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v5.1.01 v5.1 CinemaPlugins DEM Earth

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CinemaPlugins DEM Earth

Generate Digital Elevation Models

Easily generate dynamic Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and georeference them in real-time to your world imagery to create landscapes in real-time, with CinemaPlugins DEM Earth.  DEM Earth automatically downloads the data it needs to build the model you want. To clarify, all you have to do is provide a geographic coordinate. Produce real-time interactive and dynamic landscapes! Pan, zoom, animate and place anything in any way you want.

What’s new in DEM Earth

  • Geo Modifier –  Map any polygon, spline or point based object onto DEM Earth.
  • Track Graph  –  Make an instant graph out of a gpx track, or any spline.
  • Poly Importer – Import country, county, regional borders using the osmosis poly format.
  • Smart Extruder – vastly improved. Better caps, better UVW mapping, less polygons.
  • Smart OSM – New Interpolation and surface offset settings, deliver what you need.
  • DEM Earth Object – improved UVW, to make baking, much easier.

DEM Earth includes:

  • DEM Earth Generator – A realtime landscape generator which automatically downloads and caches DEM height data for you, for most parts of the world..
  • Smart OSM Object –  Easily download and manage OpenStreetmap data directly in DEM Earth.  More..
  • Smart Extruder Object –  A fast, intelligent building extruder, which works tightly with OSM Object and DEM Earth to produce great results. More..
  • PinPoint Object – Used for placing any 3D object on DEM Earth landscape with the ability to dynamically scale and move with the landscape
  • Way Object – A flexible spline Generator for Visualizing paths between objects on the landscape
  • Coverage Command – Visualize what DEM files you have already cached
  • GeoPointConverter – together with the Tools4D OpenStreetMap importer, easily overlay massive OSM data sets onto DEM Earth
  • GPX Importer – Easily import Tracks, Routes and Waypoints. Drag and drop your gpx file into C4D, DEM Earth does the rest.
  • World File Import – drag and drop industry standard World files into C4D and DEM Earth will create the landscape for you and overlay your image automatically
  • ASC height Import – Embed super high res height, commercial DEM or DSM data, directly into DEM Earth, using industry-standard ASC format (*Esri Grid, WGS84 geographic )
  • Direct ASC import – included. It is the only way to get a super accurate, non-interpolated, high res landscape data into Cinema4D. This is how easy importing DEM data should be.
  • Quickstart guide – Included
  • Automatic 90m Dem data downloader – Included
  • Automatic 30m DEM Data downloader – Included
  • DEM Earth Image Downloader – Included.  Easily capture web-based images from a multitude of open sources, with unparalleled ease. Access up to 22 different image map layers, or use your own imagery, or shaders.
  • GeoCoding Tool – included.  Both coding and inverse coding to get coordinates from names, and names from coordinates.

R20 or greater

  •  Poly Object : Openstreetmap Administrative borders for the entire planet. Hundreds of thousands of Polygon borders at your fingertips with this incredibly easy-to-use and very powerful new feature. For R20 or greater.
  • Image Loader –  up to 100x faster thanks to the new multi-threaded downloader.
  • Height data – New super fast height data content delivery no matter where you are, thanks to Cloudfront.
  • Smart OSM – New powerful Query engine.


Q: What do I need to use DEM Earth?

  • R4 & R5 are for Cinema 4D R20 or greater
  • R3.xx is for Cinema 4D R16 to 19
  • MACOS(intel) or Windows 64 bit only
  • an Internet connection.

Q: Does DEM Earth download DEM Data for me?

A: Yes! DEM Earth automatically downloads 30m meter and/or 90m data, as, and when you need it.

Q: Do I have to keep downloading data?

A: Initially, yes. But each tile(file) is downloaded and cached locally. So the next time you use this tile it is read from the local cache.

Q: Can I bake out my landscape?

A: Yes , you can easily convert your model to a standard polygon object.

Q: Is there any license for imagery ?

A: Any imagery accessed through this software, is always copyright of the respective owner. We are not in any position, to sell, transfer, or provide any license for imagery. makes no claim of ownership or license.

Q: What’s with the one year support?

A: You get one year support and service. Support is assistance for your account, from us. Service is access to our servers.

