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Smart Key Reverse

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Smart Key Reverse


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Smart Key Reverse

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Smart Key Reverse

With Smart Key Reverse by Creative Motion, you can easily reverse Complex Animations in one click.

With Smart Key Reverse, you can instantly reverse keyframes for multiple layers and preserve their relative time pattern.

No need to do repetitive actions to create fade-out animation. Just use Smart Key Reverse. If you want to work more efficiently, this is very useful tool to reverse any kind of animation in After Effects.

Smart Key Reverse Key Features

  • Compact and intuitive design
  • Flexible settings
  • Different types of reverse
  • Reverse all or specified propreties
  • Keyframe counter
  • Flip complex animation in one click
  • Full support of Kbar2 extension
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Reverse all keyframes

Easily flip all keyframes of your complex animation in one click.
You can reverse at time selector, flip keyframes in to out point of each layer to create fade in and fade out animation. To control all step of animation building reverse keyframes in frames of work area.

Full keyframe interpolation control

Get reversed animation with precise keyframe interpolation that is fully the same to forward fade in animation. Don’t worry about roving keyframes. So you can eaisly create all types of animations.

Smart Key Reverse supports all types of keyframes and its interpolation as well as roving keyframes. Add a button to your lovely KBar toolbar to get quick access of the Smart Key Reverse functions.

It’s easy to use the following types of reverse

At Time Reverse

Reverse your keyframes at current time of the time selector. This is the best way to get more flexibility and to get more control of reverse.

Work Area Reverse

Reverse your keyframes using work area. Find it useful for more specific tasks to make things easier

In to Out Point Reverse

Flip your animation from In point to Out point of layer. It is easy to reverse with complex animation of multiple layers composition with dozens of keyframes.

Manually select keyframes you want to reverse

Reverse only selected keyframes

If you need to get more flexibility in your creative workflow you can easily reverse only selected keyframes. Reverse it even if they are located in diffrerent propreties and layers.

Smart Key Reverse Main Features:

  • Reverse Types
    • Reverse at Time
    • Reverse with Work Area
    • Reverse In point to Out point
  • Layers
    • All
    • Selected
    • Enabled
  • Properties
    • All
    • Selected
    • Specified

Use hotkeys to boost up your creative workflow in After Effects

Use keyboard shortcuts in Smart Key Reverse for all of available features. Just hit ‘shift + key’ to call corresponding function and quickly reverse necessary keyframes. You can always change your favourite key button in settings between ‘SHIFT’, ‘ALT’ or ‘CTRL’.

Why do I need to use Smart Key Reverse?

If you work with complex animation whether title, shape or character animation it’s rather time consuming process to backward animatioon that contains dozens of keyframes in different layers. Then you immediately realize how many hours you need to waste. But with Smart Key Reverse you can reverse complex animation in one click just in second.

Still in doubt?

Try it on your project right now, and if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. There is no risk. 100% sure you will like it.


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