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Resolume Avenue - featured

Resolume Avenue is a real-time instrument for live (audio) visual performances

Avenue 4 is an instrument for VJs, AV performers and video artists. It puts all your media and effects right at your fingertips so you can quickly improvise your live visuals.



New to Resolume Avenue 6

Vroooom! Rev that v6

Resolume 6 is now 64 bit and multi-threaded so it can rev up all the CPU cores in your computer and utilise all available memory.

Faster Everything

You can now play more layers, in higher resolution (4K anyone?) so you can perform on bigger stages. Deck switching is now super fast so you can quickly find that one clip you're looking for. The recorder is much faster so you can record longer and at higher resolution. Playback of DXV encoded files is much faster, as well as other formats.

Flexible Interface
The interface now renders beautifully crisp on high-resolution screens. You can re-arrange the panels in the Resolume interface to create a layout that suits your workflow. Preview monitors are now available directly on the composition, group, layer and clip panels.

Pick a Color, Any Color
No more fiddling and guessing with grey RGB sliders, just click on the color you like. Store your favourites in a palette, map them to your MIDI controller and you can quickly follow the light changes on stage.

Quick Search
With a search bar on every browser panel you can quickly find Effects, Generators, Files and Compositions.

Highlight & Rearrange
With color coding you can highlight a specific clip, layer, group, column or deck. To make things even clearer you can now update clip thumbnails, rename columns and rearrange decks. Always find what you're looking for quickly.

Media Manager
With the Media Manager you have a great overview of all the files in your composition and you can easily copy a composition to a different location.

Persistent Clips
Always keep your most important clips always within reach, by making them persistent across decks.

Go Go Go
With the Next & Previous Column buttons you can easily play a sequence by triggering the next column. Great for theater plays and scripted presentations.

Join The Band
With Ableton Link Resolume stays in sync with Ableton Live or any other software that supports Link. You can even use it to sync two computers running Resolume.

Never experience that moment again where you accidentally triggered a clip that really you shouldn't have. Lock the content on a layer and it will stay there no matter how trigger-happy you are.

Layer Groups
With groups you can create mini-sub-compositions in your composition. Groups have their own column triggers, effects, dashboard, monitor and master faders. You can even route a group straight into a slice. Groups are an Arena only feature.

Mask Layers
Turn an layer into a mask for all the layers beneath it or apply it to just the layer or group directly underneath.

Transform to Slices
Slice Transform effects let you position your content exactly to the input slices that you created in the Advanced Output. This is a game changer for mapping large stages with many LED panels! Arena Only.

Text Effects
The built-in text generators are great for displaying and animating text on the fly. Just type your text, select a font, any font, add colour, animation and you can promote the DJ. (you know how much they like to see their name on the screens)

The envelope editor adds life to your parameter animations. With many predefined curves you can make your paramaters groove instead of just move up and down. Indispensable when combined with Text Animator!

The Keyboard, MIDI, DMX and OSC Shortcut system is completely overhauled to make it more flexible and easier to understand. You now get a great overview of your shortcuts in a list and you can create presets for your favourite controllers.

MIDI Feedback
Light up all the pretty colors on your MIDI controllers. See on your controller what clips are playing or even see the color of effects.

Welcome AJA & DataPath
Native support for Black Magic Design capture cards has been improved and Resolume can now get input from, and output to, capture cards from AJA and DataPath.

Hello NewTek NDI
With NewTek NDI you can send and receive video between computers on the same network. Use any resolution you like, with an alpha channel, in high quality and low latency.

Crash Reporter
In case of any unexpected crashes, you can directly send us a bug report so we get as much information as possible to fix it as soon an possible.

Auto Updater
We'll be releasing minor updates much more often because Resolume 6 will update itself. This way you'll always run the most recent and stable version.

One More Thing
Just One? No, we have Dozens More Things. There is so much new stuff in Resolume 6 that we could not possibly list it all here. That doesn't mean we're not going to try:

  • Fader Start: (Re)Start a clip when you put the layer fader up
  • Layer Transition and Composition Speed params on the panels
  • Clip Inserting; Drag and drop files/clips and insert at specific position
  • Multiple Keyboard/Midi shortcuts per parameter; Right click to duplicate a shortcut and change it settings
  • Value shortcuts; Quickly set a parameter to a specific value
  • Dropdowns / Button Groups can be selected and cycled via shortcuts; Assign shortcuts to your five favourite blend modes, or cycle through all of them with a single button
  • Only send out the OSC you need; Quickly select to send just the layer opacities, or just the clip triggers, or just the...
  • Render at a fixed frame-rate; You'll get much better recordings when set to 30fps
  • High Quality rendering option; 16 bit per colour channel
  • GIF Playback (dancing cats anyone?)
  • BPM Push/Pull on the Toolbar
  • Preview effects and presets. Double click them in the list like you would a file
  • Crossfader curves and its own blend mode
  • Autodetect capture device settings; No need to select the correct resolution and frame-rate anymore (if the device supports it)
  • Send absolute values via OSC; Send 'a' as a first argument followed by the absolute value
  • Request parameter values via OSC; Use '?' as a prefix before the address and Resolume will respond with its current value
  • Easy OSC setup via Zeroconf
  • Improved ArtPoll support
  • Assign DMX Outputs directly on the Lumiverse in the Advanced Output
  • Multiple Transform Effects
  • Fit/Fill/Stretch on layer
  • Blend mode for clips, override the blend mode when a particular clip is triggered
  • Favourite folders in the File browser
  • File browser auto refreshes itself
  • Copy & Paste multiple Effects
  • Identify displays via Output menu
  • Open System Display Preferences from the Resolume Output menu
  • DMX, OSC, MIDI monitors in preferences
  • True clip preview. Previewing a clip shows just that clip, not that clip playing in a layer
  • New Preview Monitor layouts, side by side, PiP or none at all
  • Manage registrations via your account
  • FFT Gain dial on the toolbar
  • Show/Hide Dashboards, BeatLoopr, Crossfader, Auto Pilot, etc, etc.




Live Video Mixing

Resolume puts you in charge. You can play your videos when you want, how you want. Forwards, backwards, scratch and adjust tempo to the beat. Mix and match your visuals quickly and easily and play Resolume like an instrument.

Intuitive Interface

Whatever your style is, Resolume offers you an easy interface to rock it. Use as little or as many videos and effects as you like. The only limit is your computer's raw power and your imagination.

From Your Local Club to Main Stage

You can play on any amount of screens. From a simple screen behind the DJ in your local club to main stage at Ultra. As long as your computer can recognise it as an output, Resolume will let you use it.

Projection Mapping with Arena

Project video on any type of surface. Complex geometrical structures or whole buildings. Resolume does all the hard work, so you can concentrate on the important part: being creative.

Blend Projectors with Arena

With edge blending you can seamlessly project one beautiful widescreen image with two or more projectors. It can even wrap around for a full 360 degree experience.

Project on Cars, Buildings or Pumpkins

With Arena you can take on any size mapping project. From projecting on DJ booths to cars, buildings and LED mappings on giant stages like Ultra.

LED There Be Light

Think outside the screen and colour the lights too! With Arena 5 you can send out colours to DMX fixtures and the lights will be in sync with your visuals.

Live Composite & Effects

Adjust the scale and position of your clips to suit your needs. Apply effects to drastically change the look of your video. Everything runs on the video card so you get the fastest performance and best image quality possible.

Real Time Rendering

Apply effects, blend, mix, cut and edit, everything happens on the spot. Resolume also plays your generative content made in Flash or Quartz Composer.

Audio & Visual Plugins

All visual effects in Resolume are plugins and you can easily add more effects by download 3rd party plugins. You can even program your own using OpenGL. On the audio side you can use VST plugins to play your favorite effects.

Integrate With Other Apps

With Syphon on the Mac and Spout on Windows you can stream visuals in real-time between Resolume and other apps. You can even program your own apps that integrate with Resolume.

Live Cameras

Connect a plug & play webcam or capture a high-end camera and bring images of the crowd, the DJ or the band on-stage into your mix.

Capture Devices

With native support for Blackmagic, AJA and DataPath capture cards you can input and output almost any video source.

Video over IP with NewTek NDI

With NewTek NDI you can send and receive video between computers on the same network. Use any resolution you like, with an alpha channel, in high quality and low latency.

Audio Visual Playback

Resolume plays both audio and video files. Juggle pixels and composite beats, combine any video file with any audio file.

