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6.1 PreSonus Studio One

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PreSonus Studio One

Creativity begins here.

Become a music production master with PreSonus Studio One! This versatile software is the all-in-one tool you need to record, produce, mix, master, and perform like a pro. With the sleek Studio One 6, you’ll enjoy lightning-fast creation thanks to Smart Templates and a user interface that fits your style. And with intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities and powerful integrated tools, you’ll be pushing boundaries and unleashing your creativity in no time. Get ready to elevate your music game with PreSonus Studio One!

Now with Apple Spatial Audio monitoring and distribution through TuneCore.

Record. Compose. Produce. Mix. Master. Distribute. Perform.

Studio One version 6 sets a new standard for end-to-end music creation software with enhanced drag-and-drop workflows, new quick-start Smart Templates, powerful, fully integrated immersive audio tools, and integrated direct distribution through TuneCore.

Powerful Music Production

Studio One 6 adds new tools and industry-leading integrations to bring your music productions to life.

Integrated Immersive Audio Workflow

End-to-end workflow purpose-built for immersive audio. Record with multichannel microphones, mix with enhanced plug-ins, and export files in a variety of formats.

Chord Track

From pop ballads to rap anthems, the Chord Track lets you experiment with new chord progressions until your next hit song comes to life – no music theory degree required.

Lyrics Track

Add Lyrics to your audio or MIDI production and use words to navigate your session.

Apple Spatial Audio Monitoring

Hear how your Dolby Atmos mixes will sound on Apple Music without leaving Studio One or using other software. Experience head-tracking and personalized monitoring with AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.

Built-in beat maker

Make beats fast in Studio One with integrated pattern editing and live looping.

Lightning-fast comping

Studio One makes assembling the perfect vocal-take simple and efficient.

presonus studio one drag and drop

User Friendly Drag-and-drop

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to recording, Studio One’s pioneering drag-and-drop workflow makes every creator’s process faster and easier.

Drag in audio and effects
Drag plug-ins, audio files, and more just by dragging them in from Studio One’s innovative Browser. Studio One creates the tracks for you!

Copy FX Chains
Drag and drop every insert from one channel to another!

Extract chords and tempo maps
Any source can become a source of inspiration with a quick drag and drop.

Collaboration. Simplified.
Upload and download files to and from your PreSonus Sphere Workspaces with drag-and-drop.

Integrated Studio One+ Collaboration

Upload and download files to and from your Studio One+ Workspaces with drag-and-drop.

Sound replacement
Replace drum sounds with samples simply by dragging the source track to an Impact XT track.

Blazingly fast workflow

Decades of software engineering set Studio One’s unique features apart, with each feature intuitively combining to create seriously efficient and flexible workflows.

Arranger Track

Rearrange or preview a new song structure with a simple drag and drop.

Scratch Pads

Test out remix ideas or just capture a synth riff without affecting your arrangement or creating a new session.

Advanced Melodyne Integration

Time- and pitch-correction audio made quick and easy with Celemony Melodyne Essentials included.


Patterns reinvent step sequencing. Effortlessly create drums, basslines, and synth leads using variable sequence lengths, unlimited variations, and more.

Harmonic Editing

Only Studio One features harmonic editing for both audio and MIDI.

Multitrack Tools

Quickly edit multitrack drums thanks to advanced transient detection, slicing, and time-stretching.

Start with Smart Templates

Quick-start essential workflows for immersive audio, recording, mixing, mastering, beat production, or simply playing a virtual instrument – all with a single click.

Mixing in surround?

Start immersive audio projects fast with the Mix in Surround Smart Template and Dolby Atmos tutorial.

Mixing stereo audio?

Open a Smart Template with your favorite channel strips loaded and a drop zone to quickly load stems.

Just getting started?

Each template provides a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through your first production.

Making a beat?

Load a Smart Template with Pattern editing already open and only the features you need visible.

Creating content?

Fast-track creating, recording, and mixing your next podcast episode, with or without video.

Ready to master and release?

Take your project or production through mastering, publishing, and release with ease.

30+ Native Effects Included

Supercharge your mixing and get inspired for your productions with Studio One’s core library of included effects plug-ins – all entirely updated to support immersive audio mixing and Dolby Atmos.

Virtual Instruments

Ignite your imagination with included and add-on virtual instruments plus hundreds of audio samples and loops. You can also combine multiple virtual instruments to design your own unique sound.

