Freebie: Silencers, Boom Library Free Sound Effects of the Month

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This month’s Boom Library Free Sound Effects is a selection from SILENCERS DESIGNED. The sounds of SILENCERS are for a special group of people: The silent killers, the special agents, the hitmen, the Special Forcessnipers, hunters and anyone whose profession is to remain silent but portrayed in a convincing way and at the best possible sound quality. And you as a sound designer are the one that can make it happen.

BOOM Library includes thousands of high-quality sound effects and has been used by the likes of EA, Netflix, LucasArts, Epic Games, Marvel Studios, Disney Pixar, and many more.

How to get Boom Library Free Sound Effects:

To get the free sound effects, and get free sound effects each month, sign up at Boom Library.

Download Free Sounds (Link in the upper left corner of the site)

Want more Action from BOOM Library?

BOOM Library SFX Guns - Construction Kit

BOOM Library SFX Debris Bundle (Designed + Construction Kit)

This library has gone a long and dusty road wink – from the depth of our home studios up to the heights of the German Alps – and it was well worth the journey. DEBRIS definitely comes as a heavyweight in the BOOM Library history. The “DEBRIS Bundle” includes both the “Construction Kit” and the “Designed” version and gives you total flexibility: not only do you have access to the pre-designed, time-saving, ready-to-use SFX, you also get to work with the raw high-quality source recordings to create, adapt and process the sounds just the way you need them.

With “DEBRIS you’re on the safe path when destruction takes over. The bundle contains both, the CONSTRUCTION KIT and the DESIGNED edition.

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BOOM Library SFX Debris - Construction Kit

BOOM Library SFX Guns – Construction Kit

Get the first multichannel source recording weapon library in the world! This Construction Kit ships as a complete 2 DVD set full of basic royalty free source sounds.

No matter what weapon sound style you are looking for: you can mix the multichannel recordings exactly the way you need. Possibilities of editing are vast due to the usage of high-frequency microphones at this high definition recording. This source material will give you full control over any firearm you ever wanted to design.

This product contains the CONSTRUCTION KIT only.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki