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Boris Continuum Stage Light


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Generate visible volumetric lighting using spot or point light sources

This filter uses the multiple integrated spot or point light sources, or an infinite number of host native lights in Adobe After Effects to generate cool smokey stage light stylized volumetric lighting effects. Navigate around the visible scene lighting using the built-in 3D camera system or use the host native 3D camera in Adobe After Effects. Use the integrated smoke / fog generator for added realism.


  • OpenGL hardware accelerated for speedy renders
  • Built-in 3D camera and lighting system for use in non After Effects hosts
  • Generate visible volumetric spot or point source lighting
  • Auto-animating smoke option with control over speed and density
  • Support for Adobe host native 3D camera system
  • Support for Adobe host native 3D light system
  • Select specific multiple host lights by name or use all lights
  • Target mode for lights can automatically extend visible volumetric light to reach any layer
  • Integrated FX Browser with factory installed presets

The Continuum Stage Light filter offers multi-host support with a single license.

AE Integration

Like many other filters in the Continuum product, Stage Light offers a deep level of integration with Adobe After Effects. For Stage Light, this means that the filter can read an unlimited number of After Effects native point and spotlights in the composition. There is a mechanism built into the filter that enables users to selectively determine which lights to use in the scene via a simply naming convention. Likewise, After Effects native 3D cameras can also be used by Stage Light and when working with multiple views in AE, the visible light is correctly rendered in each view, regardless of whether they’re viewing the render camera or a non-production orthogonal view.

Built-in 3D Camera System

The Stage Light filter produces visible beams of light shining through the environment so it makes sense that we would be able to view this light from different angles. To facilitate this, Stage Light includes a built-in 3D camera system that can be used to orbit around the scene. The built-in camera can be set to target a user defined point in XYZ space around which the user can pivot the camera like a reverse tripod – this is especially useful when the camera model is set to orbit mode. Pan and Advance modes are also included as options.

Built-in 3D Lighting System

Stage Light includes three built-in lights, each of which can be set to either a point light or a spotlight. The point light is essentially a light source such as the sun, or perhaps a light bulb or traffic light, which has a single point source and can radiate an equal amount of light in all directions. Spotlights are focused cone shaped lights that have a user defined source and target in 3D space with a visible light beam that gradually spreads outwards from the source to the target. So while a point light will illuminate a room globally, a spotlight is used to illuminate a specific portion of that room.

Multiple Light Render Modes

There are four render mode options available for each light in the scene – these render modes are designed to enable you to quickly and easily control the falloff of the light, emulating real-world lighting. For instance, if you select the “Weak” mode the light will be strong at the source but will have a rapid falloff as opposed to the “Strong” mode which has a very gradual falloff. Other options include “Linear” which has less falloff than the other modes and “Natural” which, as the name suggests, produces a more natural looking result.

Multiple Light Models

There are three distinct light model types in Stage Light - natural, distant falloff, constant - each of which will produce a different look for different lighting situations. For spotlights, the lighting model is always either off, which produces no light at all or Natural, which yields a very natural looking beam of visible light. For point light sources, there are three models to select from : off, which again produces no visible light, Natural Light which generates a soft light radiating from the light source and Constant Radius, which produces an almost solid spot of light with a very slight and rapid falloff around the edges.

Indiivdual Lighting Control

The position as well other parameters such as intensity, color, render mode, lighting model, light type etc for each of the 3 built-in lights can be individually controlled independently of other lights that being used in the filter. So for instance, you can mix and match light types and styles all within a single instance of the filter.

Auto-Animating Smoke / Fog Machine

And what would stage lighting be without a fog machine?! We’ve included a self animating fog/smoke generator that creates very natural looking billowing smoke, which interacts with the filters volumetric lighting output to produce dramatic photorealistic stage light effects. The Stage Light filter includes parameters to control the density and the speed of the auto-animating smoke.

Light Target Option

A spotlight can be set to target a user specified point in space or even reach an alternate source layer in the timeline. This can be a very handy way to set a spotlight to reach an animated 3D layer without the use of keyframes or to animate the position of a light source while it remains focused on the light target.

Integrated Beat Reactor

As with most filters in the Continuum package, the Stage Light filter includes an integrated Beat Reactor function that can be used to synchronize the Stage Light output to the rhythm of a user selected audio source without the need to generate a single keyframe. It’s as easy as importing an audio clip and selecting the audio frequency spectrum that you want to sample and the filter will use the audio rhythm to drive various parameters of the generated light, such as the light intensity or position or even the intensity of the billowing smoke.

Factory-installed Presets

Like every filter in the Continuum product line, the Stage Light filter includes many factory installed presets, which can be modified by the user to suit the source footage. Customized presets can be saved and reused in any supported host where Continuum is installed.

Host Compatibility:

  • Adobe After Effects CS5.5-CC 2018
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5-CC 2018
  • Avid Media Composer 6.5+
  • Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 12.5+
  • Magix Vegas Pro 14+
  • The Foundry’s Nuke: Nuke 9+
  • Apple FCP X & Motion 5

Graphics Cards:
We recommend that you run the latest graphics card driver version supported by your host application. A graphics card with a minimum of 1GB of RAM is required; 2GB of RAM is recommended.

Operating Systems: Mac OS X, Windows

Note: Stage Light can be purchased individually, or as a part of Continuum or the Lights Unit.

BorisFX: Achieve Incredible Lighting Effects with Stage Light

Continuum expert, Vin Morreale shows you how to use the Stage Light filter to augment the built in lights in Adobe After Effects. It can also function as a self-contained 3D lighting system when used in Vegas, Resolve, and other Continuum-supported host applications.