Hot Tip! Removing Old Versions of Adobe Products on Your Mac

Hot Tip! Removing Old Versions of Adobe Products on Your Mac
News, Tutorial Oct 15, 2018 at 04:29 PM

If you’ve been collecting legacy versions of Adobe software on your Mac for safety, but you’re running out of space, here’s some advice on how to remove the bloat.

Most power users recommend leaving the most recent working version on your computer when you're installing a new update to After Effects, Premiere Pro, or other Adobe software from the Creative Cloud. Some people have multiple versions on their computers, taking up precious hard drive space!

Cirina Catania is a filmmaker and friend, and she put together this how-to, to make room for the latest Adobe After Effects update! Cirina says,

I love Adobe products so much that I have found it hard to erase the old versions from my hard drives. Not any more! Here's how...Get rid of that Adobe software bloat...Here's an easy way to clean "house."

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki