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Video Copilot BackLight

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Video Copilot BackLight
Video Copilot BackLight

8K HDRI Environments & Light Maps: Dramatic Backgrounds, Studio Lighting, Crisp Reflections

Create 3D renderings that take your breath away with Video Copilot BackLight. BackLight offers 50 8K Environment maps for lighting your scenes. Reflections inside Element 3D V2 look incredible!


  • 50 HDRI Spherical Environment Maps
  • 35 HDRI Photographic Light Maps & 15 Multi-Arrays
  • Built for dramatic Reflections & Image Based Lighting
  • 8K, 4K & 2K Environments, JPG & HDR formats
  • Use as Backgrounds & Textures


Variety of Environments built for rendering with a focus on industrial and studio lighting setups!

  • Studios Environments
  • Warehouses
  • Hallways
  • Industrial Rooms
  • Abstract Light Rooms


What makes BackLight really unique is the added photographic light sources to create precise reflections and light arrays.

Use with Element 3D v2 or ANY 3D program.

Light Influence blends the shadow and light together so that dark shadows or blended shadows look like global illumination.

To cast shadows, place a spot light or parallel light into the position of the light source which will make it easier to control the shadow and match your scene.

Use with Element 3D v2 or ANY 3D program.

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