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Freebie Friday Horses boom library

Horses – Free Sounds

One Animal To Serve Them All

The HORSES library combines the largest and most detailed sound pool of horse recordings with an easy-to-use, time saving KONTAKT 5 instrument that makes moving horses – especially crowds of them – a manageable and even fun and simple task to set to sound. Movies and shows like “Game of Thrones” have profited greatly from this outstanding library.

With BOOM Library – HORSES, you’re ready for your next ride.

BOOM Library includes thousands of high-quality sound effects, used by the likes of EA, Netflix, LucasArts, Epic Games, Marvel Studios, Disney Pixar, and many more.

How to get Boom Library Free Sound Effects

Every month, Boom Library gives away a small portion of its packages to newsletter subscribers. To get the free sound effects, and get free sound effects each month, sign up at Boom Library.

Download Free Sounds (Link in the upper left corner of the site)

Want more Sound Effects from BOOM Library?

BOOM Library Cinematic Metal - Titan Bundle (Designed + Construction Kit)BOOM Library Cinematic Metal - Titan Bundle (Designed + Construction Kit)

Dangerous. Relentless. Inevitable.

CINEMATIC METAL – TITAN pushes big-screen sound design beyond its comfort zone. New and unheard HITS, BRAAMS, BOOMS, IMPACTS, STINGERS, and much more await you in the comprehensive Construction Kit and devastating Designed edition. Get over 12GB worth of clean, dazzling sound effects – available as individual components as well as layered, processed, and ready to use. The bundle contains DESIGNED + CONSTRUCTION KIT.

Learn More

Fire & Water are also included in these bundles:

BOOM Library The Complete BOOM Basics

BOOM Library The Complete BOOM Basics

The Essential BOOM Library Experience In One Package

BOOM BASICS is here! The BASICS collection gives you the essentials of the BOOM Library experience – a strong selection of sounds from each of our 56 renowned libraries.

52+ GB Essential Selection from all Original Boom Library SFX

Learn more

BOOM Library The Complete BOOM Ultimate

BOOM Library The Complete BOOM Ultimate

The Full BOOM Library Experience In One Package

This is the ultimate collection for professional and high-quality sound design. All 56 original BOOM Library packs guarantee you the right sound at the right time for professional post-production, trailers, games, movies, TV shows, and anything else that needs a striking sound design.

All original Boom Library SFX +570GB

Boom Library Ultimate BOOM Ultimate – 3D Surround

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