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v1.x Mt. Mograph Wander

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Mt. Mograph Wander
Mt. Mograph Wander

The ultimate media search and asset collection plugin

Mt. Mograph Wander is the ultimate media search and asset collection Extension for motion designers using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere.  It is a ‘synchronized’ search engine to make finding and collecting media effortlessly.

Instantly surf through endless libraries of Images, Gifs, Emojis, and SVGs and icon packs with a straightforward and stunningly simple UI.  Get lightning-quick results pulled from the infinite World Wide Web.

Included with every purchase is a Lifetime License to access all future updates.

Wander Highlights:

  • Customizable & Compact UI
  • Intuitive “synchronized” search engine
  • More than 62+ million media files
  • Instantly Download, Sort, and Add media to your project
  • GIFs, Memes, Emojis and social media, and more!
  • For After Effects and Premiere Pro CC 2019, 2020, 2021 or later.

Search through Endless Media

More than 62+ million media files. Instantly Download, sort and add media to your project, including GIFs, Memes, Emojis, social media and way more!

Customizable & Compact UI

Easily find millions of media files through a fast, compact and responsive UI & customize the interface to your liking!

The finest sources of the Internet

With every copy of Wander you receive access to the world best APIs like Giphy, Unsplash, Flickr and Wikipedia, and a huge amount of icon packs.




  • After Effects CC 2019 — 2024
  • Premiere Pro CC 2019 — 2024

Adobe Creative Cloud 2022 may break tools — if your Extension is missing or no longer working, please try a re-installation using the latest Installer(s) packages or, follow the troubleshooting steps here.

Version 1.13.1



  • Update Windows installer
  • ⚠️ Windows users: restart program after installing

Version 1.13.0



  • New installers for Adobe 2024+ (still compatible with older versions)

Version 1.12.0



  • 🖌️ WANDER FOR ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR: Explore and integrate GIFs, images, and vectors directly into Illustrator.
  • 📚 NEW LIBRARIES: New libraries, including Tensor GIFs, Tensor stickers, and Freepik images.
  • 🎨 NEW SVG PACKS: New SVG packs, such as Anron, Basicons, Boxicons, Dazzle, Doodle, Dripicons, Linea, Mansion, Olicons, Pebble, Sargam, and Tabler.
  • 🛠️ General UI Updates: A refreshed user interface with various general updates.
  • 🎲 Random Query Button: Quickly search for a random query.
  • ℹ️ Tooltips: Helpful tooltips when hovering over various elements.
  • 📐 Media Import Size (PR): Adjust media import sizes in Premiere Pro.
  • 🔄 Import Media as Nested Sequence (PR): Importing media as nested sequences in Premiere Pro.
  • 🔁 Looping Option for Videos (AE): Create seamless loops of videos with the looping option in After Effects.
  • ⚙️ Interface Options: Customize your experience with new interface options, including content deletion and panel scaling.
  • 📂 Reveal History Item in Finder: Find your history items with the new “reveal” feature.
  • 🗑️ Remove Media from History: Keep your history clean and organized with the ability to remove media items.


  • ℹ️ More Media Information: The Media Info overlay now provides even more detailed information and controls about your media.
  • 🚀 Improved Timeline Import (PR): More accurate timeline import experience in Premiere Pro.
  • 🖱️ Un-select Video with CMD/CTRL + Click: Control your selection with the CMD/CTRL + Click option.
  • 🔍 Keep Focus on Selected Item while Zooming: Focus on your selected item while zooming.
  • 📴 Offline UI Status: Better UI indication about your internet status.


  • 🎯 Center Anchor Point on All SVGs: The anchor point is now perfectly centered on all SVGs.

Version 1.11.0



  • Pixabay pictures and videos

Version 1.10



  • Preview Pexels video when selected


  • Select Pexels largest resolution when downloading a video
  • Overflow text in infopanel

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