Q: Does the plugin still work if my support has expired?

A: Yes. You can still use the plugin. you can create new scenes, and use old ones. You do not have to renew your support, or buy the plugin again. However if you need our support, you clearly won’t get it, and your service is limited.

Q: How much does it cost to renew support?

A:  You can check the price of support renewal here..

License options FAQ

Standard License (node locked)

If you have a standard C4D license, the first 11 numbers from your serial will look like the following numbers:



The standard license option applies to a single, standard C4D license. This is for regular C4D installs, without a license server.

NOTE : The node locked license, locks to the first C4D serial you use it with.

Q : Can I get this number changed?

A :  No. Except if you upgrade your Cinema4D version to a higher version, and your support is up to date.

Q : Can I add seats to my existing accounts, to use the plugin on other workstations?

A :  YES. you can add seats to your existing DEM Earth account, here..

Standard Floating License

If you are not running over a License server, you can use this license to run a single DEM Earth license, on different workstations, using one account. 

A floating license is the same as a node locked license, but with the right to have the node lock changed. To change your node lock, please make a ticket request and include the 11 c4d license you want to have it changed to. A Floating license is not multiple licenses. it is still one license. if your need to run dem earth on multiple machines, it might make more sense simply to add seats to your account. A seat is a full node locked license for half the price of the main license. This is a cost effective way to use dem earth on multiple machines, via one account.

This is for regular C4D installs, without a license server.

License Server 

If you run Cinema 4D via a license server, you can read the number of licenses your server can issue from the first 11 numbers of your license.


20600312345-xxxx-xxxx…………..  a 3 seat server license.

20601012345-xxxx-xxxx…………..   a 10 seat server license.

20600112345-xxxx-xxxx…………..   a single (1) seat server license.

If you need to have DEM Earth running on all the machines that your license server supports, you need to have a license for each machine. in this case. choose the License Server option, and add the number of licenses you need. There are significant discounts for multiple seats. you can also add one license and then add additional seats to the cart. for example, 1 standard license + 10 additional seats, costs much less than 11 full licenses.

Render Farms 

if you need to run DEM Earth on your render farm, please contact support for special pricing options.

* Volume discounts are automatically applied, starting at just 3 licenses.

Any questions? Contact us and we will do our best to help clear up any questions you may have.


  • MAC: Cinema 4D R20 – 2023
  • WINDOWS: Cinema 4D R20 to 2023
  • C4DLite (Cineware) is NOT supported.
  • Supports all render engines.
  • 64 bit only.

Node-locked vs. Floating Options

For floating licenses, you will need to buy the same number of licenses as your floating license permits. You can self-manage your node ID if you have a floating license.

The DEM Earth floating license option lets you de-register your node ID from prefs, and re-register it on another workstation, or with a different cinema4d license. You can do that yourself, from the prefs pane by simply pressing the Add/Remove Node ID button.

In R21+, you can manage your own Node ID by attaching and detaching it from your account. In R20 and below, you need to make a support ticket to get your node lock changed.


  • An Internet connection.
  • At least 10 GB ram. (>16GB or more recommended)
  • C4D R16 or greater

View License Types (Pops)

April 14th : 2023 R5.100   WIN & MAC (Parity)

  • DEM Earth – Ggl Sat layer fixed.
  • DEM Earth – stick to floor is now the default.
  • DEM Earth – default subs raised to 500.
  • Infinity Object – Dynamic subd working now. +Way faster..
  • DEM Earth – Fixed issue with UV map.
  • DEM Earth – Fixed issue when rounding is enabled. Normals where flipped and uvs where off.
  • DEM Earth – New Sampling core. Massive speed up, safer better all around. This effect’s all tools positively.
  • DEM Earth – Vertex map via fields support added.
  • Strata Object – Fixed an issue with strata base. New default is solid. Added offset option.
  • DEM Earth – TLS (1.2 or greater) compliance requirements implemented.
  • GeoRef Tag – Added a mirror switch. (More to come on this.)
  • Poly Object – Adapt to server changes. Resolves empty poly issues.
  • Poly Object- Capacity bug found and fixed.
  • Vertex Map – (Topo maps deformer) Alpha.

