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Coremelt Detonators Bundle

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Coremelt Detonators Bundle


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CoreMelt Plugins

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Coremelt Detonators Bundle

Eight explosive plugin packs for Final Cut Pro

Introducing the Coremelt Detonator Bundle, 8 powerful and easy-to-use plugins for Final Cut Pro X. All of these tools use Academy Award-winning Mocha tracking directly on the timeline in FCP X.

FCPX Tracking, VFX, Paint, Stabilization, and more

SliceX is perfect for professional motion tracking. You’ll be able to isolate parts of your image and apply treatments like color grading, blurs, or tracking mattes with pinpoint accuracy.

TrackX will help you place a graphic into a scene with ease and finesse. DriveX allows you to track any number of elements across multiple shots with great precision and speed.

PaintX uses the tracked data to enable quick cleanups using tracked paint strokes, adding pizzazz to your images right on the timeline! Lock and Load X offers a blazingly fast stabilizer that creates amazing results quickly regardless of how shaky your footage is.

For further customization needs, LUTx provides an interactive gallery of LUTs so you can personalize your image just the way you want it, while ModelX works with 3D models within Final Cut Pro for maximum cinematic flair. To top it off, StyleX lets you apply machine-learning video styles to your footage in no time at all!

Bring your projects up to speed with the Coremelt Detonator Bundle today!

The Detonators plugin set integrates seamlessly with Final Cut Pro’s built-in tools, adding new ways to work with tracking, painting, 3D models, AI styles, and other visual effects.

Better tracking with the Academy Award-winning Mocha Planar Tracker

Final Cut Pro has a tracker built in, and it’s great for some tasks. For some shots, it just doesn’t get it right and it’s all or nothing, there are no tools to fix or adjust a track. All tracking in the Detonators bundles is done using the Mocha planar tracker, licensed from BorisFx. You can stop, revise, adjust, and add manual keyframes until your track is perfect.

Powerful full-screen interface

PaintX, SliceX, and DriveX open your selected clip in a full-screen viewer allowing you to quickly focus only on the tools you need to fix the shot in progress. All the tools are instantly available.

The eight included products are:

Paint X


PaintX is powerful vector-based tracked paint. Instant fixes for damaged footage, paint on tracked effects, and add tracked warps and glows. Create digital makeup effects and more.



SliceX lets you quickly create tracked Shape Masks to cut out layers or isolate effects. SliceX powered by mocha takes the pain out of following complex motions, just draw a shape and hit the track. You can then adjust with manual keyframes as needed giving you ultimate control in a way not easily done with the built-in tracking.



The TrackX Final Cut Pro X plugin lets you track text or graphics to background movement, or track and insert a layer for screen replacements, replace a sign, or extend a set.



CoreMelt DriveX tracks 3D text, particles, callouts, and visual effects to your footage with 30 premade templates.

Lock & Load

lock and load

Lock & Load is the fastest and most robust stabilizer for FCP X. Lock & Load is more than 3x faster than the built-in stabilizer in FCP X and includes rolling shutter reduction and advanced region of interest stabilization.



LUTx is a simple yet very powerful LUT / color look solution for Final Cut Pro X. Coremelt’s interactive LUT gallery lets you see all your LUTs instantly on your own footage.



ModelX is a versatile utility for adding and retexturing 3D models inside FCP. Grab a model from a popular site like SketchFab, add a logo onto it, and place it into your edit, all in minutes.



StyleX lets you apply a selection of trained machine-learning video styles to your footage to create unique textured effects that are far more than just color correction. Take a look at some examples of usage below, each product has a full range of video tutorials.

What they’re saying about Detonator

When Final Cut’s built in tracking fails, the CoreMelt tools have always saved me, and the paint tools are indispensable for quick touch ups and fixes. We use CoreMelt tools in almost every project.

Alister Robbie, Director and editor from The Post Project

The stabilizer has saved shots nothing else could fix, and the animated paint strokes created super fast visual effects for several music videos. In terms of Final Cut Pro plugins, these are the best.

Great Guns Director Remo Camerota

We always try and work closely with creatives like Alister during our product development process to make sure the tools really work for the real world tasks and to simplify the steps so you can do everything on the timeline in minutes.

Roger Bolton, Founder and Product Director at CoreMelt

Compatible with FCP X Only

All products are Apple Silicon and Intel native

ALL CoreMelt System Requirements

Updated April 19, 2023

The latest versions of CoreMelt products are installed using the CoreMelt Manager. For older versions, see this support article.





PaintX 4
Lock and Load 4
Apple Intel or Apple Silicon-based computer with macOS Catalina (10.15) or later

V2 Plugin Set
Lock and Load 3
Apple Intel computer with Mojave (10.14) or later
*works on M1 computer when using FCP in Rosetta 2 mode

Host support

PaintX 4
Lock and Load 4
Final Cut Pro X 10.5.x or later
Motion 5.5 or later
V2 Plugin Set
Lock and Load 3
Final Cut Pro 10.4 or later
Apple Motion 10.4 or later
Premiere Pro CC2018 or later
After Effects CC2018 or later


Recommended for all plugins16 GB RAM (8 Minimum)


Recommended for all pluginsGPU supporting Apple Metal with 2GB VRAM or more
Quad-core processor or better
CoreMelt products may work on hardware that does not meet these requirements but performance may be compromised.

Please try a trial version first to check if they meet your requirements.

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