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Creativity meets precision

Unlock Unparalleled Control over Mask Transformations in After Effects with Maskform!


Tired of wrestling with imprecise mask transformations in After Effects?

Maskform is here to revolutionize your workflow!  This powerful, ser-friendly script grants you the ability to transform masks with unparalleled precision using numerical controls.

Familiar Controls

Maskform provides transformation controls similar to native “Transform” effect so you can dive in without having to read a manual.

Say Hello to Pinpoint Accuracy!

Maskform empowers you to effortlessly manipulate masks with intuitive numerical input values, ensuring every adjustment is pixel-perfect and work with confidence knowing every mask transformation is precise and repeatable.


Here’s what elevates Maskform above the rest:

  • Unmatched Precision: Ditch the guesswork! Dial exact mask values for flawless control.
  • Effortless Workflow: Streamline your process with Maskform’s intuitive interface.

Center Anchor Points in Masks

Center mask anchor points automatically, saving valuable time and energy for what truly matters – bringing your vision to life.


KBar Support

Maskform also features a headless version compatible with KBar and other script runners.


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