Toolfarm Professional Keying with Keylight: Toolfarm Expert Series


Toolfarm Professional Keying with Keylight: Toolfarm Expert Series - featured

Learn the Method, Not Just The Software!

Angie Mistretta shows you the ins-and-outs of keying like the professionals do. She'll show you how to stack mattes, key difficult edges like hair and even how to approach problem areas. She'll finish off with some great compositing tips and tricks to make your composite look great!



  1. Getting Started
  2. Creating a Nested GMatte
  3.  The Core Matte
  4. Edge Mattes: Hair
  5.  Stacking the Key Using Masks
  6. Edge Mattes: Adding the Rest of the Hair to the Key
  7. Testing the Key on the Background Plate
  8. Edge Mattes: Dealing with Black Lines in Footage
  9. The Final Key! Working More with Replace
  10. Creating a Master Alpha Matte
  11.  Finishing it Off: Color Correction and Edge Treatment
  12. More Information & Credits

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