Audio Visual Effects

Resolume has both audio effects and video effects. Use them separately or combine them to create exciting new audio visual effects.

Audio Analysis

Make clips and effects dance to the beat. Resolume can analyse audio to make any parameter bounce to the music.

"Yes I AM actually DJing Live"

With SMPTE Timecode input in Arena you can run you clips in sync with the DJ. Watch below how Armin van Buuren controls the show with Pioneer CDJs and Resolume.


All Hands on Deck

Liberate yourself from the mouse. Use your favourite MIDI controller or get physical with your iPhone via OSC.

Control from a Lighting Desk

You can control Arena from a lighting desk using DMX. Use our standard personality or configure your own.

Arena & Avenue Difference

Arena Media Server does everything Avenue can but adds a number of premium features.

  •     Arena Only:
    •     Projection Mapping
    •     Edge Blending
    •     SMPTE Timecode input
    •     DMX Control
    •     DMX Fixture Output

What's new in version 6.0.1?

Fix List

  • 10084 Slice transform effect Black BG switch doesn't make effect/BG black with bypassed slices
  • 10064 Color/hue of Colorize effect from R5 composition is not imported correctly into R6 colorize effect
  • 10063 Apphang accessing clip with missing track from R5 imported composition
  • 10058 Auto mask effect breaks original alpha
  • 10031 Twisted effect Twirl rotates the opposite direction as in R5
  • 10030 Tunnel effect's far end tunnel point is closer than texture
  • 10029 Tile effect's parameters work inverted compared to R5
  • 10024 Mirror quad effect flip y works inverted compared to R5
  • 10013 Freeze effect Y parameter freezes from Bottom on R6, in R5 it freezes from top
  • 10008 Cube tiles effect flips texture upside down on tiles
  • 9756 Pickup mode for animated params only works on Opacity
  • 9559 Crash when opening ASIO device
  • 10095 Brightness effect is not converted correctly from 5 to 6
  • 10079 Multiple BMD cards in a system capturing black with R6, work with R5
  • 10025 Radar effect trail and angle inverted in R6 compared to R5
  • 9991 Wrap around soft-edge is no worky on R6, works in R5
  • 7799 Slice transform cuts texture when dropped on clip by default
  • 2392 GUI help
  • 10159 BeatLoopr UI incorrect
  • 10158 Importing Large JPEG & PNG (32000pixels wide) makes Resolume crash
  • 10155 Group audio meters display the same as the composition audio meter
  • 10117 Preferences are reset when opening 6.0.1 build after 6.0.0 build and vice versa
  • 10077 Remove . (dot) from beginning of font names
  • 10048 'Paste effects' removes destination clip's original effects
  • 10046 Custom OSC output stays visible
  • 10026 Stingy Sphere effect launch/init freezes rendering
  • 9987 Artnet Error: WSASendMSG is not availible 10022
  • 9958 Spout Video Source is Missing Alpha Type setting
  • 9929 Clip / Layer / Group bypass & solo not applying fades on audio
  • 9912 Deck can have no clips in hard to find case
  • 9895 Fix pressing enter opening a random menu after opening a composition
  • 9657 Preferences - Clip start offset not working
  • 9587 Clip launches with last direction when comp direction pinned
  • 9473 Metronome and FFT gain can overlap, if you have panels on the right

What's new in version 4.6.4?

  • [FIXED] Crash when triggering clip before deck is loaded
  • [FIXED] Crash when contextual menu is open and active layer is switched
  • [FIXED] Crash when switching decks during transition
  • [FIXED] Desktop is shown for a moment when using cancel to exit the advanced screen setup
  • [FIXED] Invert toggle on AutoMask effect broken
  • [FIXED] Transition Mixer dropdown doesn't update when creating a new composition
  • [FIXED] MulitTask mixer no worky on 5.1.3 OSX10.10
  • [FIXED] Right clicking parameters in the advanced output changes their range to -1.0...1.0
  • [FIXED] Request for RGBAW color space in DMX fixtures
  • [FIXED] Right clicking a slice parameter resets it's value but does not apply it to the slice
  • [FIXED] Crash: Rotate a polygon slice in output map like a mad man
  • [FIXED] Distorted image when using odd sized image as a mask
  • [FIXED] Multiple point selection dragger gets perspective after dragging a perspective handler on a slice

What's new in version 4.6.3?

  • [FIXED] SMPTE value in status bar not working when SMPTE is set to 29.97 fps
  • [FIXED] High SMPTE Offset values are not picked up by GUI when SMPTE is set to 29.97
  • [FIXED] SMPTE offset calculation is broken when using 29.97 drop-frame timecode
  • [FIXED] When slices are snapped to the edge of the comp, edge blend wraps and gets applied on wrong part of slice
  • [FIXED] Disable Snap toggle button no wormy for polyslices and output masks
  • [FIXED] Clip In and Outpoints can get reset on composition reload
  • [FIXED] Still image duration not remembered after switching deck
  • [FIXED] Slice snapper snaps to a weird snap result
  • [FIXED] Mask corner point selection cycles to other slice or fixture when clicked
  • [FIXED] Can not load an output preset when you've never saved an output preset
  • [FIXED] Output preset name doesn’t get updated after opening preset and cancel
  • [FIXED] Undo breaks the transformer widget's outline
  • [FIXED] Multitask transition has a single flash of white on the right texture halfway through the transition
  • [FIXED] Audio track that needs to be relocated, still shows codec info and duration
  • [FIXED] Polygon slice "match input shape" works normalized, it shouldn't
  • [FIXED] Slice name sometimes has outline.
  • [FIXED] Problems with Japanese font rendering

What's new in version 4.6.2?

  • [FIXED] Crash during startup
  • [FIXED] Advanced screen setup and outputs not working in OSX 10.8 and lower
  • [FIXED] Bezier outlines rendering is broken
  • [FIXED] Certain blend modes still show white
  • [FIXED] SVG output does not take into account perspective warping
  • [FIXED] Crash when creating and deleting a fixture on Windows

What's new in version 4.6.1?

  • [FIXED] Master Fader & Composition Fade Out broken when using the output menu
  • [FIXED] Solid Color Effect Show Image parameter not working
  • [FIXED] Spout via Advanced output not working

What's new in version 4.6?


  • ArtPoll and Art-Net Unicast
  • Much lower memory usage when using still images and non-DXV movies
  • Load images as guides for in Input and Output mapping
  • Export slices to .svg
  • Clip Menu Item: Strip Audio
  • Type 4 space separated numerical values to enter a slice top, left, width and height coordinates
  • RGBA fixture colorspace
  • Maintain fixture scale and proportion when switching fixtures
  • Duplicate lumiverse
  • Button to toggle snapping
  • Multiselect and drag slices between and within screens
  • Roll over rotation range for slices
  • Mouse hover popup in DMX Output window that shows the channel value as a number
  • When deleting a column with an active clip, make the first clip in the column before it the active one
  • When moving a Slice mask completely outside of a slice, paint the slice outline red
  • When creating new fixture automatically start giving it a name


  • Blackmagic output broken in 504
  • Soft edge params are universal
  • Resolume does not accept Art-Net messages coming from the same computer
  • Twitch crashes on OSX when moving it from clip to layer or comp
  • Dragging a slice to a differently sized screen adjusts the slice's output width & height
  • RGBW(A) fixtures don't output the correct values.
  • Apparently there is now also a RevB for the Enttec Mk2
  • Unneccesary Undomanager memory increase
  • Alpha dropdown does not show on DXV content with alpha when Quicktime is not installed
  • Params missing from Slice multiselect
  • Slices are snapped without moving the mouse
  • Art-Net output already in use by different entry doesn't update its error message when the output is freed
  • Preview flickers on active clip with alpha
  • Massive FPS drop after loading a different preset or after undo
  • 360 softedging places the blend in the entire area outside the comp
  • Advanced output window covers all other system menus
  • Snapping works for only for slices on the selected screen
  • Enabling autopilot after clip has looped makes it jump to the target clip immediately
  • Softedge is applied on disabled slices
  • SoftEdge textures dont get updated when slice is moved through params.
  • DMX automap default value for Master Speed is off by 1
  • Soft edge has a black line.
  • Fixture is missing right click options
  • Use computer name as default node name instead of "Resolume"
  • Y Mirror Broken in Output
  • No right click context menu for masks?
  • CMD/CTRL-A in the Advanced Output gets passed to deck
  • Ghost rendering when resizing slice using transformer draggers
  • advanced.xml can cause Arena to crash on startup
  • Duplicate plugin folders are scanned twice
  • Reconnecting a clip with different length results in wrong playback speed
  • X,Y controls missing when editing the points of an input mask
  • Performance drops with a *lot* of slices
  • Windows version loads hidden osx files as blank clips
  • Clip preview is straight alpha, clip-in-layer preview is premult
  • Composition bypass doesn't bypass layer routed slice
  • No right click context menu for masks?
  • Lumiverse output appears empty
  • Fixture is missing right click options
  • BPM stops when resync gets triggerd by dmx
  • Can not move perspective point on output slice with keyboard arrow keys
  • Stingy Sphere on a layer gets the wrong viewport values
  • Time Remaining shows time till clip end, not till clip outpoint

What's new in version 4.5.4?

Fix List

  • #6259 Midi Clock is broken
  • #6258 Clips don't play when opacity is at 0
  • #5797 Japanese font rendering.

What's new in version 4.3.5?


  • Fixture Editor can reveal fixture files via Show in Finder / Explorer
  • Copy Slice(s) (ctrl + c) in slice right-click menu
  • UI indicates difference between output and input masks


  • Crash in Advanced Output when rebuilding the output device list
  • Crash when using escape with fullscreen output on screen 1   
  • Main interface shows empty in Chinese
  • ParticleSystem does not work correctly when being dragged from clip to comp when resolutions are different
  • Certain one frame DXV3 files don't play on PC
  • Selecting multiple slices sets the flip values to the same value
  • Resolume creates a folder named 'FixtureLibrary' in Documents
  • Drag and drop mask on composition doesn't work from Finder
  • Audio FFT input gain is not applied until preferences is opened
  • Buggy behavior when switching deck and triggering clips with midi/keyboard
  • External control on bpm tab can result in wrong bpm calculation
  • Bpm Sync Random cannot be retriggered / Cue points ignore BPM Sync Random setting
  • Drawing a 512 by 512 fixture in the Fixture Editor is really slow
  • DMX Automap PDF is updated
  • Remove "Universe 0" from DMX Mapping info window

What's new in version 4.5.2?


  • New effects: ParticleSystem, PolarKaleido and Sparkles (Thanks to Joris & Edwin)
  • Chinese interface translation by Antonio Sou (Thank you Ant!)
  • German interface translation by Walter Riemenschneider (Thank you Walt!)
  • Copy/Cut/Paste Slices & Fixtures (Thank you Spencer!)
  • Activate advanced output Pan Tool with middle mouse click (Thanks Elgarf!)
  • BPM ticker is highlighted on every 16th beat, starting with the 1st (Thanks Joris!)
  • OSC input can take doubles as well as floats (Thanks VUO!)


  • Inserting any USB device can cause Resolume to hang for a few seconds
  • Crash with USB display device on OSX
  • Enttec USB device support for OSX El Capitan
  • Edge blending applies wrong blending when slices get stretched out
  • Advanced Output defaults to nearest neighbor scaling
  • When in Output Transform tab, click through shouldn't select slices from other screens
  • Flash colors shown incorrect on El Capitan
  • User is prevented from entering same port for OSC input and output on the same IP.
  • Give some more info when trying to load an 4 screen setup preset in 5
  • Immediate deselect for warped slices
  • Advanced output UI does not like non-latin characters
  • Selection of Screen is heavy and causes output to stop for a moment
  • Remove 'Lumiverse 1' from the DMX input name
  • AV fader doesn't pick up A and V slider when controlled via dmx/osc/midi
  • Match Shape on multiple polygon slices
  • Improve copy naming behaviour
  • SMPTE offset for clip has wrong calculation when set to 29.97
  • Fixture editor doesn't function with non-latin characters in user name
  • Output masks are not re-rendered when reordered in the treeview
  • Scrambled Japanese characters in output setup.
  • Input mask outputs black on non-masking area instead of transparent
  • Only draw fixture contents if its Lumiverse is selected
  • Fixture Path is constructed from FileName, but our paths should only contain ASCII characters
  • Remove match output shape for DMX Fixtures
  • OSX Slice Copy/Cut/Pasting is intercepted by Mac Menu
  • Warping header is only visible when it has anything to show

What's new in version 4.2?

