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NewBlue Titler Live After Effects Import Tutorial Series

newblue titler live after effects import tutorial

NewBlue has a full tutorial series on working with After Effects compositions in Titler Live, from choosing AEPs or MoGRTs, to how to modify properties and connect data controllers.

Discover whether After Effects projects (AEP) or Motion Graphics templates (MOGRT) are best for your workflow.


In this video, learn how to work with pause points in your After Effects compositions. This essential step will provide precise playback control of your graphics from Titler Live.


Preparing an After Effects project for Titler Live

In this video, learn how to prepare an After Effects project (aep) for import and playback in Titler Live.


Preparing a Motion Graphics template for Titler Live

In this video, learn how to prepare a Motion Graphics templates (mogrt) for import and playback in Titler Live.


Import and Transform After Effects Compositions

In this video, learn how to import and transform After Effects projects (aep) and Motion Graphics templates (mogrt) in Titler Live.


Modify Properties and Connect Data Controllers

In this video, learn how to modify After Effects properties in Titler Live and connect live data controllers to After Effects projects (aep) and Motion Graphics templates (mogrt).

NewBlue Captivate Broadcast

NewBlue Captivate Broadcast

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NewBlue Captivate Present

NewBlue Captivate Present

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NewBlue Captivate Sport

NewBlue Captivate Sport

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