New: Introducing KingLuma CamCutter + Tutorial

New: Introducing KingLuma CamCutter + Tutorial
New Products, News, Tutorial Jul 10, 2018 at 11:24 AM

Kingluma CamCutter for Adobe After Effects offers a simple, direct, and flexible way to cut between 3D cameras in your 3D After Effects composition.

KingLuma's new CamCutter is much more efficient and flexible to work with than splitting (duplicating) and trimming multiple After Effects camera layers in order to edit between 3D perspectives. It can be used in any situation where After Effects 3D cameras are used, including with other 3rd party 3D products for After Effects, like Video Copilot Element 3D, Trapcode Particular, and Trapcode Form. Get it now for only $49.95!

KingLuma CamCutter Tutorial

Posted by Michele Yamazaki