  • [NEW] Two SMPTE inputs
  • [NEW] DXV 3.0 Codec
  • [NEW] Respect Bypass on slices with layer input
  • [NEW] Mac QuickLook plugin to show DXV thumbnails and previews in Finder
  • [NEW] Show Display Info has more detailed info
  • [NEW] Deck focus is the default focus instead of Layer
  • [NEW] Noisy Effect, Noisy Blend Mode, Grid Effect
  • [NEW] New demo footage deck


  • [FIXED] Improved playback smoothness
  • [FIXED] Alpha not recognised in Animation codec
  • [FIXED] Improved support for APC20 and APC40 MK2
  • [FIXED] Smpte offset spinner doesn't work on clip level
  • [FIXED] Sources and effects not loading
  • [FIXED] Crashes with some corrupt DXV files
  • [FIXED] Double clicking a comp file still opens the last loaded comp
  • [FIXED] Blackmagic mini monitor crashes Resolume
  • [FIXED] Flash crashes with autopilot
  • [FIXED] Problems with rendering to DXV in After Effects and Cinema4D
  • [FIXED] Transitioning from a clip with less than 100% opacity, starts the transition at 100%
  • [FIXED] Alpha Type interpretation switches after save and reload
  • [FIXED] File codec and Alpha channel not recognised correctly
  • [FIXED] MirrorQuad renders black line with DXV files
  • [FIXED] Resolume reports screen size as 0x0
  • [FIXED] After creating a new composition, the blend modes of the previous comp are still shown
  • [FIXED] Improved Mac Pro multi screen performance
  • [FIXED] Wipe transitions up, right and left have a small jump at start
  • [FIXED] midi/osc/dmx mapping smpte delay is not possible
  • [FIXED] Decklink 4k rgb support
  • [FIXED] Memory usage increases slowly on audio files
  • [FIXED] Still images with custom duration values are reset after relinking
  • [FIXED] DXV Codec Compression type checkbox (in AE DXV Settings dialog) hit area size too small
  • [FIXED] Cannot load BMD4K device when Decklink is in use
  • [FIXED] When starting a comp with a BM device, it will default back to its first setting
  • [FIXED] Switching to a deck with an active BM device


New in Version 4.1.10

  • FIXED: Glitches and crashes with some clean aperture clips
  • FIXED: Twitch does not load correctly on PC and OSX 10.6.8
  • FIXED: Slice stacking order is reversed
  • FIXED: Alpha layer blend mode and Alpha clip transition do not work well together
  • FIXED: Flash crash on Mac when removing with X button on the clip panel

Download The Free Update Direct

Updates and Fixes in Version 4.1.9

  • NEW: Scroll to layer and clip when made active with shortcut
  • NEW: Disable scroll to layer and clip via Preferences
  • NEW: The playhead and In and Out points show their values in MM:SS:FF
  • NEW: When position x/y is animated, set default in and out points to comp size
  • NEW: When a monitor is lost, it is disabled instead of moved to the remaining monitor
  • NEW: Remember deck scroll position per deck
  • NEW: Show audio codec
  • NEW: Audio FFT Gain knob is midi mappable
  • NEW: Polish translation ( thanks to Marek Olczak! )
  • NEW: PolkaDot, Triangulate and Twitch effects
  • FIXED: Output doesn’t cover Menu Bar on second screen on Mavericks
  • FIXED: Alpha Transition crossfade
  • FIXED: [CRASH] Selecting a buffer size of 64 or lower gives spinning wheel of death on Maverdicks
  • FIXED: Black level compensation no worky
  • FIXED: Saturation filter doesn't actually saturate
  • FIXED: RGB Delay does not initialise the viewport correctly
  • FIXED: When show display and slice info is turned on, syphon displays show "no device"
  • FIXED: Screen (both interface and output) flash black when dragging a clip from the browser
  • FIXED: Syphon source does not have a duration
  • FIXED: No worky for different user on OSX
  • FIXED: On windows startup, the last layer is selected
  • FIXED: Position X/Y does not have a midi range for spinner
  • FIXED: Transitions are wonky when incoming clip is Syphon source
  • FIXED: Opening a VST ui for the second time gives a blank white window
  • FIXED: Composition Midi Map shortcuts for BPM Tap/Pauese/Resync/-+ are not saved
  • FIXED: SMPTE stutters after ~30 minutes
  • FIXED: Recording a file with special accents in the name did not save and load correctly
  • FIXED: Composition master opacity is multiplied with slice alpha
  • FIXED: Autopilot does not kick in at the right moment after scrubbing the playhead
  • FIXED: Bright line on edge blend
  • FIXED: Disable Quit Confirmation doesn't work on Windoze
  • FIXED: Menubar pops up when using a parameter from property panel in windows
  • FIXED: [CRASH] when creating a new comp when the advanced output is open
  • FIXED: Cursor no snappy on folded effects
  • FIXED: If Show in Finder/ Explorer is chosen, would be nice if the file is also actually selected
  • FIXED: Waveform zoom does not go away when switching to empty clip

