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Real Creations quadrateFX

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Real Creations quadrateFX
Real Creations quadrateFX

quadrateFX is a tool for Adobe After Effects, specifically designed to simulate the data visualization method known as tree-mapping, by generating random patterns of vector tiled rectangles.


Setting the total number of the generated boxes is as easy as moving a slider.


You can adjust the size randomness % of the generated boxes

real creations quadratefx


You can also adjust the horizontal versus vertical boxes generation ratio.



There is a handy effect slider to adjust the color selection percentage for each box, between colors A and B dynamically.


quadrateFX can also generate a text layer for each box. You can select between 12 dynamic text types ranging from the layer’s position X and Y values to random HEX codes. Below are a few examples.


Working with large number of boxes can make After Effects behave quite slow and sluggish.
Especially, when working with extruded 3D layers you must be prepared to wait a while for After Effects to interact, render or preview the composition.

The image below was created by using quadrateFX and generating over 1.000 rectangles.

quadratefx hero


You can use quadrateFX to generate large complicated textures to be used as a displacement map on 3D modelling software.
The image on the right was rendered in 3D Studio MAX and Vray.


quadrateFX has also the ability to generate an additional solid layer, with all the primary boxes as masks. Its intended use is to function as a source layer for third-party plug-ins such as Videocopilot’s Element3D.

quadratefx element 3d


Custom effect controls let you control, adjust and animate any aspect of the generated boxes.


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