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Presonus Studio One 6 #gettingstarted

presonus studio one v6

Below, learn everything you need to know to get started in Studio One 6. Learn about the Start Page, The Customization Editor, and Smart Templates. In addition, Learn about making a beat with the Produce Beats template. New Plug-ins and new mixer features are also covered. Plus, learn about the Global Video Track, the Global Lyrics track, and the new features in Sphere.

Studio One 6: The Start Page

Studio One 6: The Customization Editor and Smart Templates

Studio One 6: Making a Beat with the Produce Beats Template

Studio One 6: New Plug-ins!

Studio One 6: New Mixer Features

Studio One 6: The Global Video Track

Studio One 6: The Global Lyrics Track, Lyrics Display, and Lyrics Lanes

Studio One 6: New PreSonus Sphere Features

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