Lead Architect

New for version 6.6, and available exclusively as a Studio One+ add-on, Lead Architect combines post-processed synthesis and sampling, integrated audio and effects, and an intuitive new user interface to generate powerful leads and sizzling solo sounds for hybrid melodic sequencing.

Impact XT

Create beats faster then ever with our comprehensive rhythm production environment.

Mai Tai

This polyphonic analog modeling synthesizer produces sounds that can change character, with drastic morphing changes and unique timbres.

Presence XT

From real-world to really wild, Presence XT is loaded with deeply-sampled instruments.

Presence XT Add-ons

Deep Flight One, Studio Grand, and PreSonus Symphonic Orchestra add-ons expand your presence XT library – access all three and more with any Studio One+ plan.

Sample One XT

Build your own sampled instrument with Sample One XR’s intuitive interface.

MPE Support

Sample One XT, Presence XT, and Mai Tai all now support MPE MIDI controllers.


From buzzing bass lines to funky leads, this monophonic, subtractive synth with built-in effects delivers a wide range of tones.

Modern composition tools

Studio One includes advanced notation features from our award-winning Notion® notation software to deliver an unmatched combination of traditional scoring and modern sequencing.

Traditional, drum, and tablature notation

Edit your music in three notation formats and print Scores directly from Studio One.

Musical Symbol Support

Trigger Sound Variations by simply placing their musical symbols onto the Score View. Sound Variations make it easy to manage and control articulations in complex virtual instruments and orchestral libraries.

Multiple Note Views

Switch between Score View, Drum View, and Piano View – or look at the same note data in different Views all at the same time.

Add words to music

Assign whole words or syllables to music or directly to notes with Lyrics Track.

Integrated Mastering

Only Studio One links Songs with Mastering Projects, so you can update mixes as needed without losing Fades, Clip Gain edits, or any other mastering work.

Professional Sound

Use Studio One Native Effects and third-party plug-ins or external hardware processors to create a professional sound.

Easy upload, now with TuneCore

Upload mixed songs and mastered albums directly to SoundCloud, Studio One+, and now TuneCore for distribution on social and all major streaming platforms – a game changer for independent artists.

Export multiple formats

Export mastered files in multiple formats with one click – create mp3, WAV, FLAC, DDP, and more in a single time-saving operation.

presonus studio one mix
presonus studio one tunecore

Direct Distribution with TuneCore

Upload your music directly to TuneCore without leaving Studio One through an in-app integration that connects directly to your TuneCore account.

Video now on Track

Video track makes adding audio to video easy with video editing essentials now directly in Studio One.

Unlimited clips

Work on multiple reels of a feature film or an entire YouTube video in one session, with no limit on the number of video clips. Set the correct offset just by dragging the clip to the desired time position.

Embedded audio

Embedded audio can be processed in its own dedicated sub-track or edited separately.

Drag-and-drop video editing

Trim, cut, copy, paste, slip, time and edit locks, ripple edit, duplicate, and replace video all in Studio One.

Multiple export formats

Export in Quicktime, MPEG-4, or M4V with all the same audio export flexibility Studio One provides.

Customizable UI

View only the tools, browser options, and track settings you need and save your customizations for instant recall with the new Customization Editor.

Studio One Remote

Available free from Google Play or Apple App Store.

Studio One Remote acts as a second screen for Studio One and provides touch control for key functions including touch-enabled surround mixing and 3D panning. Write pan automation, arm tracks for recording remotely, enable clicks, punch-in, or control plug-ins — all from your tablet.

Studio > Stage.

Perform with Setlists.

Design a complete live performance using songs you create in Studio One. Easily incorporate live instruments, pre-recorded backing tracks, and virtual instruments.

Keep the Show going.

Change or update your performance in real-time with the Arranger Track. Loop sections on the fly, jump to a different part, and automatically change patches — all without missing a beat.

Performance View. Focused Control.

Navigate Setlists, control loops, playback backing tracks, and manage virtual and real instruments all in one Show window or from Studio One Remote.

Need some Tutorials to Get Started

Learn everything you need to know to get started in Studio One 6. Learn about the Start Page, The Customization Editor, and Smart Templates. In addition, Learn about making a beat with the Produce Beats template. New Plug-ins and new mixer features are also covered. Plus, learn about the Global Video Track, the Global Lyrics track, and the new features in Sphere.


