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Presonus Studio One 5 Tutorials #gettingstarted

presonus studio one

These PreSonus Studio One Tutorials starring Gregor Beyerle will help you learn how to make beats on Studio One—and more! Chapter 1 is an overview of Studio One set-up and layout to get you recording right away!

Studio One Video Tutorials Chapter 1: Basic Concepts

Episode 1: Welcome

Meet Studio One specialist Gregor and learn the three core principles that make Studio One so fast and easy to use.


Episode 2: The Start Page

Learn about the Studio One Start Page, how to create a new song, grab a demo session, and more.

Episode 3: Audio Settings

Set up your recordings for success by optimizing your audio settings. Gregor has some tricks to maximize CPU efficiency and minimize latency.


Episode 4: Loopback Test and Record Offset

Using loopback and recording offset ensures that what your hear while you’re recording is what you’ll hear during playback. Gregor walks you through this powerful tip.

Episode 5: Drag and Drop

Drag-and-drop is the fundamental principle behind the Studio One workflow. Gregor shows you how flexible and easy drag-and-drop makes recording, mixing, and composing.

Episode 6: Browser Part 1

The Studio One Browser lets you drag and drop plug-ins, audio, and so much more. Find out how to get the most from this powerful innovation.

Episode 7: Browser Part 2

Gregor takes a deeper dive into the Browser to show your some of his favorite workflow tips.




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