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v4 Motion Boutique Newton for After Effects

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Motion Boutique Newton for After Effects


Download demos and trial versions, product documentation, free presets and more.

Motion Boutique Newton v4 for After Effects

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The 2D Physics Engine For Adobe After Effects

Unleash realistic physics in After Effects with Newton4, transforming 2D layers into authentic simulations of real-world objects.

Unleash realistic physics in After Effects with Newton4, transforming 2D layers into authentic simulations of real-world objects.  Fine-tune object dynamics—density, friction, bounce, and more—and adjust global forces like gravity for comprehensive control.



Newton4 features an extensive suite of systems including customizable joints, Waterlike buoyancy, Triggermatic interactions, Teleportation, and more.
Newton4 enables you to construct intricate rigs that respond with lifelike accuracy, all while maintaining the flexibility of editable keyframes for post-simulation tweaks.

Newton only creates keyframes!

Key Features

  • Transform 2D layers into solid objects with comprehensive physics properties
  • 7 object types + 7 joint types for rigging precise and complex simulations
  • Simulate advanced scenes with built-in support for buoyancy, magnetism, triggered animations, teleportation, and more.
  • Compatible with masks, text, and shape layers for versatile application
  • Browse and preview over multiple sample projects to get started

NEW! Samples Browser

The Samples Browser provides a gateway to test scenes showcasing Newton’s incredible features.

Unlock the full potential of Newton4 with the Samples Browser, offering a curated selection of demo scenes.

These ready-to-use templates are perfect for learning advanced techniques or jumpstarting your project with pre-configured effects.


Connect your layers using joints.
Newton4 simplifies the process, making it straightforward.

There are various joint types like Distance, Pivot, Piston, Spring, Wheel, Blob and Weld new! , each serving a specific purpose.

Use these joints to connect two or more layers, or get creative by combining different joint types for advanced setups and simulations.

  • Weld Joint New! : Bonds two bodies together with an option for controlled flexibility, acting on relative rotation.
  • Distance Joint: Maintains a fixed distance between two points on different layers, adjustable for elasticity.
  • Piston Joint: Enables relative translation along a specified axis, restricting rotation. Motor-driven for controlled motion.
  • Pivot Joint: Forces two bodies to share a common anchor point, regulating relative rotation within a defined range.
  • Spring Joint: Constrains two layers as if connected by a spring, influencing their movement.
  • Wheel Joint: Combines features of piston and pivot joints, suitable for attaching wheels to vehicles. Includes suspension and a motor.
  • Blob Joint: Enforces a constant volume (or area in 2D) within a group of layers, utilizing internal soft distance joints.


The Keyframes panel lets you animate physical properties in a playful way.

  • Animate with Precision: Control nearly any physical property for dynamic effects, from gravity-driven movements to intricate collisions.
  • Interpolation Styles: Choose from five unique keyframe interpolation styles to craft the exact motion you envision.
  • Looping Animations new! : Keep your animations flowing with new looping capabilities for continuous action.
  • Graph Preview: Utilize the graph preview for meticulous adjustments, ensuring your animations move exactly as planned.

New! Waterlike

Make your objects float and groove!

Unlock new dimensions in animation with the Waterlike feature, simulating the effect of objects interacting with a liquid medium.

Use it to create drag effects, where objects slow down as if moving through water, or to craft invisible, interactive barriers that objects can detect and respond to.

NEW! Triggers

Elevate your animations to the next level with the power of Triggermatic.

Enhance your animations with ‘Triggermatic’—a dynamic feature where objects activate animations upon collision.

Any object can serve as a trigger, even the animated object itself, offering creative ways to start motion sequences.

Plus, with versatile looping options like cycle, pingpong, offset, and continue, you can maintain the animation’s flow seamlessly.

NEW! Teleportation

Where magic meets physics!

Create captivating animations with teleportation effects where objects pass through portals and emerge at designated points.

With the ability to transform any element into a portal and the option to loop through composition boundaries, you can craft animations that playfully bend spatial rules.

NEW! Comp Walls

Easily turn composition boundaries into static walls or teleportation portals within a click.

Turn the edges of your composition into interactive boundaries that act as static walls or teleportation portals.