WIN & MAC (parity at 25/26/2023)

Feb 22nd : 2023 R5.055

  • >> Massive smart OSM and SMART Extruder updates. breaks previous OSM data.<<
  • >> you will need to re-fetch SMART OSM data, by flushing and re-fetching in SMART OSM <<
  • Smart Extruder – core Rewrite continued. Huge improvements. Crazy fast, bigger,better, faster, more of everything.
  • Smart OSM – structure rewrite. Ground work. Better interpretation of data.Many things are now managed one time one time at import. Much more to come.
  • Smart OSM – undo after flushing data now works. I had disabled this previously because the data was too large to be held in ram, multiple times, by the undo process.
  • Smart  OSM – much smaller scene data footprint.
  • Smart OSM – new methods for data interpretation (more to come to speed this up.The first step is to make this understand the data better).

Jan 21st : 2023 R5.019

  • Smart OSM – Added Minimum points option.
  • Smart OSM – New options to generate either open ways, closed ways , or both.
  • Smart OSM – Filter points by angle on import. By setting the import filter angle, you can easily reduce the number of points that have to be processed post import.
  • Smart OSM – Clipping : for closed ways, all points must be inside the clip zone. no partial clipping for closed segments.
  • Smart Extruder – Added Field support (height scale)
  • Smart OSM – internal changes to pass data to new smart extruder core (data tag).
  • Smart OSM – Fix segment winding order on import (rather than later in smart extruder)
  • Smart Extruder – core Rewrite (multi CPU) and huge improvements. Crazy fast, with much better results.
  • Fixed an issue with the update checker.

Jan 3rd : 2023 R5.009

  • Smart Extruder – default sort by name.
  • Smart extruder – default 10 groups.
  • Smart Extruder – Default material.
  • Smart Extruder – Major update , fixing several issues.

Jan 1st : 2023 R5.007

  • Win an mac parity again.
  • Mac 2023,25/26,23/24 builds.
  • Icons completed – (for now)
  • Big Cleanup for mac builds.
  • Poly Object – Added a Check for existing pin with same name and coordinate, to avoid multiple duplicate pins.

December 23rd R5.005 Beta

  • Added new 90m Data for NE Canada up to 69 degrees North.
  • Route object – Append route type to name of new route tracks.
  • GeoRefTag – fixed Center mode lon lat settings. They where wrongly assigned meaning LON would only go to WE90. oops.
  • Smart Extruder – Added “Unify Normals” option. To fix some normal problems.
  • Smart OSM – Rotation order for outlines fixed. Some outlines need to be reversed so that the normals in the smart extruder end up the right way around.
  • DEM Earth – Relaxed floating license. As long as the platform ID (W or M) and the Identifier (after separator) match, the license will pass as valid. This means that as long you have the floating license option, you can install on i.e. R25/26 and 2023, and you will not need to release/add your node lock.
  • DEM Earth – GeoModifier Rewrite. Much better now.
  • DEM Earth – Strata odd behavior with gradient fixed.
  • DEM Earth – Location Drag behavior rewritten and greatly improved..
  • DEM Earth – Gradients. Another Partial rewrite. Got it right this time. No need for an extra option for octane now.
  • DEM Earth – Vastly Improved performance for no data ( i.e. water zones ).
  • DEM Earth – Vastly improved performance for larger areas.
  • DEM Earth – Errorhash2 implemented.
  • DEM Earth – Improvements to gradients
  • Poly Object – When loading a Poly file, insert a named Pinpoint at the center of each group, under the poly object.
  • Poly Object – Added a Clear button to clear internal data.
  • Poly Object – Added Offset setting.
  • Poly Object – Generate Line segment image for GPX tracks (make a mask) Room for improvement on this, but its a good start.
  • Poly Object – Added GPX WayPoint Loading.
  • Poly Object – Added GPX track Loading.
  • Poly Object – Multi Color Mask option (for multi borders).
  • Poly Object – multi borders.
  • Poly Object – Realtime refresh.
  • Poly Object – Higher resolution masks
  • Poly Object – Vastly Improved performance.
  • DEM Earth SDS – beta included.
  • Fragment Object – Additional settings.
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