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v1.2.x Plugin Everything HandyCam

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Plugin Everything HandyCam
Plugin Everything HandyCam

The Clever Camera Rig for After Effects

Tired of wrestling with the default AE camera? HandyCam simplifies every aspect of animated cameras in AE.

Taking inspiration from 3D apps like Maya, HandyCam was crafted to make animated AE cameras as painless as possible.


handycam orbit

Easy orbit controls, with advanced options.

handycam target

Target layers whilst moving in world-space. Option to focus on layers independent of the “look-at” layer.

handycam dolly

Lens controls using intuitive units (mm) instead of degrees. Also features one click dolly zoom.

handycam wiggle

Easy controls for emulating handheld movement + DoF wiggles.

handycam camera moves

Create beautiful camera moves.

handycam bake

Easy bake means you can easily send your project to another animator and open it on a computer that doesn’t have HandyCam.


handycam uiFeatures Include:

  • Full orbit controls
  • Look at target, including focus on target
  • Intuitive lens controls (mm not degrees!)
  • One-click dolly-zoom
  • Wiggle controls to simulate handheld looks
  • Easy baking to hand off your scene to other computes/animators who don’t have HandyCam
  • No hidden/parented layers like other rigs
  • Inspired by camera rigs in 3D apps like Maya
  • Compatible with both legacy and current expression engines


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1.2.3  –  Jun 12, 2022

– Update license framework

1.2.2  –  Feb 15, 2022

– Add native support for ARM chips (apple silicon)
– Add support for MFR
– Update license framework

1.2  –  Jul 17, 2020

– Duplicate Rig feature now intelligently renames layers
– Bug fixes
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