsoft Teams video participants.
NEW Zoom chat and meeting details data.
NEW Send production into Zoom.
NEW Access to multiple Zoom participant's live video.
NEW RTMP streaming.
NEW Leaderboards data controller
NEW Scoreboard Tools 2.0 data controllers
NEW Direct Serial Data controller for hardware scoreboards
NEW Scorebird data controller
NEW ProPresenter and EasyWorship data controllers
Adobe After Effects Integration
Pre-Cache Workflow
Microsoft Outlook: People Finder and Teams Chat Message data controllers
Output to NDI, SDI key/fill, HDMI.
Compatible with Wirecast, vMix, ATEM, OBS, Stream Deck.
Real-time playout interface with advanced controls.
Drive graphics from external data sources.
Built-in 3D-animated graphic design interface.
Design and play graphics without exporting.
Graphics library containing lower thirds, main titles, and motion bugs.
Instantly create and play multiple iterations of the same design via multi entry.
Direct import of media files (images, videos, sound, etc...).
Live video inputs.
Over 500 built-in animations, effects, and transitions.
Excel and CSV spreadsheet integration.
Adobe Photoshop import.
Controllable countdown/up clocks.
Automated graphic scaling.
NEW Rolling credits.
Google Sheets integration.
Google Slides integration​.
Tickers and RSS feeds.
Corporate graphics templates.
Built-in graphics for soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, hockey, and lacrosse.
Manual scoreboard control interface.
Sportzcast, Stat Crew, and Daktronics scoreboard integration.
Stat Crew Stats integration
XML and JSON data inputs.
API endpoint for custom graphics controllers.
UHD 4K resolution.
Priority support and personalized training.
Adobe After Effects export.
TriCaster Macro Control.
Multi-page data graphic playout.
Downstream keying.
PTZ camera controls.
Spreadsheet keyboard shortcuts.
Output video as PNG sequence.
GameWisp, Stream Labels, Streamlabs, Titltify, and Twitch gaming inputs.


Walkthrough Video


  • macOS 10.15 and later
  • M1 Mac supported via Rosetta
  • Windows 10


  • 2 GHz processor (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended for HD)
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB RAM or greater recommended for HD)
  • 1.82 GB drive space for installation


  • 2015 or later
  • 1GB VRAM (2GB+ recommended)
  • 902Mhz base clock (1506Mhz+ recommended)

Host Compatibility

  • Any switcher with NDI inputs
  • Any keying switcher with HDMI inputs
  • Any switcher with SDI key/fill inputs (Blackmagic Design and AJA cards)

The After Effects integration for Captivate Broadcast requires a licensed copy of After Effects updated to the current version. 

What’s new in 5.10

Released July 17, 2024

What’s new in 5.7?


  • New Name: Newblue Titler Live is Now Captivate – Titler Live 5 has evolved over the years and has become more than just a live titling solution
  • Automatically bring your Zoom meeting participant’s live video and name into fully dynamic Picture-in-Picture graphics.
  • Incorporate multiple graphics, camera switches, transitions, and other production elements into dynamic “shot layouts”.
  • Unleash the power of the NewBlue TotalFX suite to infuse your content with a vast array of effect transitions or use customizable graphics templates as stinger transitions.

Shot Layouts
Central to the innovation in NewBlue Captivate is the new Shot Layout system. It facilitates the fusion of multiple graphics over live video, creating dynamic scenes or ‘shot layouts’. These layouts serve as different moments in the production, each encapsulating a unique blend of graphics and video content.

With just a simple button click, users can effortlessly move between these intricate scenes. This triggers an automatic, synchronized action that animates the incorporated graphics, switches videos, and applies optional transitions – all in perfect harmony.

Camera Switching and Transitions

In order to facilitate the shot layout solution, NewBlue Captivate expands its functionality to include intuitive camera switching with transitions. The result is a versatile tool that can function as a complete production studio, capable of managing video, audio, and graphics simultaneously in a simplified flow.

Yet, despite its expanded capabilities, NewBlue Captivate continues to excel as a specialized graphics solution, seamlessly integrating with industry-standard switchers for truly powerful productions.

Zoom & Microsoft Teams Integration

Captivate also offers seamless integration with Zoom and Teams meetings for sophisticated virtual productions. Gather guests and organize them with shot layouts for visually impressive picture-in-picture graphics, overlaid with essential real time information such as names, speaker information, chat comments, and more.

RTMP Streaming

NewBlue Captivate eliminates the need for third-party encoders by including RTMP streaming, with direct support for leading platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.

Streamlined User Interface

Along with everything else, NewBlue Captivate provides a streamlined broadcasting experience, enabling users to quickly configure how they want to work and focus on the essentials for delivering visually stunning productions.

What’s new in 5.5

New Features

  • Beautiful, animated and engaging lower-third, picture-in-picture, and main title templates will immediately level up the production quality of your sermon livestreams.
  • Our streamlined and intuitive ProPresenter workflow allows any user (novice to pro) to quickly set up on-air graphics for streaming.
  • Remote control Titler Live from ProPresenter so you can do more with a limited production crew.
  • Automate your entire livestream (graphics, camera switching and more) from actions in ProPresenter.

Other New Features

  • Added PTZ Camera import and control for Present and Sport versions.
  • Updated Companion integration to support changes in version 3.0.
  • Implemented SAC support for Windows.

