News: Reasons For Hope For Media Pros

News: Reasons For Hope For Media Pros
News Mar 20, 2017 at 08:06 AM

The first day of spring seems like a great time to talk about hope. Larry Jordan of Digital Production Buzz contacted Michele from Toolfarm and asked, with all of the bad news in the world, what she thought were reasons for hope in our industry. Several other pros in the industry gave their take as well.

Larry asked several artists, editors, and software developers in the industry about their reasons for hope:

  • Carey Dissmore (IMUG)
  • Norman Hollyn (USC School of Cinematic Arts)
  • Jim Tierney (Digital Anarchy)
  • Andrew Little (Former CEO Red Giant)
  • Boris Yamnitsky (Boris FX)
  • Michele Terpstra (Toolfarm)
  • Dan May (Blackmagic Design)
  • Terry Hope (Publisher, ProMovieMaker magazine)
  • Paul Babb (Maxon)
  • Cirina Catania (Filmmaker)
  • Ned Soltz (Contributing Editor, Red Shark News)
  • Michael Horton (Head Cutter, LACPUG)

Larry Jordan also gave his thoughts.  

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It's interesting that several of us said very similar things in different ways. Here are a few interesting quotes:

Norman Hollyn – USC School of Cinematic Arts

We don’t need to be slaves to only one model of job.

Working on multiple projects at the same time, editing in the cloud to collaborate with creators of different kinds, and having larger opportunities for our creativity – these are the exciting changes that are happening today and will expand tomorrow. I’ve seen my own students at USC step into that world. Will it pay less than big feature films? Of course. Will it put pressure on facilities to create tools at lower cost? Of course, though that has been happening for a while.

But, for those of us trained in efficient techniques, good storytelling and excellent collaborative personalities – this world is going to get better and better.

Dan May – President, Blackmagic Design/US

Things have changed in the past decade and now anyone has the ability to create with amazing quality. The days of only a small group of companies having the buying power to be able to afford to make films or shows is over. It is up to a person’s talent, and not their bank account. Combine that with the fact that the number of places where filmmakers can show and make money from their content is growing.

Paul Babb – CEO, Maxon Computer Inc.

First off, I’d say, there’s never been a better time in history for an artist to make a living than now. There’s motion graphics, visual effects, web graphics, interactive design, the scientific and medical visualization community is using animation more and more, demand for more sophisticated engineering and architecture imagery as well.

Producing an independent film has never been more affordable or accessible. I know many young filmmakers who are writing, directing, producing and even creating their own visual effects. Some of them are even getting enough attention and/or low level online distribution to make a living.

Then there’s the developing VR and AR markets. VR really hasn’t figured out what it’s going to be, yet clients are spending tons of money trying to get a foothold. And, mark my words, AR is going to be HUGE. Once a convenient and built-in delivery method breaks, AR is going to be everywhere. That market and the content creation for it is going to explode.

Bask in the hope!

Posted by Michele Yamazaki