64-Bit WAV Recording

Improved! Studio One® provides the highest-resolution audio production and mastering, thanks to its support for 64-bit floating-point WAV format — the recommended recording format for audio interfaces with 32-bit resolution. With this format option, the maximum recording and processing precision now reaches 64-bit/786 kHz. When resolution matters, choose Studio One.

Acoustic Drum Kits and Loops

presonus studio one acoutstic drum kits

Get inspired with these studio-quality sounds for Impact, including a brushy, airy, jazz kit; a retro-’70s rock kit; and a couple of polished pop kits—available with and without roomy reverb.

Audioloops using these same kits are also available in several popular grooves.

Advanced Audio Editing

presonus studio one advanced audio edit

Studio One® lets you experiment with sound confidently by equipping you with non-destructive editing and processing tools with unlimited undos. High-quality, real-time time-stretching with background rendering maximizes your CPU’s efficiency. Switch between multiple time-stretching modes to get just the effect you want, including tape-style resampling.

Transient detection, audio quantization, time-stretching, and slicing are all available in one convenient panel. Normalize, Event Gain, and Clip Gain Envelopes let you make your audio sound its best before adding plug-ins or automation. With Studio One’s advanced suite of audio editing tools, your recordings will sound better than ever.

Advanced Collaboration

presonus studio one collaboration

New! PreSonus Sphere members benefit from Studio One’s advanced collaboration features! Share Songs, Shows, and entire Document folders with your PreSonus Sphere collaborators straight from Studio One’s Browser. Studio One’s intelligent sharing system will only upload and download the files that have changed, so upload/download times and file sizes are minimized.

Once a PreSonus Sphere member has created a shared workspace, any Studio One 6 user will be able to collaborate.

Advanced Grouping

When you need more than a simple temporary group to raise or lower the level of several channels at once, Studio One® has you covered with a powerful edit- and mix-grouping system. Groups can be nested (great for drums), named, colored, and assigned to keyboard shortcuts for enable/disable. Groups can be defined as Edit Groups or Mix Groups, complete with linked parameters, including Volume, Pan, Mute/Solo, and more. They’re easily edited and activated with one click, and group visibility can be displayed on a per-channel basis. You can even temporarily ungroup an item individually with a simple Alt-click.


Studio One®’s Ampire plug-in has your guitar and bass amplification needs covered, featuring five of the most sought-after amps – collectively, these amps are responsible for a million hit songs! Ampire provides State-Space models of real analog circuits for unparalleled realism. 13 stompboxes and 16 impulse responses of classic cabinets are also included to give you the ultimate guitar rig that adapts to any genre with unlimited tone potential. Ready to rock even harder? Grab the High Density Add-on to get all the high-gain amps and stompboxes you need to shred! (Included with a PreSonus Sphere membership.)

Analog Delay

Analog Delay emulates a classic analog bucket-brigade delay to add vintage character to your sound! Create deteriorating echoes; modulate delay and pitch; and create retro flanging and chorus effects. A State-Space Modeled drive control adds natural analog saturation to the input stage. And with dedicated Width and Ping Pong controls, you have all the tools you need to sculpt your sound in thousands of ways.

Analog Delay is also available for use in other DAWs in VST3, AAX, and AU formats! These formats are free to Studio One Professional and PreSonus Sphere Members. Download PreSonus Hub to get started.

ARA 2.0 Supportpresonus studio one ara support

Give those pitchy vocals a gentle nudge closer to home, revoice or harmonize vocals, tune that bass, or create extreme vocal effects using Celemony Melodyne, Antares Auto-Tune Pro, Synchro Arts VocAlign, ReVoice Pro, and any other audio manipulation plug-in that supports ARA 2.0. Studio One and Celemony developers worked together to develop this ground-breaking technology and as a result, no other DAW is as seamlessly integrated with Melodyne, making Melodyne’s tempo and chord detection available directly to the respective Tempo and Chord Tracks.


presonus studio one arpeggiator

Arpeggiator turns chords and single notes into rhythmic cycles of melodies created from the notes your hold down on your controller. Create repeating patterns of notes that travel upward in pitch, downward, up-and-down, down-and-up, or in a randomized pattern. You can also use Arpeggiator to play repeated patterns of whole chords or note patterns that follow the order in which the notes are played. Use the Pattern function to create add velocity and note length changes to the arpeggio, opening many creative options for repeating musical articulations.

