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v1.3.x Motion Boutique Connect Layers PRO

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Motion Boutique Connect Layers PRO


Download demos and trial versions, product documentation, free presets and more.

Motion Boutique Connect Layers PRO

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Motion Boutique Connect Layers PRO

Connect your After Effects layers with dynamic lines

Connect your After Effects layers with dynamic lines! Create rope, spanning tree, triangulation with a single click. Customize the look of your lines on the fly using the powerful features of our plug-in interface.

It was originally created to visualize Newton2 joints but as you will see, it can do much more.

Connect your layers with dynamic lines

Create lines that are dynamically linked to the layers using powerful path expressions. No keyframes at all!
connect layers lines
Create rope, spanning tree and triangulation with a single click!
Then customize the look of your lines on the fly using the powerful features of our plug-in interface!


Customize the curviness of your lines!
Connect Layers PRO offers a wide variety of styles of curviness: steps, arc, bezier, Penner easing curves, and dynamics.
connect layers curves


Square, circle, triangle, or add your own arrowhead!
When you trim your connection, the arrowheads follow the ends of the line.
connect layers arrowheads


Choose one of the 3 powerful curviness features to add a natural feeling to the motion of your lines.
Presets included!
connect layers dynamics

Colors & Gradients

Stroke and fill colors support both solid and gradient colors.
connect layers gradient

Trim, Dash, Offset…

Repeater, Round Corners, Twist, Wiggle, Zig Zag. They’re all here!
The power of shape layers, minus the headache.
Connect Layers PRO is based on the powerful After Effects shape layers system, but you can control the settings directly from the plug-in interface.
connect layers trim

3D World

Last but not least, Connect Layers PRO also works with 3D layers.
connect layers 3d world

A Great Companion for Newton 3

Use the power of Newton 3 to make stunning animations: create realistic ropes, soft objects and much more!

Connect Layers PRO curviness presets map

motion boutique connect layers preset map

After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018

Note on Compatibility

Connect Layers PRO uses the path expressions introduced in AE CC 2018. Therefore, the plug-in requires AE CC 2018 or later.
AE CC 2019 has introduced a new expression engine called “Javascript”, which is generally faster than the old “Legacy ExtendScript”. Since the plug-in makes intensive usage of expressions, we recommend you to use AE CC 2019 (or later). In the File->Project Settings dialog, click the Expressions tab, and change the Expressions Engine option to “Javascript”. Please note that projects saved in previous versions of After Effects default to Legacy ExtendScript.

1.3.4 –  Oct 19, 2022

– fixed a bug (introduced in the previous version) in the Dynamic Verlet option

1.3.3  –  Oct 17, 2022

– added an option that allows you to flip the direction of the Step connection
– updated aescripts licensing framework

1.3.2  –  Mar 17, 2022

– updated licensing framework to the latest version

1.3.1  –  Feb 7, 2022

– added support to Apple Silicon architecture
– updated licensing framework

1.3  –  Nov 3, 2021

Changes: AE 2022 compatibility.

1.2  –  Apr 9, 2021

– replaced ui icons with text when those icons failed to be loaded properly
– updated the licensing framework with the latest version so the tool is compatible with AE Beta and the next public release of AE

1.1  –  Nov 13, 2019

– Updated licensing framework
– Notarized the plug-in to satisfy macOS Catalina (10.15) requirements
Create a Ball & Rope with Newton & Connect Layers

Create a Ball & Rope with Newton & Connect Layers

MOGRAPH TUTORIALS | ALENA explains how to make a ball & rope in Motion Boutique Newton and Connect Layers PRO for After Effects.


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