Bug Fixes

  • Text is no longer resized in crawls.
  • Crawls no longer stop rendering with long text strings.
  • Fixed hung login in Microsoft Excel data controller.
  • Resolved freeze when 2 or more imported AE layers are rendering simultaneously.
  • Solved issue when EPS vectors are imported without transparency.
  • Fixed intermittent hang when rendering complex charter sets.
  • Resolved missing fonts and message fields in Carbon graphics.

What’s new in 5.4

  • Titler Live 5 Broadcast now directly imports After Effects projects or MOGRT files into a Titler Live project as a layer. All original animations and aesthetics, designed within After Effects, are uncompromised after import. 
  • Connect real-time data to After Effects projects or MOGRTs with our data controllers.  
  • Update real-time data visually while After Effects designs are live on-air. 
  • Manipulate all MOGRT properties from Titler Live 5. Create your graphics templates as you always do, using AE, and then modify all properties from the TL5 UI. 
  • Sync pause points and time protected regions to achieve precise playback control of AE projects in live productions. 
  • Titler Live seamlessly adapts your AE composition size and frame rate upon import for perfect playout within your project. 
  • All editions of Titler Live 5 will now have Multi-Entry renamed to Cache List with enhanced functionality to store rendered data from the Live Data workspace or spreadsheet data controllers.  
  • Introducing new Microsoft Teams data controllers to Broadcast and Present for chat messages and contact information.  
  • NewBlue is committed to improving your experience using Titler Live by providing 30 bug fixes and UX improvements for all editions of Titler Live 5. 

Some notable bug fixes and UX improvements included in this update are:  

  • Google Sheets controller loads properly.
  • Line breaks in XLSX files are now being read in the Spreadsheets controller.
  • ‘Action Modes’ have been reintegrated.
  • Fixed render performance for graphics with many variables.
  • Resolved GPU leak with video input devices.
  • No artifacts in NDI output when sending more than one channel.
  • NDI video sources with alpha composite correctly.
  • NDI Live Video sources no longer hold on the last frame.
  • Animations from the former ‘Fluid’ and ‘Kinetic’ packs are now available in Designer.
  • Transitions from the former ‘Fluid’ and ‘Kinetic’ packs are now available in Designer.
  • In Designer the library loading dialog is no longer blank white on first load.
  • Vectors import correctly into Designer.
  • Cross Fade looping is now supported.
  • Designer dimensions now match Titler Live project dimensions on first launch.
  • Graphics aspect ratios are no longer affected by Titler Live project settings.
  • Graphics no longer re-render after they are opened and closed in Designer without modifications.
  • Updated ‘Carbon’ graphics.
  • Fixed data graph variables in ‘Orbit Bar Graph’.
  • Framerate and resolution are always accurate in the Program Monitor.
  • Statcrew Scoreboard and Statcrew Stats now read the latest XML data when the XML file updates.
  • Previews no longer fail after updating data in graphics with more than one variable.
  • Loops continue working after modifying the associated data controller.
  • OBS output does not also stream to Virtual Webcam.
  • Media clips and live video layers no longer play instantly in ‘Auto’ mode.
  • Titler Live projects no longer fail to load if they contain broken media links.
  • Picture-in-picture sources are saved when projects are closed.
  • Titler Live will not crash when opening a project with different settings than the open project.
  • Complete PNG sequences are now saved with Titler Live projects.

New Features in V5


  • Edit/preview editing – Edit variables directly in designs
  • Input list – Edit variable connections directly in designs
  • Input library – Drag input-connected designs onto the playlist
  • Thumbnails in playlist – Preview designs in the playlist
  • Social media aggregate view – Manage all social data in one feed
  • Enhanced Twitter search – Advanced search/filter tools
  • XLSX input – Excel spreadsheet support
  • Spreadsheet table mode – Connect to multiple rows/columns of data
  • XML input – XML file support
  • Design & data search – Search/select data to bring it into a design


  • Stat Crew full scoreboard inputs – Key score variables
  • Tennis scoreboard controller – Included scoreboard controller for tennis
  • New sports graphics – Two new graphics packages per sport
  • Stat Crew statistics inputs – In-game statistics


  • Lumantek ez-DSK support
  • PNG sequence support


  • Loops and crawls

Experience Powerful Features


  • Real-time playout
  • Live animated updates per layer
  • Automated sequencing & looping
  • Data search & select tool NEW
  • TriCaster® macro control
  • Remote operation on your network
  • Network tally support


  • 16 channels
  • Unlimited graphics per channel
  • Unlimited graphics per playlist
  • 4K-NDI®
  • 4K-SDI key/fill (Blackmagic® and AJA®)
  • PNG sequence support NEW
  • HDMI
  • OBS
  • Watch Folder
  • NewTek® Airsend


  • Excel® spreadsheets NEW
  • Spreadsheet table support NEW
  • XML files NEW
  • Stat Crew® statistics – football NEW
  • Stat Crew® scoreboards
  • Daktronics® scoreboards
  • Sportzcast scoreboards
  • Facebook Live comments
  • Facebook Live comment polling
  • Facebook Live reaction polling
  • Twitter tweets
  • YouTube Live chats
  • GameWisp
  • Stream Labels
  • Streamlabs
  • Tiltify
  • Twitch
  • Clocks
  • Text files
  • RSS feeds
  • CSV spreadsheets


  • 3D animated graphics
  • Animations, effects & transitions
  • Native 4K resolution
  • Adobe® After Effects® import
  • Adobe® Photoshop® import
  • Title Designer interface
  • Sports & scoreboard packages NEW
  • Social media & polling packages NEW
  • Tables NEW
  • Lower thirds NEW
  • Crawls NEW
  • Main titles
  • Motion bugs
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