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Video Copilot Action Essentials II (720p HD Version)

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Video Copilot Action Essentials II (720p HD Version)
Video Copilot Action Essentials II (720p HD Version)

Add an eye-catching touch your next production with Action Essentials 2!

Bring your projects to life with Action Essentials II stock footage! This amazing collection offers an extensive variety of elements, including fire and explosions so powerful they’ll wow the audience; smoke and atmosphere that create a realistic backdrop; fierce muzzle flashes as if from battlefronts; blood-curdling gore effects for horror scenes; dazzling glass shards, dust swirls worthy of any action scene – plus plenty more. Unleash endless possibilities in visual effects & motion graphics today!

Video Copilot Action Essentials II Trailer

Video Copilot Action Essentials II (720p HD Version)

  • 20 Categories of FX
  • 500 Pre-Keyed High Definition Elements
  • Available in 2 Versions: 2K and 720p
  • 60 Minutes of After Effects Training
  • 20 Bonus Action Sound FX
  • Detailed Video Thumbnails
  • Over 90% Live Action Footage

Pre-Keyed Stock Footage

Action Essentials 2 is great for filmmakers, but you can also create exciting motion graphics, too! The natural elements are great for building mixtures of unexpected elements like water and fire.

No complicated Keying with these clips! Just place an element over your footage and the background has built-in transparency.

2 VERSIONS AVAILABLE: This is the 720p High Definition: [ 1280 X 720 ] Version Same Elements, Same Content, 2 Resolutions!

720p High Definition: [ 1280 X 720 ] The 720p Version is ideal for SD and 720p work but many elements work great with 1080i projects, especially effects like muzzle flashes and bullet holes, which are generally smaller in the frame.

System Requirements:

  • PC & Mac Compatible
  • QuickTime 6.5+

Compatible with:
After Effects
Final Cut Studio
Premiere and Premiere Elements
Vegas Video
Other Quicktime Based Programs

Advanced OBJECT TRACKING and POWER MESH Tutorial in After Effects

Advanced OBJECT TRACKING VFX in After Effects

In this tutorial, flomotion impales his brain with arrows using advanced 3D Object tracking, a 3D arrow, and some stock blood spatter in AE.

Shazam effect from film riot

Shazam Transformation Effect from Film Riot

Ryan Connelly of Film Riot has a fun new tutorial about how to sort of transform into Shazam with After Effects and Tools from Video Copilot.

Video Copilot Action Essentials II (720p HD Version)

City Destruction, New from Video Copilot

Andrew Kramer shows you how to create realistic city destruction right inside of After Effects with out third party plug-ins. As always, Andrew shares some super useful After Effects tips.


Inspirations/Tutorial: How to Add Special FX to Instagram Videos

A little fun for Tutorial Tuesday! Dave and Shaun are Adobe UI designers and created all of these effects in After Effects. There are a variety of explosions, light sabers and more!

video copilot 3d compositing tutorial

3D Composite Using Video Copilot Element 3D and Action Essentials II

Check out this great new example and tutorial by Andrew Kramer at Video Copilot: “Here is another fun example using Element 3D with live action footage and 3D Camera tracking… for the explosion, I used some Action Essentials 2 along with some colored lights to create the fire illumination.


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