Customize their behavior and destinations to add a layer of excitement and creativity to your projects.

NEW! Grenade

Get ready to shake up your animations.

Introduce explosive dynamics to your projects with the new grenade feature! Easily craft detonations that send objects flying, with full control over timing and intensity for diverse effects.
Preview the impact zone directly, ensuring precise and dramatic results.

Experience even more possibilities with Newton

  • Null Layer Support new! : Integrate invisible control layers for complex animations.
  • Property Highlighting new! : Quickly identify changes with visually marked property adjustments.
  • Auto-Save new! : Secure your work with the new auto-save feature, ensuring you never lose progress.
  • Randomizer: Introduce variability with controlled randomness for more natural simulations.
  • Export Contacts: Automatically transform interactions into keyframes for precise event synchronization.
  • Scene Snapshots: Compare different scenes instantly without reloading setups.
  • Actions History: Navigate your creative process with an intuitive undo/redo system.

Elevate Your Workflow with Our Free Scripts provided with Newton4.

  • Prepare Softbodies: Simplify soft body simulations by prepping shape layers with small solids that follow your animation.
  • PuppetMeshToSolids: Turn puppet mesh pins into solids, simplifying position control, very helpful when using Weld Joints and AE’s puppet tool.

We’ll still provide support for Newton 3, but we’ll no longer be doing bug fixes, new features or improvements to this version.


After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020


Windows / macOS with Native support on Apple Silicon (M1 and above) macOS 10.14 Mojave minimum required


We’ll still provide support for Newton3, but we’ll no longer be doing bug fixes, new features or improvements to this version.

3.4.13 –  May 2, 2022

– Updated licensing framework (v4.0.4)

3.4.12  –  Apr 20, 2022

General changes
– Added keyboard shortcut (Shift Click) to create distance and pivot joints in “cycle” mode, which means that the last selected body is connected to the first one

3.4.10 –  Apr 4, 2022

General Changes

  • Updated licensing framework (v4.0.3)
  • Updated Qt library (v6.2.3)

Platform Specific Changes
Mac OS X

  • Added support for M1 architecture

3.4 –  Jul 30, 2021

– Improved shapes support

3.3  –  Sep 2, 2020

– Recompiled GUI libraries to create self-contained plug-in (this should

3.2    Jan 22, 2020

  • Updated licensing framework

3.1 –  Nov 13, 2019

  • Removed preview’s refresh rate limitation (was tied to comp fps) when the
    simulation is rerun during the export phase
  • Fixed minor bugs in our internal shape triangulator
  • Added the simulation end frame under the preview (this end frame can be
    modified using the End Frame parameter of the Export panel)
  • Added a warning message in the Export panel of the Trial version to
    indicate the export restriction
  • Updated GUI library from Qt 5.8 to Qt 5.12
  • Updated licensing framework

Mac OS X

  • Notarized the plug-in to satisfy macOS Catalina (10.15) requirements

3.0  –  Jun 6, 2018

* General Changes *
****************************************************************************- Added animation module (animate almost every physical properties over time)
– Added 2 new joint types: Wheel (for vehicles, with suspension), and Blob
(deformable object)
– Added new body property “Export Contacts” to create a contact keyframe at
each contact when exporting simulation to AE (useful for syncing events)
– Added 2 buttons under the preview to automatically create either an infinite
floor or a static frame around comp bounds
– UI has been revamped to better match AE’s interface. This includes the new
“scrubby slider” to rapidly edit property value by dragging the value itself
– Improved support of shape layers
– Changed registration system (we now use aescripts licensing framework)
– Changed loop mode: when it is activated, the simulation restarts and plays
when arriving at the end of the animation (which is controlled by the
EndFrame parameter in the Export panel)
– Changed EndFrame parameter: it now controls the simulation duration- Added support for file paths (settings files) containing unicode strings
– Updated GUI library from Qt 5.6 to Qt 5.8****************************************************************************
* Platform Specific Changes *
****************************************************************************Mac OS X
– Improved performances when user interacts with the scene (e.g., moving
bodies with the mouse is much more responsive compared to previous versions)Windows
– Improved installation system (better dependencies loading system, no
installer required)
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