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v3 Stupid Raisins Story Pop for FCPX

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Stupid Raisins Story Pop for FCPX


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Stupid Raisins Story Pop for FCPX

Over a thousand hand-drawn and animated whiteboard sketches

Story Pop’s got 1026 hand-drawn sketches perfect for your next whiteboard video. With Story Pop, you’ve got a thousand ways to tell every story, teach lessons and explain complex subjects with drawings of people, countries, buildings, gadgets, sports, animals, jobs, food and so much more. With this many choices, your stories never get old.

Story Pop’s perfect for creating whiteboard videos in Final Cut Pro.

Story Pop’s designs and animations improve and tighten your storytelling workflow.

You can make unique whiteboard videos without drawing or animating skills needed.

Story Pop’s complete set of drawings are so easy to use you’ll finish editing in record time!

The best part? Your drawings won’t make children (or your pet goat) scream with fright ever again.

With these mega choices, your stories will always look fresh, entertaining and professional.

What’s Story Pop?

Are you losing your audience because of your storytelling technique?

Win them back with the captivating style of Story Pop!

It’s got over 1,000 animated and customizable hand-drawn sketches. Plus you get 3 bonus backgrounds and 1 erase transition. It’s even got real human hands and arms to draw your story for you.

You control the size, rotation, color and animation styles. You can draw in and erase out, slide in and out, fade in and out and pop in and out.

Story Pop’s “people” drawings cover a range of emotions. They are happy, thinking, winning, angry and confused. There’s also sad, fearful, surprised, disgusted and normal expressions.

You’ll have tons of ways to narrate your stories of people, jobs, pets and animals. You’ll talk about countries and sports that won’t bore people. Heck, you can even share stories about buildings and gadgets that will excite them. With Story Pop, you’ll never have a dull moment, guaranteed!

Story Pop comes with 5 different drawing hands. Select the gender and appropriate skin tones.

Story Pop is designed for HD (16:9 aspect ratio) whiteboard videos and works with all other resolutions.

What Drawings Come With Story Pop?

Each person is animated with 10 different emotions: Angry, Confused, Happy, Sad, Normal,Thinking, and Winning.

Here’s a list of the templates and what drawings are in them. Be sure to check out the fun robot and scary monster in the Extras!

Different drawing hands

Story Pop comes with 5 different drawing hands. Easily select gender and appropriate skin tones.

stupid raisins story pop drawing hands



Is Story Pop Easy to Customize?

For sure! Story Pop is chock-full of customizable options for your whiteboard videos. Story Pop lets even the newest Final Cut Pro user create authentic hand-drawn choices in no time.

With Story Pop, you’ll start strong with one of its 1,026 hand-drawn sketches. From there, you’ll be able to fine-tune every aspect of your pictures. Change the size, color, rotation, alignment, starting and ending animations, and much, much more.

Does Story Pop Have a Free Demo?


The watermark demo version is actually the full plugin for your whiteboard videos. And don’t worry! If you want to buy Story Pop later, FxFactory will remove those watermarks. You won’t lose any work!

Easy to install. Easy to use.

Story Pop is on FxFactory. After installing FxFactory, you’ll have a cool Story Pop demo to play around with. Then, after you fall in love with Story Pop, you can buy the full version through Final Cut Pro. Download and install FxFactory then restart Final Cut Pro. Then, like magic, you’ll have the power of Story Pop at your fingertips.

Story Pop is dead simple to use. In 2 simple steps, you’ll have sketches that are ready for presentation. First, drag and drop one of the 1,026 professional sketches into your video. Next, customize the size, position, color, and animation style. All done! Find Story Pop under your Titles, with the category name Story Pop.

Please note that CrumplePop products will not work unless FxFactory is available on the system. FxFactory is a free download and install.

Story Pop Tutorial


This product requires Noise Industries FxFactory to run (Free Download).

Please refer to the FxFactory page for updated system requirements.  FXFactory Pro is a paid version with the same system requirements as the free version.

Please Note: This product works exclusively in Final Cut Pro.


What’s new in version 3?

  • We have added 388 new drawings making it a grand total of 1026 drawings. That means new drawings for all themes, new themes, new build-out animations, improved on-screen controls, 3 bonus backgrounds, and 1 new transition.
stupid raisins story pop 3 tutorial

Stupid Raisins Story Pop 3 Tutorial #gettingstarted

This tutorial shows you how to use Stupid Raisins Story Pop to create whiteboard stories, explainer videos, presentations, animations, standalone graphics and much more.

Stupid Raisins Story Pop for FCPX

Stupid Raisins Story Pop 2 #gettingstarted

Stupid Raisins Story Pop has been updated to version 2; adding 48 new animations!


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