A special note to people on OSX Mavericks: in some cases, Resolume’s performance would drop when the menu bar on the second screen was disabled via ‘Displays have separate Spaces’ in the Mission Control system settings.

Resolume 4.1.9 covers the menu bar automatically when you go fullscreen. So we recommend enabling ‘Displays have separate Spaces’ again in the System Preferences of your Mac.

New in v4.1.7

New Features

  • Enttec USB Pro MK2 support
  • SMPTE input visible in status bar (bottom right)
  • Increase SMPTE input delay compensation to -5000 and +5000 ms
  • Buffered effects (like Trails, RGB Delay and Stop Motion) now flush their buffer after 1 second

New Effects

  • Jitterbug transition - Like TimeSwitcher, only better.
  • Tint - Like Colorize, only better.
  • MirrorQuad - Like Mirror, only better

Improvements and important bug fixes

  • Flash no worky on the Mac. We now include the flash player in the .app bundle so on the mac Resolume does not depend on the flash player that is installed on the system.
  • Crash when creating new composition, resizing composition and opening midi map. This was a huge thorn in our eye for a long time. Luckily we were finally able to get our hands on a machine that had the problem, and we fixed it up good.
  • Implement latest Enttec DMX USB PRO API (ftd2xx.lib). This is tech talk that basically means we now speak the same language as Enttec themselves. Entteccian.
  • Layer Opacity 0 = Bypass. When the opacity of a layer is 0 it's not rendered anymore. This can give a huge speed improvement, especially on hi-res compositions with a lot of layers.

Bug Fixes

  • Strobe effect and plugin do not respect alpha
  • Hue rotate doesn't like pink
  • File relocating on PC
  • Repeatedly triggering a clip with the enter key and receiving midi causes a freeze
  • Having a slash in comp name doesn't save
  • Piano mode for beatloopr doesn't really work intuitively
  • Double clicking a comp file in Finder/Explorer still opens the last loaded comp
  • Soft-edge with 3 or more overlaps is broken
  • MIDI is acting weird again ( sigh )
  • Matrox capture source crashes arena
  • Windows SHIFT lock SHIT
  • Video card engine couldn't start when Wait for Vertical Refresh & OpenGL Triple Buffering is On
  • There's no place like, Dorothy

NEW in 4.1.4 Udpate:


[NEW] Trigger multiple clips with Enter
[NEW] Master and parameter BPM divide and multiply by two
[NEW] Show more fractional values on parameter when the value is selected
[NEW] Calculate number of beats based on length of clip and default BPM of 120
[NEW] Removed beats counter on toolbar because it had absolutely no purpose whatsoever
[NEW] Crop effect improvements, parameters have bigger range
[NEW] Mirror effect improvements, takes input left or right, top to bottom
[NEW] Norwegian (Norsk Bokmål) interface & help localisation



Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 7 or later
  • ATI Radeon HD 5000 series or better. NVIDIA GeForce 210 or better. 256MB of VRAM
  • 2GB RAM
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • AMD, NVidia or Iris Pro graphics card. 256MB of VRAM
  • 2GB RAM

Recommended Specs

  • Windows 10 / OSX Sierra
  • i7 Processor, 2.5 GHz
  • NVidia GTX 980 (PC) / Radeon Pro 450 (MAC)
  • SSD
  • 4GB Ram
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