Arranger Track

presonus studio one arranger

The Arranger Track is a simple, intuitive way to reorder, duplicate, and remove entire Song sections across all of your Tracks at the same time. You can experiment with different arrangements, swap verses, lengthen or shorten choruses, and structure a Song exactly the way you want with a simple drag-and-drop.

Use the Arranger Track Inspector to quickly jump to different sections to test out arrangements on the fly. Simply double-click an Arranger Section while another section is playing and Studio One will seamlessly transition from one section to another—without skipping a beat!

Articulations and Key Switch Editing

presonus studio one articulations

Studio One® features advanced key switch integration for your favorite orchestral libraries and other virtual instruments. Key switches are filtered and excluded from playback processing so you can take advantage of Note FX and Chord Track while still using your favorite articulations.

View and edit key switches in context using the Sound Variations lane inside the Note Editor. Instruments that report their key switches display articulations with their names automatically. Third-party samplers and orchestral libraries that don’t support this can be mapped manually using Mapping Presets.

Audio Clip Versions

presonus studio one audio clip

Create new versions of audio clips to add more creative freedom to clip-based editing. Use multiple versions of a clip that references the same audio file to try alternative edits with Melodyne, Bend Markers, or Gain Envelopes to dial in just the effect you need.


presonus studio one autofilter

Improved! Create complex, tempo-synced, rhythmic filter patterns and lush filter sweeps with Autofilter. Featuring two resonant filters with eight selectable Filter Modes and independent Attack and Release controls, Autofilter lets you modulate filter cutoff frequencies and resonance with a phase-reversible LFO using standard waveforms, a 16-step sequencer, or an envelope follower. The State Space Modeled Drive stage lets you add natural analog saturation for vintage character.

Automatic latency compensation

presonus studio one latency compensation

Studio One® automatically compensates for the time delay that results from some VST and AU processing. This lets you avoid having to manually realign tracks to compensate for that delay and keeps all tracks perfectly in sync regardless of the number of plug-ins and effects you run.


presonus studio one automation

Fine tune nearly every parameter in your mix with Automation Envelopes. Automation can be viewed per Track, as its own Track, or as Automation Lanes in editors. Use the Trim Tool to raise or lower the values in a range of automation. Use the Transform Tool to reshape automation, opening up new creative possibilities in a fraction of the time. Need more options? Use the Square, Triangle, Saw, and Sine Tools to create periodic modulation of any parameter, with full control over rate and amplitude.

Automation is available for both Songs and mastering Projects.


presonus studio one autosave

Studio One’s configurable Auto-save can be set to save your work as frequently as you would like-but it’s smart enough to not run a save during tracking or playback. And because it always uses cached plug-in data, it’s super-quick and unobtrusive.

Aux Channels

presonus studio one aux channels

Studio One® lets you incorporate your favorite hardware synths into your digital productions as easily as virtual instruments thanks to Aux Channels. Aux Channels feed any external audio into the Studio One Mixer without having to create an Audio Track that clutters your session.

Simply connect your external hardware to any available input on your audio interface and mix the audio signal natively using plug-ins, sample-accurate volume automation, and more. You can even add external instruments directly from the Studio One Browser using drag-and-drop to instantly begin sequencing!

Backup and Archive

presonus studio one archive

Export Studio One Documents – Songs, Shows, and Projects – with all of their linked media files to a Zip file for easy backup and sharing. In addition, all unused files in your Document are exempted from the exported Zip to keep it as small as possible.

You can choose to convert all media to FLAC to save disk space, and you can even export your Zip file straight to a PreSonus Sphere Workspace – and access it again later from Studio One’s Browser.

Studio One can even decompress and reopen the Zip files that it makes.

Beat Delay

presonus studio one beat delay

Create pulsating patterns and complex polyrhythms with Beat Delay, a tempo-synced delay plug-in with optional cross-delay and filtered feedback. Use this effect to change the feel of rhythmic parts by adding off beats or create spatial doubling and slap-back effects.

Binaural Pan

presonus studio one binaural pan

Binaural Pan is a panning effect that employs phase-manipulation to alter the perceived width of stereo signals, from mono to double the normal width. Use Binaural Pan on any stere